It's hard to believe that today I turn seventy

For those of you who have read this before, this is a completely new first chapter. This is not going to be a diary anymore. The second chapter will be the original first one. Thanks for reading!!

It's hard to believe that today I turn seventy. It feels like only yesterday that I was twenty and young, enjoying the college scene at Smith, the parties, and the men. Well, especially one man. I can't believe that I have been married for almost forty-seven years. Even though Richard and I had our ups and downs, we have worked together and watched our relationship grow. I also can't believe that yesterday, Lorelai and I spent the whole day together. She came over, and we watched old family videos. Surprisingly, there were a lot of times that we did get along. There were times that she told me, "I love you, Mommy". There were times when we played together, and I told her stories, and we were lost in our own little world. Everything on tape looked so warm and comforting. We looked like we were an actual family. The camera wasn't able to capture all of the fights, the lies, the hatred that split us apart. It didn't show any of the fights about Christopher, about her pregnancy. The tapes showed me holding Rory, and smiling. Everything caught on camera was a perfect moment. It made me feel a lot closer to Lorelai. We just sat there on the couch together, and when she left, she actually hugged me goodbye. I can't believe that it took until Lorelai was in her forties to do it, but I think that we are finally able to get along. We have put aside most of our differences, and are able to function almost like any other family should.

All of these memories take me back to when I was twenty. When I went to that fateful Yale party. The day I met the love of my life.