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Despite how may times he has been told he is just wasting his time. Rock Lee will become hr greatest ninja ever.It is a promise he made to himself when no one believed in him. To accomplish this promise Lee trains nonstop. He will stop at nothing to accomplish his dream. To show that you can achieve greatness with hard work ,but also to protect his important people.As he trains he thinks back to his teammate Neji. He remembers Neji's words when they were assign on the same team. He has never been able to let those words go. They are the fuel he needs to make him keep going. He will prove to Neji that you can change your destiny and become a great ninja with hard work.

Lee remembers when he and Neji spare. The many times Neji has beaten him. On the ground Lee wonders if any of his training has paid off. As that thought crosses his head he remembers his promise. Neji's words play bak in his head. With those thoughts in his mind he stuggels to get up. As Neji starts to tell him he is a fool to even bother. But like always he succeeds. No matter what obsticles he as to face in the future. Lee will accomplish his dream of becoming the greatest taijutsu ever.