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When I walked into Biology today, I was not expecting two people kissing at my lab table. I was really not expecting for one of those people to be my loving and committed boyfriend. I think any other girl would have run from that class room crying, but I'm not any other girl. I am Bella Swan. I have a vampire for a boyfriend and I've been working on my confidence. It's not too far along. It will probably crumble if I try and confront any vampires, werewolves or pretty much any other used-to-be mythical creature but I know I can totally stand my ground against another human trying to take my man.

I walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around, she gave me what I guess was a nasty look but I just found it funny. Anyway she turns around and says, "Like what do you what? I'm like kissing my boyfriend." She turns around and tries to continue kissing him. I've gotten really tired of this game. It was funny at first to mess with them and think their plan was working but if that means she thinks she can kiss Edward then she's got another thing coming cause he is not hers. Before she can kiss him again I yank her hair to pull her away from him.

I say, "What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm like kissing my like boyfriend. Like duh."

"Wow, you really are dumb. You don't even notice the look of total abhorrence on his face."

"What's abhorrence?"

This is when Edward finally steps in and says, "It means I don't want you to kiss me. Ever. I have a girlfriend who is everything to me and even if she wasn't here , which is something I don't really want to think about, but if she wasn't like at the beginning of this year. I wouldn't touch you with a ten ft pole. Now, if you come within 20 feet of me or Bella for the rest of the year… Well you don't really want to know what happens."


I can't believe Jessica tried to kiss me. Well she did kiss me, much to my dismay. I was just so shocked that she would do something like that I blanked out. I am very proud of Bella though. I know she has been working with Alice and Rose on her confidence and it is paying off. After I explained to Jessica why I did not want her anywhere near me, I thought this while fiasco would be over. I was wrong. Mike decide to jump into the conversation .

"Bella? Why would you still want him as your boyfriend? You saw the picture where he was cheating on you and I know he abuses you so…."

I saw red at that point. If it wasn't for Jasper's calming waves coming from somewhere in the school, then Mike would be dead and we would be moving again.

Bella was the one who answered his question and in my opinion she was too nice about it.

"WHAT?! You honestly think he abuses me? He is the nicest man I have ever met and you don't even want to know what we have gone through because he didn't want to hurt me! There aren't even words to describe you that is how horrible of a person you are. I know you photo-shopped that picture of Edward and Jessica. Not only is it a bad photo-shopping job but I know Edward would NEVER cheat on me with anyone let alone, Jessica! How could you possibly believe could break up Edward and I so you could what have me to yourself? Even If I wasn't with Edward, I wouldn't even use you as a rebound!"

Mr. Banner chose that moment to walk in and ended the conversation then and there. I still wanted to snap the little pricks throat but I believe Bella said our piece well. Have I mentioned that I'm proud of her and how much I love her.


I was still livid by the time Mr. Banner walked in and I still had more to say. Edward chose that minute to pull me in for a mind-blowing kiss. I'm not sure if it was because of what happened or if he just wanted to rub it in Mike and Jessica's faces but I was all fine for it. I totally forgot what I was going to say to Mike and Jessica but I did come up with a few choice words for Mr. Banner after he gave Edward and I detentions for PDA.


I can't like believe that happened. It was like totally embarrassing. Well this plan failed. Maybe Mike will want to come over later so we can come up with a new plan.


Bella probably just said those things so Edward wouldn't beat her later. I'm gonna have to find another way to save her because this plan failed.


There are no words for how stupid those to human beings are. One more year left till graduation and then Bella and I are off to college. Hopefully there will be intelligent life there and we won't have to deal with this idiocrocy. Until then, I'm just gonna focus on my Bella and try and get the horrible taste of Jessica out of my mouth.