He'd said it was like falling into the darkness, into a pit of nothing…

...But it wasn't.

It was more like being wrapped in a warm summer's evening, one where the breeze blows gently against your face

...and the stars are so bright that you can't bear to be parted from their company.

The eyes of her friends were filled with such sorrow, but she could feel that as much as she may have liked to stay,

...there was somewhere else she needed to be.

She felt the arms that were her last link to the world of the living around her,

...Then she was in the arms of someone completely different…


"You took your time…" Owen chuckled, as she found herself wrapped in his arms

She smiled at him, feeling the peace, the glorious peace wash over her, "Sorry I'm late."

"Doesn't matter." He replied, even as he pulled her more snugly against him, "It's not as if we really need a date."

"How about eternity instead?" She suggested.

He shrugged, "I can live with that…"

"So when will it begin?"

And the light of the first dawn, the last dawn and every dawn in between engulfed them…