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Summary: Sumire had some business to attend to in America, bringing her granddaughter along for the ride. Sakuno bumps into Ryoma Echizen, will sparks fly between these two in New York City, seeing that nothing happened in Japan?


When the one you admire most isn't with you, the days seem to never pass, they drag on and on. All you can do is sit and stare at nothing because whenever you do something, you find your thoughts going back to that special someone; how you and that person did the same thing, but together.

Its felt like ages since Ryoma Echizen left Japan to make a dream come true, leaving all his friends and family. Out of all of those who miss him, one person took his leave the hardest; Sakuno Ryuzaki. Although she tries her best to not show it, the young girl was miserable, her smiles were fake, the usual prominent shine in her chocolate orbs when she laughed is no longer there, nothing reached her eyes.

Every night, at exactly 8:30 PM, the T.V. would flip to the sports channel where the U.S. Open would be airing. Ryoma would be playing, winning against Pros from around the world. Sakuno, without fail, would always be in front of the T.V. watching, never cheering, for he would not be able to hear her anyway, although it pained her, the T.V. was the only way she could see him.

Before she went to bed, thoughts would fill her mind; Does Ryoma-kun miss anyone here? Is he eating correctly? Does he ever feel the need to just come home? Will he come back? Thought after thought about Ryoma would plague her mind, making her miss him even more, the last question scared her the most.

How can I be so selfish? This is Ryoma-kun's dream, I'm not even that close to him, the most he can think of me is his coach's granddaughter, or the girl who made him lunch. "I'm horrible."


Everyone was aware of Sakuno's blue personality; the Seigaku Regulars, her best friend Tomoka, her grandmother Sumire, even those school mates who use to ask for her homework and notes.

They all acted their best around her, trying to be normal and ignore her down attitude, but no matter what they tried, Sakuno just wasn't herself, no matter how hard she tried.


The sound of the alarm pulled her away from her dream world, chocolate orbs opened slowly and turned towards the sound, the clock read six-forty.

"I'm Late!" She cried, jumping out of bed and rushing through her morning routine.

Sakuno ran downstairs, dressed in her uniform, backpack ready, only to see her grandmother sitting on the kitchen table, leisurely sipping her coffee and reading the morning newspaper.

"What are you doing Obaa-chan? We are going to be late for school!" She cried, taking the paper away from the older woman.

"What are you doing, Sakuno? You don't have school today." Sumire replied, snatching the paper back.

Sakuno checked the wall clock in the kitchen, chocolate orbs stared back, greatly confused, "But it's Friday today."

"Weren't you listening yesterday when I explained the situation to everyone at practice?" She asked.

I must have been zoned out. Sakuno thought, trying to remember.

Sumire sighed, "I have business to attend to in New York and break is starting tomorrow, so you are coming with me, I don't like leaving you alone." She explained.

Sakuno walked back up the stairs in a daze. Maybe we will see Ryoma-kun. She thought, a real smile creeping up her face. "I got to call Tomo-chan!" She screamed, speeding up.

Sumire chuckled, it's been a while since her granddaughter yelled like that.


Tomoka stared are her phone, surprised that the caller said Sakuno. I wonder what she's calling for, school will start in a few moments." She thought out loud.

"Hello?" She asked, unsurely.

"Tomoka!" Sakuno screamed.

"What happened? Are you okay Sakuno?" She asked, worried.

"I'm going to America with my grandma!" She continued, just as loud.

Her two pig tails swung as she jumped up, disrupting the other students who were waitin for the teacher to enter. Tomoka smiled back sheepishly, "Sorry." Se said.

Right when she was about to continue her phone call the teacher entered the room, "Sakuno-chan, I can't talk now, the teacher just came in, message me every night okay?" Without letting her friend reply, the hyper girl shut her phone, happy that her friend seemed normal again.


It was almost time to board the plane, Sakuno paced back and forth, nervous about her first plane flight.

The Seigaku tennis coach sighed, "Oi, Sakuno, if you keep looking around like that, the security might come question you, you look very suspicious," She said, chuckling, "Why don't you go buy me and yourself a soda." She finished, handing her granddaughter some money.

Sakuno nodded, happy to do something that will keep herself busy, she grabbed the money and made her way over to the soda machine.


I can see Ryoma-kun drinking Ponta under a tree, She thought, staring at the purple drink in her hand.

All passengers on flight 302 to New York City please report to gate 3B, we are now beginning to board. I repeat, All passengers on flight 302 to New York City please report to gate 3B we are now beginning to board.

Sakuno, hearing this announcement rushed back to her grandma, but was stopped when she bumped into someone.

"I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hit you." She apologized, bowing her head.

"It's okay, it was my fault." The other person said.

That voice seems familiar. She thought, looking up, her chocolate orbs widened.

"F-Fuji-senpai! What are you doing here?" She asked, clearly confused.

The said person chuckled, "I came to find you Ryuzaki-chan, Coach was wondering where you were." He explained, making the younger girl blush.

"Sorry for the trouble." She said.

"It's fine, it's not that hard to find a cute girl with long brown braids." He said, smiling.

That's so embarrassing, making a senpai look for you because you were day dreaming. She thought, following the tennis prodigy quietly.

When they got there, all the Regulars were present to say their farewells.

"Be careful, nya." Eiji cried, pulling the young Ryuzaki in a bone-crushing hug, "I'll miss you Sakun-chan, when you get back let's go play tennis!"

"Let her go Kikumaru-senpai, it's my turn." Momoshiro said, taking the girl.

"Oi, if you see Echizen, tell him when he gets back, I'll crush him." Momo ordered, giving her a warm hug.

The others said their goodbyes, succeeding in causing a scene, before letting the two Ryuzaki's board the plane.


Sakuno gapped as she walked into the large hotel suite, "Obaa-chan, are you sure we are staying here?" She asked, her eyes never leaving the room.

"Of course," She replied, bringing her luggage into the room on the left, leaving Sakuno the room on the right.

Right when you enter the hotel room, a small living room is the first thing you see; a cream colored couch with gold embroidery was placed against the wall, across from it was a plasma screen T.V, and a small mahogany was present in between the two.

"It's beautiful." She whispered.


"Obaa-chan, can I go explore the hotel?" Sakuno asked, sticking her head into her grandma's room, "I already finished unpacking." She added.

"As long as your careful, remember to take your phone and hotel card." Sumire reminded.

The brown haired girl nodded, grabbed the said items along with her tennis racket. Outside the room, the young girl automatically went searching for the tennis courts.

After the tennis prince left for America, Sakuno busied herself with tennis, with the help from the Seigaku Regulars, her tennis skills improved dramatically.

She made her way to the elevator, before she could press the down button, the elevator doors opened.

A horde of reporters exited, screaming questions as photographers clicked away, pushing Sakuno to the side.

I wonder who can be so famous. She wondered, trying to catch a glimpse of the famous celebrity.

Her world stopped as she saw a white hat and a red tennis racket.


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