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Author's Note: All right first off this is an AU so no saying this isn't like the game. My towns might be bigger then they were in the game but that's no problem. Pretty much most of the people in the game are still doing their normal routine in my story. Possible slight changes but once again no biggy. Also some places might change a bit. For example Ordon will be a bit bigger and Link's house isn't at the entrance.

A little bit of a background although I'm sure I'll make everything clear in my story. Ordon isn't really liked by the rest of Hyrule. The Hylians think they are barbarians and tend to look down upon them. The Ordon Hylians aren't really savage but they don't like the other Hylians because they are always discriminated against. However Ordon does their share fare of discrimination as well, so its not all one sided. Ordon is still part of Hyrule so they must follow the laws but they still hate the kingdom.

Edit: I plan on going back and fixing the first couple chapters since they are embarrassingly bad filled with awful grammar and other such things, but just wanted to let any new readers to this story know the writing gets better, it isn't always this terrible. Just don't want you to judge off the first several chapter, and if you do, I certainly don't blame you. It's tough to get through.

The hooves stamped on the ground sounding like thunder as the horse ran down the dirt-covered path. Its head was pointed outward as it galloped at an incredible pace. The trees were mere blurs to the teen riding the majestic creature. His head was low almost touching the horse's neck. He had a tight grip on the reins as he rode at a speed others wouldn't dare to travel in a forest. He spent his entire life here, so he had no reason to worry.

The dirty blonde teen saw the opening ahead and gave a kick to his horse, sending the message to increase the speed. The horse pushed harder not wanting to disobey his master. His head bobbed trying to gain the extra speed, as they shot out of the forest into a great plain. The boy squinted his eyes for the sun shown brightly now, since there weren't any trees to block it. He scanned the large open area. Spotting a hill, he slowed the pace as he approached it. He climbed to the top of the hill looking over the area and he stopped at the top. He gave his horse a pat to show his appreciation.

The teen scanned the horizon looking for his friend, who was sent on business to Castle Town about a week ago. The very center of the kingdom that hated them. He wasn't too worried, his friend could handle himself. Yet he was suppose to be back early morning and it was a few hours till sunset. The boy was worried so he decided to ride out and meet him. If he didn't see him in the plains then he would go to Castle Town and look. It wouldn't be the first time one of their traders got into trouble there. It would be a two-day ride, one with no stops, but he had nothing else to do. He was always up for a little trip, although he did not enjoy any trip with the destination being Castle Town.

Just before he was about to turn and had back down the hill, he saw a figure in the distance. A smile appeared on his face before swiftly kicking his companion. The horse took off down the grassy hill and the boy directed it down the path that would lead to his friend. He felt his shield and sword bounce against his back as he rode. His bow that was tied to the right side of the saddle kept hitting his leg and the quiver filled with arrows tapped against his other leg. He was use to it all, and only welcomed the feeling. It made him feel safe and secure to know that he could defend himself. He was proud to know that he was capable of using all the weapons skillfully.

It didn't take long before he reached his friend riding in a carriage being pulled by two goats from their village. He pulled up along side of it and mimicked the carriage's pace.

"Rusl, welcome back!"

"Ah Link, it's good to be back." Rusl was one of Link's closest friends even though he was older by a good twenty years. There were others Link's age and he did hang out with them but Rusl was his mentor. He was the one who taught Link the basics of swordsmanship and took care of him as a kid. Link saw him as a father figure and that caused an almost unbreakable bound between the too.

"Did those town's folk give you any trouble," Link incredulously asked.

Rusl gave a small chuckle, "No they didn't. They were kind to me as they always are. You know if you talk to some of them they aren't that bad."

"Yeah I'd rather take my chances with the Gorons," Link laughed.

"I'm telling you Link, if you are nice to them. Then they will return your kindness," Rusl advised.

