Jessica POV

Jessica POV

Mike was over at my house and we were watching some movie. I wasn't paying attention I was to busy thinking of Edward. My Edward. Bella thinks she is so special. She just got here and she already has Edward wrapped around her finger. You know what. I bet she has some sorta power. I mean as soon as she walked into the school she had every guys mind on her. She acts so innocent because she doesn't want anyone to know about her power . She must have a power I mean she is like totally plain. How could any guy like her at all.

I was dating Mike only cause I didn't want to be single to long I mean that would be like scary. You know what I bet he isn't even paying attention to the movie either. He is probably thinking of his Bella. Again I don't know what he sees in her. Hey maybe I can use this to separate the couple I mean I wouldn't have to date Mike cause I would have Edward and Mike wouldn't be alone cause he would have Bella. Maybe I should ask.

"Hey, Mike"


" like what are you like thing about"


"I like thought so. I am like not mad because I was like thinking of Edward"

"well good. Wait then why am I here?"

"because I didn't want to be single"


"I like have an idea"

"OK what is it?"

"WE are going to separate the inseparable couple"


"well duh! How will I get rid of that dumb plain stupid ugly Bella?"

"Hey Bella is really smart and she is so not ugly or plain. I mean she is really hot pluse if you hear what Edward says. He says she is really thoughtful and special an-"

" Hey hold up there lover boy I don't need a whole speech."

" sorry"

" Anyway, I think Bella has some sort of power. I mean it is like she has Edward wrapped around her finger. I mean there is no way Edward would actually like some one as plain as her. "

"So what are we going to do?"

" Well-"

Alice POV

This could get interesting. Hey I am bored. It is not as if they will actually succeed I mean Bella and Edward have been through so much. I mean between James, Victoria, the Volturi, and a bunch of newborns I doubt two dumb humans can separate those two.

I know it is out of character for Jessica, but how else was she to come up with a plan I mean she is a total bimbo.