Chuck vs. the Seventh Day, Epilogue

CAST (in order of appearance):
Melvin Powers - Brian Cox
Robert Kellerman - Jim Beaver
Frederick McConnell - John Amos
Linda Foster - Jenny Gago
Marianne O'Hare - Julianne Moore
Ian Noble - George Takei
Louis DeBlasio - Michael McGrady
Diane Beckman - Bonita Fredericy
Commodore Forrest Saxon - Gabriel Byrne
Lt. Colonel John Casey - Adam Baldwin
Bryce Larkin - Matt Bomer
Lt. Comm. Rachel Harrison - Zoe Saldana
Captain Will Williamson - Alex O'Loughlin
Carina Miller - Mini Anden
Gunnery Sgt. Mitch Tucker - Terry Crews
Sen. Langston Graham - Tony Todd
Dr. Samuel Tyler, DCI - John Simm
Chuck Bartowski - Zachary Levi
Sarah Walker Bartowski - Yvonne Strahovski

General Melvin Powers departed his post as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with nary a peep. He didn't look back, and took himself completely out of the public eye – for about a week. Then, a conservative grassroots movement convinced him to declare his candidacy for President. There was a chance he could end up in the White House after all – but at least this way, it would be done legally.

General Robert Kellerman departed the Marine Corps, but it was not quietly. In his farewell speech as Commandant, he decried what he called the ever-progressing "softness" of the Marine Corps, and warned that if it continued, they would no longer be America's premier fighting force. The next day, Kellerman's replacement, General Layton Hargrave, said that Kellerman was a bitter old man who had no respect for the Corps.

Admiral Frederick McConnell took a job with General Dynamics' Electric Boat Division at Newport News, Virginia. Regardless of his political stance, the Pentagon could not deny that he was brilliant when it came to ships, and so decided that his time would be best served as a consultant for Electric Boat as they built the next generation of submarines.

Homeland Security Secretary Linda Foster retired from public life, returning to her home in New Mexico to write her memoirs.

Defense Secretary Marianne O'Hare took a job with a think tank known as Defend America. A definitely right-leaning group, their true purpose in life was just to spout off how America was constantly under terrorist threat and generally be a nuisance.

Associate Justice Ian Noble was offered a professorship with the law schools of Columbia University, the University of Michigan, and Chapman University. Faced with the choice between New York, Michigan, and Southern California, he almost without hesitation chose to go to Chapman – Orange County was certainly preferable, especially in the winter.

Senator Lou DeBlasio didn't go anywhere. Sure, he resigned, but almost immediately was hired as a lobbyist for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Well, he wasn't TECHNICALLY a lobbyist for them – as a 501(c)3, the LDS Church couldn't lobby, but he certainly lobbied on behalf of plenty of corporations owned by Mormons.

General Diane Beckman disappeared without a trace. Fifteen minutes after her final Congressional hearing, she dropped completely off the grid.

Commodore Forrest Saxon was reinstated to the rank of one-star Rear Admiral. He was returned to command of CTF-77, with the advisement that it would be his final posting before retirement.

Lieutenant Colonel John Casey resigned from the National Security Agency – or at least, what was going to be left of it after the President got through gutting it. The Air Force promoted him to full Colonel, and he returned to active duty, accepting a post with the Defense Intelligence Agency that conveniently enough kept him in Los Angeles, watching over Chuck Bartowski.

Agent Bryce Larkin returned to hunting Fulcrum agents. Despite the loss of their command structure, there were still suspected to be hundreds of Fulcrum agents in deep cover throughout the United States government. Bryce's goal was to eliminate them all.

Lieutenant Commander Rachel Harrison was promoted by the Navy to full Commander. She was also detached from CVW-7 to be Bryce Larkin's pilot for as long as he needed her services. He asked for her services on pretty much a nightly basis – and not just in a professional fashion.

Captain Will Williamson was promoted by the Marine Corps to Major. He returned to MCAS Miramar and returned to flying F/A-18 Hornets.

Special Agent Carina Miller returned to Cedar City, Utah, where she continued to bust meth producers and dealers. She would occasionally send a reminder to Chuck that she intended to someday collect on his debt. When Sarah called her to ask her to knock it off, Carina suggested they could turn it into a threesome. Sarah hung up on her.

Gunnery Sergeant Mitch Tucker was promoted by the Marine Corps to Master Sergeant. He returned to Moab as the manager of Grand County Airport. His employees noticed that he had a certain red-haired visitor who flew in at least once a week. They also noticed that those visits almost always seemed to end with him calling one of them to untie him from the headboard of his bed.

Senator Langston Graham returned to sitting on the Select Committee on Intelligence for the United States Senate. He structured a very careful reduction of the budget for the Intersect Project, and made sure it would be funded for a very, very long time.

Director Sam Tyler returned to the everyday duties of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. His first task was to set up a special department to root out any members of Fulcrum within the CIA. On the first day the department operated, ten members of the Agency failed to show up for work. "Guilty, guilty, guilty," Tyler laughed upon hearing this.