"Whatever you say," Link laughed. They traveled the path back silently for a while just enjoying the blissful surroundings. Link never understood how anyone could live in a town crowed with others. Out here there was enough space, plus more, for everyone. The sunlight radiated through the trees' leaves, causing the light to dance with the shadows on the ground surrounding the two males. Link couldn't help but be memorized by the patterns on the ground. He loved Ordon, and all that came with it.

"Why were you late." Link suddenly inquired. .

"Oh yes well, sorry about that but you'll never guess what." Rusl said getting excited.

"What?" Link asked rolling his eyes.

"No guess," Rusl persisted.

"Umm the king died and we can all live happily."

Rusl sighed, "You know that's treason, you can get locked up for that."

"Yeah I'd like to see them come and get me." Link replied with a smirk.

"You're hopeless." Rusl concluded, "Anyway, Princess Zelda is turning eighteen." Link simply raised an eyebrow. "Don't you know what that means?"

"Umm some rich girl is going to get a lot of money and gifts that she doesn't need."

Rusl shook his head, "It means there is going to be a festival."

"What's your point, it's not like we're going to attend."

Rusl stared at Link long and hard, "You do know where falling into debt right?"

"Yeah," Link replied looking ahead, "cattle and our other products aren't selling as much anymore. The wolves' teeth and hawk's feathers are no longer wanted or needed. Even our famous one-of-a-kind milk isn't selling as it use to. Face it Rusl, we aren't a merchant village. We don't trade; it's not our way. We use to hunt and grow everything we needed."

"Yeah that was before the king and his taxes," Rusl joked.

"Then how do you defend that bastard!" Link shouted.

"Because he is the king and the taxes go to the army." Rusl calmly replied, "We pay for our army to help defend the road from bandits."

"Yeah well bandits aren't down here," Link retaliated, "they don't mess with people from Ordon."

"Link no matter what you say, and no matter how much you want him too, the King is not corrupt. He is not using his taxes for his own benefit."

"How do you know, that man is probably bathing in gold as we speak."

"Link stop it," Rusl said sharply. Link looked slightly offended and looked away from his friend. He kept his eyes forward on the path ahead listening to the hooves of his horse trotting on the path. The old carriage squeaked as it rolled along and after a moment or two he heard Rusl sigh, "Look Link I'm not saying what he did in the past to us was right. What I'm saying is to let the past go. We may be better off now. In the old days if the season and the harvest were bad we could be in serious trouble. We didn't know if we had enough for the winter every year. Ever since we were taken over by Hyrule we have always had enough food."

"Yeah but the people hate us," Link replied with his eyes still cast forward.

"Yes that is true," Rusl agreed, "but it's only been a little more then ten years. Give it time, instead of us constantly trying to say how different we are from them. We should be trying to get along with them. If all Hylians could be together, our kingdom would be strong. Think about that Link."

"I'm done with this talk. I'm going ahead to tell them of your return." Link heeled his horse causing it to quicken its pace to a jog.

"Link!" Rusl shouted causing the teen to look over his shoulder. "It's good to see you."

The was a pause before Link replied, "Yeah, welcome back." Then Link kicked his horse, "Let's go Epona." His horse let out a cry before taking off into a sprint, returning to the village. Rusl has a soft heart and I admire him for that. Link thought as he rode, still I feel like he should have more pride to our village. That damn king has ruined our lives.

The beautiful young princess walked down the white halls that were lined with blue and gold banners. Her feet made a soft patting sound against the cerulean and crimson carpets that stretched all the way down the halls. Her long blonde hair reached down her back and was braided at the end. Also two braids fell beside her face. She wore a small crown with a single purple jewel placed in the center. She wore a blue and white dress with lines of gold throughout and the tri-force insignia in the center. The dress reached down to her ankles and would sway slightly with each step. She was walking at a quick pace being in an overly good mood.

A maid that was carrying an empty tray crossed her arms over it, pressing it against her chest and respectfully bowed. "Morning Princess."

