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Chapter 85

Epilogue: One Year Later

I giggled again as L tried to steal a few bites of my cake, but I needed all the food I could get, and I wasn't letting him get away with it.

He pouted as I ate the bite off of his fork before he could get it to his own mouth. I rested my head on his shoulder as we sat on the couch in the hotel room.

We were back in Japan for a smuggling case, but L had solved it two days ago and we were leaving the hotel, and the country, today.

The only reason we were still here was that I had insisted that we let the task force come visit before we go. I had pouted for about an hour and L had finally gotten irritated enough to allow it.

Yagami-san had been devastated when I had showed Raito's watch and the hidden piece of the death note to the task force, he had tried to defend the honor of his dead son at first, but then as I continued with my story– the whole story, finally– he had given in and simply remained silent.

After all the explaining, I secretly went to see Amane, I wasn't completely surprised to see Ryuk there, and after a long heated debate and a not-so-long fist fight, I had managed to get the death note and all it's pages away from her.

I burned them in secret and she lost her memories concerning Kira and shinigami.

I pleaded with Ryuzaki not to convict her, it hadn't really been her fault and with the death notes gone for good, she would never be able to cause any damage.

He consented with a heavy sigh and the police never went after her.

Matsuda accepted a permanent job as her manager as well as his detective tittle back, so he was now keeping an unofficial eye on her.

Yagami-san had gotten a promotion and, with the official Kira capture story being that Raito was innocent and had died doing something heroic, his family at least was able to feel pride about the whole thing.

Aizawa managed to get more time off to spent with his wife and kids.

There was a knock on the hotel room door and I stood up to answer it... well tried to stand up, but before I could steady myself I had a fit of motion sickness and bent over all most double– or as far as I could bend with my protruding stomach– expecting to throw up on the floor.

I felt and arm wrap around me from behind and I leaned my weight on L as I swallowed the cake I had just eaten.

L sighed in annoyance, again, as he tried to sit me back down on the couch.

"Cut it out, I can answer the door!" I snapped at him as I tried to wrestle out of his arms.

"Yumi..." he started to argue, but I changed my tactics a bit and kissed him on the cheek.

"What if you helped me answer the door?" I asked, sweetly, trying to smile as I felt a vicious internal kick.

"No, Yumi, sit down..." I frowned and unhooked his arms from around my waist, then I turned and tried to walk to the door on my own.

I made it three steps before I stumbled a bit and felt L's arms steady me again.

"Thanks..." I breathed as another few kicks threw me off balance.

L sighed in irritation– he had been doing that a lot lately– and helped me walk the rest of the way to the door.

I turned the knob smiling and greeted Matsuda and Aizawa.

Matsuda's eyes widened impossibly and I couldn't help but laugh at his face.

"Yumi! You're huge!– Uh, wait, I mean you're pregnant!" he shouted, correcting himself.

I smiled and nodded, trying to confirm that he hadn't insulted me.

"Congratulations." Aizawa offered while Matsuda did a thorough examination of my bulging stomach.

"Come in." I invited, smiling.

I could tell that L was getting annoyed already. He had been a bit short tempered lately, and I could tell that it was my fault. Because I was pregnant, it was harder for me to move around for his cases, and I refused to be left behind.

It had been six months since we had figured out about the pregnancy, and it had already been two months in by then.

With L, denial had been the first of his many phases of acceptance. He had insisted on sending me to three different doctors before he finally decided that it wasn't a mistake.

Then he went into the 'making it up to me' phase where he tried to make breakfast every day and stopped working late so that he could sleep with me at night.

But then, by month six, he was starting to get short tempered about it, he was probably getting too much sleep.

It hadn't been his fault though, it was mine. Me and alcohol. Of course, he could have been upset because he was sober and he still didn't stop me.

I couldn't remember much, though.

"Matsuda, I hear that Amane-san has a new movie coming up?" I asked, as a way of starting small talk.

"Oh– yeah, Misa-Misa is staring in an American movie!" Matsuda celebrated.

"That's great." I was helped onto the couch by L as I tried to keep a cheerful look on my face.

L wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against his chest, I fought down another fit of motion sickness, sitting down and standing up were becoming out-of-body experiences.

Matsuda was the first to sit down on the couch across from us and Aizawa followed after a few seconds.

"Are you two going to come to the premiere?" Matsuda asked, thrilled with the idea.

"In America?" I glanced at L. "No, we're going somewhere for a few months." I said.

"Oh? Well, I'll send you a copy when it comes out on DVD!" he planned.

"Great." I smiled.

Another movie to add to my steadily growing collection. L had made a habit of buying me every boring romance movie he saw. We never watched them.

The high pitched bip bip bip of L's cell phone interrupted the conversation, but I didn't have anything else to say about Matsuda's Misa-Misa fandom.

"What is it, Watari?" he asked, automatically knowing who it was.

"Yes... right... we'll be right there...." he snapped the phone shut and stated that if we didn't leave now, we were going to miss our plane.

We apologized, or actually I apologized and L helped me walk out of the room.

It was only a ten minute drive to the airport, so we actually wound up waiting half an hour for our plane, which made me suspicious of Watari's timing.

We boarded the plane and L let me have the window seat again. I cut off the circulation in his right arm as the plane left the ground then I fell asleep on his shoulder while we were in the air.

We were going to Wammy's house, L had made the decision about a week ago because I refused to stay behind and it was getting impossible for me to move around with him. So he decided that until the twins were born, we would stay at the house. It was only a month until my due date, then the great detective L was going to be a father.

The idea made me giggle, and the mental picture I got of L trying to care for two little girls was priceless, but had faith in him.

The plane landed in London and Watari drove us to the house.

The ambush that greeted us inside the front door didn't bother me much, even when Mello ran at us shouting something like "Miss Yumi, you got huge!" his friend Matt following behind him, some kind of hand held video game in his hand.

Near was sitting at the foot of the stairs assembling a blank puzzle and generally trying to ignore all the noise that Mello and Matt caused as they greeted L, their idol.

I slipped past the welcoming committee as they tried to tackle L, begging for stories about the latest cases.

I walked over to sit on the stairs by Near and watch the chaos unfold, Mello was very enthusiastic about becoming the next L, and he had decided that knowing everything that L did when he left the house was necessary in order to succeed him.

"Is the baby L's?" Near asked, quietly, not looking up from his puzzle.

"They're twins and yes, they're his." I smiled at Near. His calm and quiet disposition was what I needed to cure the migraine I had developed.

"Congratulations." Near said, tonelessly, but he wasn't unkind.

Unlike Mello, who was still upset about his idol getting married, even to someone who helped him solve cases, Near was much more supportive, or maybe he just didn't care all that much, but either way it was refreshing to be around him.

I watched as Mello grabbed onto the bottom of L's shirt and childishly jumped around as he asked for detail about the case. L frowned, but his eyes were softer, so I at least could tell that he wasn't too annoyed. In fact, if I hadn't known him better, I would have thought that he liked the attention he got here.

I laughed as Matt finally lost interest and backed a few steps away as he focused all his attention on his handheld game.

By the time L and I made it up the stairs, the whole house was aware of our visit. Luckily, L's attic room, which the two of us now shared, was the only bedroom in the house besides Watari's and Mr. Roger's that had a lock on the door.

Unpacking was easy, so we had plenty of time before dinner, time which we spent lying in bed.

It was going to be a very interesting seven months.


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