Lady Fate's Puppet

Summary: One small change can make a big difference, especially when Harry Potter is involved. There are somethings even Fate can't control and when Vernon Dursley's job transfers him and his family to Japan it puts a big dent in Lady Fate's Plan for Harry.






Chapter 5

"Harry, get down here, you need to get to school, I'll be coming with you today, the Headmaster said your scores for the placement test are in," Petunia yelled up the stairs to her nephew.

"I'm coming Aunt Petunia," Harry said as he closed and locked his bedroom door before going downstairs.

"Good. Do you have everything? Then lets go Watari is waiting for us," Petunia said when Harry nodded and shooed him out the door to the waiting car.

":Hello little on, how was your night?:" Watari asked as he opened the car door for Harry to climb in.

":It was fine, I spent most of the night catching up with my friends,:" Harry said as he crawled into the car. Watari smiled at him kindly as Petunia climbed in after him and closed the door behind her once she was settled. Watari slowly walked around the car to the driver's side, climbing in and starting the car. He pulled away from the house as Harry pulled out his laptop and started typing.

At the school

"OK Harry we need to go meet with the Headmaster," Petunia said as they walked into the school.

"It's this way Aunt Petunia," Harry said and held out his gloved hand to his aunt. Petunia put her hand in his gloved one and silently let him lead her to their destination.

":Headmaster Yagami, my Aunt wanted to see you about the test I took yesterday,:" Harry said when they were admitted into the Headmaster's office.

"Ah, good morning Mrs. Dursley, thank you for coming," Yagami said fluently in English while bowing slightly to Petunia, who bowed in reply after a moment of confusion.

"You welsom, Headmaster, it was no problem at all," Petunia said as she sat down in the chair next to Harry.

"Well lets get down to business, your nephew is an amazing young man," he said, pulling out the test Harry had taken the day before," He nearly scored a perfect grade on the placement test, by all accounts your nephew should be in high school right now."

"Oh," Petunia said, stunned, "W-what do you suggest we do now?"

"Well there is a private boarding school I think Harry would benefit from, it is called Cross Academy."

"Ahm, i-if you think that is what is the best choice then it's fine with me."

"Great, thin I'll set it up immediately with Headmaster Cross, " Yagami said as Petunia and Harry stood up to go.

"Oh, I have one last question, do you want Harry to still come to this school until you get everything set up for us?"

"No, he should be fine but it's entirely up to him if he still wants to come here,"

"Thank you for all of your help, and I'll talk to him about it and see what he wants to do."

"It was my pleasure," Yagami said, bowing as they walked out the door.

"Brrrrrrrrrrrrring, brrrrrrrrrrring, brrrrrrrrr---."

":Hello, Cross Academy, Headmaster's Office, how can I help you?:"

":Ah, yes this is Headmaster Yagami from Duryea Academy, I need to speak with Headmaster Cross,:" Yagami said as he watched Harry and Petunia cross the parking lot to thier car.

":One moment please,:" the other Headmaster's secretary said.

":Excuse me, Headmaster? The Headmaster of Duryea Academy is on line 2,:" the secretary said when she stuck her head into Cross's office.

":Thank you,:" Cross said as he picked up the phone, ": Hello, Yagami-san, how can I help you?:"

":I have a student that needs to be transfered to your school,:" Yagami said immediately.

":Sure, but don't you run an elementary school?:" Cross asked, slightly confused.

":Yes, it is, the student is about 6 years old, slightly autistic, possibly abused, and a genius.:"

":What exactly do you mean by genius?:"

"I gave him a high school placement test, he scored nearly perfect on it, only missed one or two problems, completed in about 2 hours.:"

":And he's only six years old?:" Cross asked, stunned.

":Yes, he also speaks fluent Japanese after living here for about a week.:"

":I suppose I can get is set up within a few days.:"

":Thank you Cross, for all your help.:"

":If he's really as smart as you say then it will only help me too,:" Cross said dismissively.

":Still, thank you.:"


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