"Good morning," Zelda replied with a bright smile, "Have you been well."

"Of course Princess. How about you?" The maid returned still keeping her manners.

"My life is as you say, 'that of a princess'." Zelda replied with a small giggle.

The maid gave a warm smile, "Are you excited about the festival?"

Zelda nodded, "I am, but I fear my father goes a little to far."

"But Princess it's your birthday. You are turning eighteen, you will officially become a women."

"It is just a number," Zelda replied, "In two weeks I will still be the same person. I don't understand what all the fuss is for."

"Princess you should be happy, you are getting a whole festival for you."

"Oh don't misunderstand me," Zelda quickly said, "I am excited, it's just I wouldn't care for a huge elaborate festival. I would be happy with just a nice family party. I don't need everyone coming from throughout Hyrule wishing me a good life."

"The life of a princess," the maid joked.

Zelda laughed, "It's rough isn't it."

The maid said goodbye and Zelda wished her a farewell. Zelda continued down the hallway towards her dinning chambers. She woke over an hour ago, but all the maids make her look her best before she goes anywhere so she was extremely hungry. She always tells them she doesn't have to wear make-up in her own palace yet they wont listen. Then they made sure her hair was in perfect position, they wouldn't let a single strand get out of place. Then the clothes, although she was like every other girl and loved to dress, she just didn't like taking twenty minutes to only get the choice down to two dresses. Then it took another ten minutes just to pick from those two. It got old, fast, and she extremely disliked her morning routine.

She continuously complained to her father about it but he always replied that she had to maintain her look since it would reflect on the royal family. She would argue that she wasn't just a figurehead and something to look at. Something to make the image of the royal family better. She wanted to show she had intelligence and didn't have to hide behind a pretty face. Yet she rarely got the chance since her father always had strict protection always watching her. She was almost never even allowed to talk with 'commoners', as her father calls them, only little polite greetings. The princess couldn't complain however. She had a good life, really a great life, and her father was only the best to her.

Zelda approached the towering doors that led to the dining room and the guards gave a nod before opening them for her. She gave them both a warm smile as she gracefully walked through the doors. There was a long table in the middle of the room. Zelda saw her mother and father at one end. She walked towards them while admiring the murals and paintings that lined the walls. She reached to pull out her chair but a servant managed to grab it first. He pulled it back and ushered her to sit down. She simply gave him a smile saying 'thank you' and took her seat.

"Good Morning dear, sleep well?" The queen greeted her daughter.

"Yes I did mother," Zelda replied.

"Zelda what would please you for breakfast?" The king asked sweetly.

"I'll just have some Cucoo eggs and some water." Zelda said towards her father but really her words were really directed at the servant that was awaiting her order. He began to head towards the kitchen but the King stopped him before turning his attention back to his daughter.

"Dear you know that we just got new milk, your favorite kind."

Zelda's face instantly brightened up, "You mean the milk from Ordon." Her father nodded. "Oh how lovely," Zelda chimed, "I'll have a glass of that please."

The servant nodded his head and walked off towards the kitchen, his boots echoing on the smooth tile.

"Zelda dear you really love that sweet milk don't you?" Her mother warmly asked.

Zelda nodded, "Yes it really does taste better then all the other milk." Zelda turned her direction towards her father, "Do you know why their milk is better?"

"Well I honestly don't know but it's about time those villagers did something right?" The King laughed.

Some others around him, including his wife joined in his laughter. Zelda watched as they shared in some joke that she herself did not find all that funny. Not that she disagreed with her father, she never did hear of any real accomplishment from that village. Yet that didn't mean she found it funny that they weren't that useful.

"Father why do we treat Ordon with such distaste. I understand that they aren't the greatest of people, but shouldn't we still try to make our relations with them better. If we befriend them, then wont they stop acting out?"

Everyone in the room gave her a puzzling look except from her father. He looked at her with a warm smile and deep gentle brown eyes. He put his elbows on the table and put his folded hands up to his mouth. He gave a small chuckle and Zelda couldn't help but take notice of his winkles as he laughed.

