Dream: David talks to his other half via a dream.

David tossed his bag onto the cheap motel bedroom with a sigh. Another week gone by, another town he'd have to be out of in the morning because of the hulk. He though that by now that maybe he'd have found a cure for his affliction, but it had been almost three years since the accident and he was still no closer than he had been when he started. It'd be a fresh start in the morning, and onto a town called Bayville that he'd heard had a brillian scientist that he thought could help him. For now, he closed his eyes...

He was standing in quick sand, slowly sinking, screaming for help. On the horizon he could see his other half, the monster coming down from a hill. It growled angrily at him, and he covered his face, scared. The monster lifted him from out of the sand, and suddenly they were sitting in pastic chairs, not two feet from one another.

"Why do you keep searching for a cure?" it asked in a gravely voice

"Because you ruined my life."

"If I remember correctly, it was you who sat in that chair in the first place. I didn't force you."

"But you keep hurting people!"

"Bad people who hurt us first!" he growled angrily

"What about all those people we almost killed?"

"That wasn't me! That was the primitive side of me, you know that most of the time, I am only trying to help! I've saved more lives than I've hurt!"

"And because of you, everyone thinks I am dead! I can never go home! I can never see my friends or family again!"

"I wasn't the one who started the fire! It wasn't my fault!"

"You can say what you want. I will always keep searching for a cure, and one day, I will be rid of you."

David awoke with a start, what a strange dream that had been. He wondered if any of it had been real

"Don't I deserve to live too?"

David shook his head at himself, it wasn't like the creature could really understand, or could it?


I thought this up after watching one episode. I wondered what the hulk's point of view of david always searching for a cure was.