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When the two awkwardly made their way to a store unknown in Japan called 'American Eagle' holding hands something caught the Tennis Prince's eyes.

"No. Way" he murmured while his eyes were as big as pizza's.

Sakuno, confused, looked at what he was staring at and she, too, widened her eyes in horror.


Right next to them was a person. Not just any person, but a person holding a magazine, a sports magazine to be precise.


And on the front of this particular magazine was....Barney?! Seeing the big purple dinosaur in tennis clothes made the two shiver in fear. As the person lifted the magazine and gave them a better view, Ryoma and Sakuno took off running screaming for their life.




Just Kidding!


And on the front of this particular magazine were....Ryoma and Sakuno?!

Ryoma snapped out of his reverie when someone bumped into him. Without a second thought he snatched the magazine away from the person and flipped to the page where the article was, ignoring all protest coming from the man he stole the magazine from.

While Ryoma was flipping pages Sakuno somehow got the New Yorker to walk away…Magazine-less.

The Article went a little something like this...

Ryoma Echizen, Youngest player to ever enter the U.S. Open, has been dating someone in secret!?!?

One of our photographers caught pictures of them on a date. After their date he caught them going into a hotel room together.

What would two teenagers be doing inside a hotel together? This secret girlfriend of his has long brown hair and matching brown eyes. (Picture of the two to the right.)

The article just went on and on, the whole thing full of lies and rumors.

Right when they finished reading the article, as if timed...

"Hey EVERYONE its RYOMA ECHIZEN and his GIRLFRIEND!" Screamed a teenager around seventeen as he pointed at the two said teens.

Hearing this everyone turned their heads toward Ryoma and Sakuno's direction and started to murmur and ask questions.

"Did they really do IT?" "Gosh isn't she too young to be such a slut?" or "Where are their parents?"

As the people jabbered, Ryoma clenched and unclenched his hands. The brown haired girl shut her eyes and tried to not pay attention to the hurtful comments that were directed toward her. She unconsciously grabbed onto Ryoma's shirt. Feeling her grip on him made the tennis prince even angrier at the people. That's IT! He thought.

"All of you Shut up Whether we are dating or not does not concern you low lives. So what if she's my girlfriend? How does that make her a slut? She just happens to be one of the best person in the world!" He screamed, grabbing Sakuno by the hand and walking away, leaving the people on the street speechless and flabbergasted.

When they were about a block or two away from the scene that they caused, Ryoma let go of Sakuno's hand. He turned around to apologize to Sakuno only to see her beat red, she looked like she was about to faint.

"Oi, Sakuno, are you okay?" Asked the concerned Tennis Prince. All she could do was nod. The two continued to walk in silence.

"R-Ryoma-kun... I'm sorry" She said softly.

"What are you apologizing for?"

"I-If it wasn't for me, then you would have never been in such a horrible rumor... It's all my fault. Now your image is ruined!" She screamed, causing her tears to fall.

"Baka! It was NOT your fault; those stupid people are the ones who should apologize and who cares about my image." He told her. Seeing that she continued to cry Ryoma did the first thing that came to his mind: He hugged her and kissed her forehead softly while wiping her tear stained face with his thumb.

This is very out of character… but since it's for her, I'll let it slide. He thought.

The tennis prince's actions made her blush a red darker than before, if it was impossible she just made it possible.

The two stood there, in that position, for what felt like hours, but only was a couple of minutes.

The ringing of Ryoma's phone made them separate.

"What?" He muttered, angry about the intrusion.

"Ryoma! I've been trying to contact you ALL day!" Cried his manager.

"Aren't you busy or something?" Asked Ryoma, clearly annoyed.

"So, I still need to check up on you every day. Now, putting that aside, have you seen the paper? You are the topic of discussion, everywhere I turn I hear you name." Tamaki cried.

"Yeah, thanks for letting me know." He said, sarcasm dripping from every word.

"Okay, are you well?" Asked Tamaki.

"Get to the point Tamaki." Ordered the tennis prince.

"Um, you have practice today." He Said, this time calm.

"I don't want to go." Ryoma answered, and hung up on his manager.

"What happened, Ryoma-kun?" Asked Sakuno, curiously.

"Tennis Practice." He muttered. Understanding perfectly, Sakura grabbed his hand and pulled him.

"Oh, let's go." Sakuno said, attempting to encourage him.

"But, then you'll be bored." He said. Since when have I become this...soft... Tennis comes first, it always has and always will, but that resolve is somewhat falling...what's happening? He asked himself.

"C'mon, Ryoma-kun, I want to see you play, I haven't in a long time." She said, softly. Her actions made the tennis prince accept the offer.

He texted his manager, telling him that he changed his mind.

On their way to the tennis courts many people stopped them.

"Hey aren't you two the ones on the magazine today?"

"Oh My Gosh! Ryoma-kun! Why would you date such a bitch! You have ME!"


And the list of questions never stopped. Somehow, the two managed to get to the tennis courts, in one piece. Seeing that the trainer wasn't there yet, Ryoma grabbed a couple of tennis balls and two tennis rackets. He tossed one to Sakuno and signaled her to play him.

She accepted, but warned him.

"I've gotten better, Ryoma-kun."

"Mama Mama Dane, Sakuno." He replied, smirking. Over the time that Ryoma was gone, Sakuno practiced her tennis skills and improved a tremendously.

Ryoma gave an underhand serve and Sakuno returned it. Her form: nearly perfect, her knees: not wobbly, and her hair: still long, but who said it was a bad thing?


"You've been practicing" He stated.

"Of course." She replied with a grin.

"Hn." Ryoma served, underhand again. This made Sakuno mad and she hit the ball back with great accuracy, right on the line. The face the tennis prince made, made Sakuno smirk.


"Play me seriously, Ryoma-kun." Her statement cause Ryoma to snap back to realty, seeing her smirk he thought. Wow, she sure can pull off a smirk.

Ryoma served again, but this time it was a twist serve, seeing the twist serve Sakuno smiled, happy that he is finally getting serious.

She returned the serve.

He returned her hit with a buggy-whip shot.

Sakuno used Ryoma's split step and reached the ball.

Seeing her use his move, Ryoma's eyes widened. Since when did she improve so much? He thought.

Even though she managed to return the ball, it wasn't strong and Ryoma returned it with ease.


The match went on and time and time again she never stopped to amaze him.

During the match Sakuno used many techniques of many of their senpais, but in the end Ryoma still won.

"When did you learn all those Sakuno?" Asked Ryoma as he took a drink of water.

"All the senpais helped me and trained me in your place," She replied, out of breath.

The way she put that sentence made something inside Ryoma stir...was it... jealousy? Before Ryoma could say anything the door to the tennis courts opened and standing there was THE last person the two would have thought would be there.

Standing there was....


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