"My dear daughter," He started, "You are truly a wonderful person, always thinking about what's best for everyone and I agree with you. If we could get the Ordon villagers on our side things would be much better off. Yet sadly they don't want anything to do with us."

"Well have you sent someone their and suggested a treaty of peace." Zelda asked. She didn't know why she cared for this village. She always seemed to care for everyone; it was just in her blood. One time she even let a thief, that stole a necklace from her, go away. The guards wanted to hang him but she told them it was a gift and just let him leave. The thief was speechless but didn't want to wait around long enough to see if she was joking.

Her father went insane when she heard she was 'mugged'. He increased the patrol of the entire town and all thieves were dealt with seriously. The crime rate dropped significantly but so did the palace finances to pay for all the extra overtime. In the end the king just increased taxes for a certain amount of time and then cut them back down.

"We have sent someone before my princess," Impa the King's loyal assistant stepped up. "We sent a sentry before delivering a message." She took a pause licking her lips. "He showed up at the palace stripped of his clothes, his hair cut, the word 'Never' painted his body, and they made him ride bareback all the way back to the palace."

"I see," Zelda said looking down at the table, "Well then why do we trade with them?"

"Well as you know they have a few rare finds down there," The king said after taking a sip of his Ordon milk to further his point. "I believe they have wolves down there and also a special type of hawk. Both are not found anywhere else in Hyrule, which means we have to do some trading with them."

"Why do hawks and wolves matter," Zelda inquired.

Impa once again spoke up, "Well the wolves teeth can be sold for some decent rupees and the hawk feathers can be used in medicine. A few summers ago there was a terrible epidemic and the main ingredient was the hawk's feathers. Those Ordon bastards rose the prices high knowing that we needed to by a large sum."

Zelda frowned, "Well I know that one time there was a drought and water vendors raised their prices high. That is normal in a situation, as cruel as it may sound."

"Ah your daughter is very wise, King."

Zelda turned her head to see a man standing in the corner. He slowly stepped forward and the princess felt a chill go down her spine. She did not like the man; he was eerie and always seemed to be up to something. He had greasy black hair that hung around his face and he was always slouched over.

"Yes I know Slazenger," The king chucked. "Let's just be happy that we have enough feathers to not have to buy anymore anytime soon. Also it seems that most people have become immune to that diseases so my worries are for naught on that subject. The wolves' teeth have also become a common item and thus the price for that has dropped. In truth Ordon is running out of items to trade with. If it weren't for you, my dear, liking their milk I probably wouldn't even bother with them.

"Well that is easily fixable your highness," Slazenger once again spoke with his voice just above a whisper. Zelda couldn't understand why her father kept such a person in the castle. Even she could tell there wasn't something right about him.

"Proceed," The King commanded taking another sip of his drink.

"Well majesty, why don't you just buy the princess a goat from the village. Sure you will have to trade with them from time to time for other the citizen's needs. But if you think about it your majesty, really they sell to you mostly. You could severely cut back their profits."

"Why would we want to make them even more poor then they already are," Zelda asked not hesitating the slightest to stand up to Slazenger.

"My dear," her mother said sweetly, "It's not about making them more poor. It's about not having to deal with their savage ways. It is a danger every time one of them comes up here to trade. We have had many problems in the past. Fortune favors us now. There hasn't been any quarrels recently."

"That is because they have a new man doing their trading for the past year," Impa spoke in a general matter while stepping up to the table. "His name is Rusl and I can vogue for this man. He has not caused any problems and from our reports and records of sales with the Ordon village. It seems he wasn't tried to fool us once, he is an honest merchant that just want what's best for everyone." She directed her attention towards the king, "If you wish to purchase a goat then I suggest sending a letter to Rusl. He will make sure you receive the best and also I bet if you said it is for a birthday present to his daughter. He will certainly give you the goat as a gift from the village."

