This story is a Zoey 101 fic (duh) it contains M/F (in first chapter) M/M a.k.a. slash, solo, anal, oral, and physical abuse for later chapters.

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This story takes place during "Lola Likes Chase". I think this takes place when Dustin wants to get girls. If this is a different episode someone please correct me.

So let the show begin oh and one more thing, this was the first story I ever wrote and my writing has gotten better and I assure you the second chapter is better as well as chapters to come.

Fun at Boarding School

Dustin was walking back to his dorm room when he heard a strange noise. He turned the corner and he saw Logan. He was with a girl. He saw him holding hands with a girl yesterday but this was a different girl.

Logan and the girl were making out with each other. Logan was squeezing her breasts and she was moaning in return. While Logan was fondling her she had her right hand going through Logan's soft brown hair. Her left hand was groping his dick through his pants. They were both moaning in ecstasy.

Dustin was around the corner able to see and hear everything. Without knowing it he slowly slipped his hand inside his pants and began to slowly stroke his dick. He twiddled the head of his shaft with his thumb. Logan continued to squeeze the girl's breasts. He moved his right hand down her stomach. Logan put his right hand under her skirt and massaged her clit through her panties. The girl started to massage Logan's shaft through his pants harder than before. Logan took his right hand up from her clit and sensually licked his fingers. He then brought his hand back down to the girl's clit, moved her panties out of the way, and stuck a finger in. Her entrance was warm and soft. She stopped working his shaft and wrapped both of her arms around his neck like he was the only thing that could keep her from leaving the ground.

Logan then shoved in another finger hard. The girl screamed and writhed at his touch. Logan entered one last finger in her clit. One last finger was all it took to set the girl over the edge. Her juices exploded onto Logan's hand. He then licked his fingers dry leaving a little for her to taste. At this point Dustin's dick was now fully erect". His shaft now released from his pants and Dustin pumping hard but he wanted to wait for the finale. When Logan would spill his juice whether it be in the girl's mouth, her clit, ass, on her back, stomach, or even on the ground.

As the girl pulled herself together she started to walk away until Logan stopped her.

"Ah-Ah-Ah, we're not done her yet." Logan said obnoxiously

"Alright." said the girl

Logan was now fully erect". The girl stared longingly at Logan's member.

"C'mon it's not gonna cum by itself." Logan said impatiently

Dustin couldn't believe what he was seeing. The girl got on her knees and dropped Logan's pants all the way to his feet. She then began to tease the head of Logan's shaft by twirling her tongue around it. Logan moaned with pleasure which made Dustin moan too and loud. But Logan and the girl were caught up in too much pleasure to hear him. The girl got Logan's member all the way into her mouth. She started to play with his balls. She let go of his member and started to suck on his balls taking both of them into her mouth and very lightly nibbling on the sack which made Logan moan even louder than before.

"Oh fuck, oh shit, shit, shit, shit" repeated Logan

Seeing what the girl was doing to Logan's balls made Dustin pump as hard and fast as he possibly could. Dustin then came hard on the ground in three huge spurts. He was now spent and wanted to sleep right there but he knew he had to make it to hi room before someone had seen the spot on the ground, him, and put two and two together. So Dustin ran back to his room as fast as he could. He was disappointed that he didn't get to see Logan cum.

The girl was now back to sucking Logan's member. The girl made sure to use her tongue to go all the way up and down his shaft. Finally it happened. Logan was now cumming. HARD.

"Oh shit, oh LESLIE!!" Logan screamed in pleasure

The girl didn't even bother to swallow his seed. When she heard the name he called she bit his dick.

"OWW, shit, what the hell was that for!?" Logan exclaimed

"Leslie!? Who in the hell is Leslie" shouted the girl

"That's your name isn't it?" asked Logan trying to recover from the bite

"My name is Camille you asshole!!" yelled Camille and left Logan with a limp dick, a bite mark on his dick, and his pants to the ground.

"But Camille and Leslie both have e's, l's, and i's in them," Logan tried to explain "doesn't that count for anything?"


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