Chuck and Sarah Bartowski went back to Los Angeles, to their kids, to their lives. Chuck went back to the day-to-day running of Nerd Cave Video Games, and Sarah went back to working analysis for the CIA at the downtown federal building.

And Chuck had an anniversary to plan for.

2:54 A.M., Pacific Daylight Time

March 8th, 2012

Los Angeles, California

Chuck definitely pleased Sarah with his plans for their anniversary. He had bought her a pair of emerald and gold earrings that complemented the emerald and diamond pendant that he got for her. That went along with an exquisite dinner at Fogo de Chão in Beverly Hills, and the whole combination resulted in Chuck and Sarah both falling asleep very happy and very, very satisfied.

Just before three o'clock, Sarah woke up and found herself very thirsty. She went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and was heading back to the bedroom, when she heard a sound from the kids room.

She listened closely. John and Lisa both seemed to be awake, and were both talking. "Ful-cum," Lisa was saying. "Ful-cum."

Sarah smiled. Lisa had been saying that ever since she had accidentally had that flash three weeks before. But then she heard John say it too. "Ful-cum," he said.

Sarah's eyes widened. John hadn't had the flash. He shouldn't know what Fulcrum was. Why was he saying it? What had caused him to flash?

She quietly approached the twins' bedroom door, and opened it, reaching it and turning on the light –

And standing on the other side of the room, dressed all in black, was Diane Beckman. She had a Walther P9 handgun in her right hand, and it was pointed directly at Sarah.

"Hello, Agent Walker," Beckman said. "Care to explain to me why these two little brats are saying 'Fulcrum' over and over?"

"General Beckman," Sarah said quietly, "please just leave. You don't need to be here."

"No, I think I do," Beckman snarled. "You ruined my life, but I think I've found my redemption! These two recognized me as being part of Fulcrum because they're little baby Intersects, aren't they?"

Chuck had come somewhat awake when Sarah left the bed, and had stayed up, waiting for her return. When she didn't return after a few minutes, he grew a little concerned.

Then he heard voices down the hall. One was clearly Sarah. He couldn't make out what she was saying, but it didn't sound good.

And then he heard a voice that chilled him to the bone. It was General Beckman. "These two recognized me as being part of Fulcrum because they're little baby Intersects, aren't they?"

"Oh, God," Chuck whispered. He rolled across the bed to Sarah's side, praying she had her gun.

She didn't. The Colt M1911A1 was in the nightstand. Chuck grabbed it, and slowly crept out the door of the bedroom, down the hall toward the twins room.

"Imagine how much money I could make off of these two!" he heard Beckman continue. "How much do you think the Mossad would pay for a sixteen month old human Intersect? How about MI-6?"

"General, please, those are my CHILDREN," Sarah pleaded.

"You should have thought of that before destroying everything I worked for, Agent Walker," Beckman replied, with a fatal finality in her voice.

Chuck winced as he heard Beckman's gun go off. The bullet struck Sarah in the abdomen, and she staggered backward.

Chuck spun around, catching Sarah in his left arm as she fell, and bringing her Colt up in his right hand. As soon as it leveled with Beckman's chest, he pulled the trigger – once, twice, three times.

An enormous bloom of red appeared on Beckman's torso as she staggered backward. She slammed into the bulletproof window, looked down in disbelief – and then slumped to the floor, dead, leaving a streak of blood on the wall behind her.

John and Lisa were both bawling, but Chuck could barely hear them. He was too concerned for Sarah, as he laid her down on the floor.

"G-good shooting, b-babe," she whispered. She was bleeding heavily.

Chuck grabbed the receiving blanket off the changing table and folded it up. "Hold this against your stomach, HARD," he instructed her. "I know it might hurt, but you've gotta do it!"

Running back to the bedroom, he tossed the gun on the bed, and grabbed his iPhone. With hands shaking, he dialed John Casey's number. "Come on, pick up, pick up!" Chuck muttered as he went back out into the hallway where Sarah was.


"Casey! It's Chuck. Sarah's been shot, and I have a dead former NSA director in my kids' bedroom."

"Shit," John Casey uttered. "Call 911. I'll be right there."

And the phone went dead. Chuck dialed again, and held the phone to his ear.

"911 Emergency Response, what is the nature of your emergency?"

"Uh, my wife's been shot… gunshot wound to the abdomen… she's a Caucasian female, twenty-nine years old, five foot nine, about a hundred thirty pounds…"

"Alright, sir, please remain calm. We have an ambulance on the way right now. What is your location?"

"4320 Saint Clair Avenue, in Studio City," Chuck said. Sarah's grip on his hand suddenly tightened, almost painfully so, and she whimpered in pain.

He looked down at her. Her face was white and contorted in pain, and blood was still seeping out from under the receiving blanket.

"Please hurry."

Team Chuck will return this May in Chuck vs. the Ring of Fire.