"No that's terrible," Zelda exclaimed causing everyone to jump at the sudden raise in voice. "It is bad enough that you are almost killing their entire economy but to try and not even buy their most prize procession. That is worse then they could ever do, right now you seem just as bad as them."

"My dear you are too kind," Slazenger said taking a step towards Zelda. "They are simply savage barbarians that only know how to attack whatever moves. You are wasting your pity on them."

"Well I personally think that is a grand idea," The king said with a laughed. "Impa send a letter to this Rusl and tell him to bring his five most prized goats to the castle. Tell him to make haste for my daughter awaits."

"Yes my liege," Impa brought her arm horizontally against her stomach before bowing. She quickly marched away heading towards the room where they keep their messenger pigeons.

"Do you think it wise to send a pigeon my dear," The queen asked her husband.

"Were you not just saying how you don't want to interact with these people," Zelda questioned her mother. "Wouldn't it be more intelligent to send a pigeon or dove so someone doesn't have to go personally. Not to mention it would also be a great deal quicker."

The king let out a sigh, "Well our pigeons have a habit of…disappearing. They never seem to come back, they always reply with one of their messenger hawks."

"What do you think happens to them," Zelda innocently asked.

"I can only imagine that they use our pigeons for target practice."

"That's terrible," Zelda gasped, "Why on earth would they do that."

"I don't know, really, probably just because they want to. They do that or they feel like their wolves should get the taste of royal blood."

"That's right they are in love with those creatures," The queen shivered as if being with animals was on the same level of going to hell. "My friend traveled there once and she told me that they actually let the wolves sleep in their homes. How barbaric. I wouldn't be surprised if they bathed with them too."

"It's an animal thing dear," the king joked earning a laugh from his wife.

I know that it may be strange, but are we really to judge them. Zelda thought as her breakfast was finally placed in front of her. Zelda cast a suspicious glance at her mother, I have never met any of mother's 'friends'. Zelda placed the thoughts to the back of her mind as she ate. Filling her empty stomach, she almost feared it would start growling like a beast if food wasn't there to fill it.

She did feel a certain distain to taking one of the prize processions from Ordon. Yet at the same time she was excited about having a goat that was able to produce her favorite drink. Usually she would have to wait to get a new supply of milk and also the milk didn't taste as good the longer it was stored. Now she would be able to drink fresh milk all the time.

Well if these people are as bad as they sound then it is for the best that I get my own goat, Zelda figured as she started to eat her long awaited breakfast.


Link turned in the direction of the voice that called his name. He saw a young man with dark rich red hair that would've fallen to his shoulders except he currently had on a black bandana that it back. He had two swords, tied to his leather belt, one on each side. He smiled brightly with his eyes closed waiting for his presence to be acknowledged.

"Hey Blaine," Link sighed, he was a little too busy to deal with his friend at the moment. He was outside underneath his tree house cutting wood. He always let his pile get low in the warm seasons. It was always warm out but when it stormed with enough wind, a considerably cold chill ran through his house. If he didn't have any wood that night he would have to just bury himself in blankets for the night. So he was making sure he cut a lot of wood today just incase of any sudden storms.

"Hey man the gang is fishing at the river," Blaine told him.

"I'm kinda busy now," Link replied.

"Oh come on, you can do this work anytime."

"Yeah and we can fish anytime," Link argued.

"Yeah but fishing is fun and work isn't, so why would you ever want to do work."

Link stopped stacking the logs he cut and straight himself. He looked at his friend to see him still smiling brightly except now his bright blue eyes shown.

"Am I right?" Blaine asked.

"Fair enough," Link shrugged and swung the ax digging its blade into the tree stump he was cutting wood on. He slowly walked towards his friend. Blaine waited for him before also turning and they both walked to the river.

