well here my fic please be gental with me. RxR tell me if you like it or hated it as long as you let me your opinion.

Disclmer:I do not own Twilight :(

As you hold her I thought of the love I feel for you. It's funny you thought she was the one I love. No. I love you Edward. But you only have eyes for her. I hate her. If she would have never come I could have had your love. But no matter my love for you we are to be enemies to the end of time. For that I could not speak my love for you. Thought that does not stop my blood from boiling with rage when you hold her or when you kiss her. Most would call it jeolusey thinking I love her.When she was about to jump I thought she wouldn't be an obstical any more. Then I thougt of you. I heart sank thinking of you. The only reason I saved her was because I knew you would go in a world of pain and hurt and I could not stand the thought of your beautiful face in that kind of sorrow. So I saved her. Its kind of funny that she was the only reason you even pay attantion to me. For that I am greatful for her. Now here I am seeing you marry her. You smile at her with that beautiful face of yours. So much love you have for her. It breaks my heart. If beening with her make you happy then I won't stop you or your happiness. I hope that she makes you happy.