Blaine and Link walked under the little forest overhang that was between Link's house and the village. They came out to the hill that would lead down to the village. Link's house was in the back of the village and at the top of a hill. His parents built the house there because they liked the view it gave them of the village. The top room in the tree house let you look over the trees down onto the old styled village. A river ran through the middle and it branched off into two sections. On one end people washed their clothes and the other end is where the kids played. The end where the kids played was shallow and was a dead end. The villagers constructed a type of dam to control the amount of water could enter into that section. The other section let the rest of the water run its course right out of Ordon to the plains. The villagers would get fresh water from beginning of the river, before the water was contaminated by the villagers use.

They slowly made their way to the designated fishing spot up the river. As the two walked through the scenic village they greeted their fellow villagers with a smile. Almost everyone got along in this village, or course there were a few exceptions and of course there were arguments from time to time. Especially about the Kingdom and their place in it. All in all the village got along, and when ever a crisis would occur they would come together and help in anyway they could.

Link's thoughts drifted a few years back to when a raging storm suddenly hit. In an hour the river began to over flow and Ordon would be flooded if the villagers didn't do anything. Link was in his basement trying to stop the leaking. His house always had some problem with it. He remembered hearing shouting and ran upstairs to see Rusl out side. They needed help with the river and Link didn't flinch for a second. Without even stopping to consider grabbing a coat he leaped off his little porch away and ran full speed down to the center of the village. The wind whipped against his face and the rain stung like a thousand needles being hurled at him.

When he reached the center of the village he was astonished by what he saw. He imagined the river to have picked up but not at such an alarming rate. The main bridge that connected the two sides was currently wedged between to rocks in the right section that led the water out of the village. The dam to the smaller kid section was nowhere to be seen. The bridge acted as a make shift dam causing the main water direction up towards the swimming area. Since the area led nowhere, the water flowed onto the banks and was quickly rising. Some of the houses were built right on the shore and would soon collapse from the force of the water, let alone the use-to-be stable ground turning to mud.

Link had to do something everyone was just standing around piling sand and dirt bags on the bank. That wasn't going to do anything, the water would soon push over it. They had to open the right section to let the water flow again. Link ran up to the main people that were trying to organize all the chaos. He told them they should get a strong sturdy net and tie it between two polls to catch any debris that was flowing into the left section. The plan was that eventually this would make a temporary dam that could at least hold back some of the water. The problem was that no matter how strong of a net you get, the water would eventually push through at the rate it was going. They needed to free up the other dam first.

Link saw some nearby rope and quickly grabbed it. He found an axe they were trying to cut debris in the water with. He snatched that as he sprinted against the rain to the makeshift dam on the right side. He ran behind it and he couldn't hold back his surprise to see that the bridge almost completely stopped the water from running its course. He tied the rope around his waist and tied the other end around a nearby tree. Not caring to either check the ropes strength he jumped into the deep ditch and began hacking away at the bridge.

It was hard and tiring but he knew that this was the quickest way. Suddenly he heard more shouts over the roaring storm. He paused for a moment and quickly tried to climb the surrounding wall. It was pure mud and everytime he pushed with his hands they just went down instead of him going up. After what felt like a long struggle he managed to get his head above the side. He let out a gasp as the sight he never thought he'd see. An entire house was slowly sliding towards the river. Link remembered that one to be held up by big wooden pegs from underneath. The water pushed with enough force to move the pegs and the foundation being completely mud let it easily slide towards the river.

Link watched in horror as the family was standing on the porch still. He watched as the man grabbed the child and jumped. The wife hesitated for a moment but soon followed. In a matter of seconds people swarmed the family and helped get them to a safer and dryer place. Link watched as the house slid into the river and was amazingly carried down stream. Drifting off almost like a boat sailing over the horizon. Link slide down the mud back into the ditch and with a renewed intensity he began chopping at the thick wooden bridge.

He remembered feeling his hands bleed as he gripped the axe tightly. He remembered hearing shouts coming from above telling him to get out. He remembered the mayor shouting that they were gonna all go to higher ground and wait it out. He remembered grinding his teeth at such a thought. He remembered swing his axe and watching as water shot through the hole. He remembered the feeling of satisfaction come over him as he swung harder and harder. He remembered the water pouring out almost pushing him back. He remembered his feet sliding in the mud trying to hold his ground. He especially remembered letting out a shout as he slammed the axe one last time into the wood causing the entire bridge to be ripped in have be the force of the water on the other side.

Link was easily lifted off his feet and swept away with the fierce river. He felt his body get slammed with debris from the bridge. He felt like he was going to be ripped in half when the rope that was tied around his waist jerked. He tried to grab it and pull himself out but the water was to strong and he wasn't able to do it. Link held his breath for as long as he could. He was running out of ideas, he was like a little trig in a raging sea. He had no control over his body from the force of the water against it. He was losing all hope, when he felt himself being pulled. The Hylian villagers were pulling on the rope, heaving the teen out of the water. He thought his lungs were going to burst if he was in the water any more.

The villagers pulled him onto the bank and dragged him away from it. They all were cheering his name for daring such a brave act. Except Rusl of course, who gave him a good scolding for doing something so stupid and dangerous.

Link couldn't help but smile at the memories he had in this village. The next day everyone picked up the village and helped rebuild that home that was lost. All the Hylians in the village come together whenever there is a catastrophe. Link was known as a hero after that and honestly he didn't mind. He liked to be the one that people turned to for help. They almost thought of him as the warrior of Ordon. A handsome, fearless teen? That just sounded like the perfect hero.

"Link!" Link's head snapped in the direction of the voice. "Man what are you day-dreaming about."

Link shook his head, "Nothing, don't worry about it."

"Yeah whatever," Blaine replied simple put his hands behind his head as he walked.

They finally reached their destination, after taking a short walk through the forest. It was a serine little spot that was almost impossible to think nature made it. A small clearing right near the bank where the sun shown. Trees surrounded the area giving it a calming feeling as the wind blew through the leaves. The best part about this spot, was that one tree was almost bent horizontally. It made a type of a zigzag, coming out of the ground, reaching out over the water before turning back up to stretch into the sky. This is where their friend sat, shooting arrows into the water.

"Troy you're suppose to be using a rod," Link advised.

Troy flashed him a smile, "Yeah but it got boring, this is more entertaining."

Link sighed and Blaine laughed at his friend's foolish antics.

"You know Link's right." The three boys turned to see Ilia leaning against a tree. She pushed herself away from it and made her way over towards them. "The point of fishing is to actually fish."

"No the point too fishing is having fun," corrected Troy.

"Hey well now since where all here lets have some fun!" Blaine shouted.

The four of them sat there fishing for a while, just enjoying the serine setting. They all shifted positions every now and then. Ilia was now sitting on the tree that hung over the water, with Blaine. Troy and Link sat next to the bank lying on their backs looking at the sky. Suddenly Troy sat up.

"Hey what's that," he asked pointing to the sky.

Everyone followed his finger to see a bird flying not to high.

"That's what we call a bird, troy." Blaine joked.

"Yeah well it looks like a Royal Messenger Bird," Troy replied. "I bet ya twenty rupees I can hit it."

"No don't!" Link yelled.

Troy ignoring Link's shouts quickly grabbed his bow and notched an arrow onto it. He took aim and fired. He nicked the bird's wing and watched with a bright smile as it went spiraling down. Link grabbed the bow from Troy's hands and loaded another arrow. He let the bow follow the bird and made the correct adjustment for leading it. He pulled the arrow back as far as he could, testing the durability of the bow. He waited for the bird to be about 10 feet above the wter before letting the arrow fly. He hit it dead on, and the bird's course of direction instantly changed. It flew straight across the river and was pinned to a tree.

Blaine let out a long whistle and Ilia congratulated on Link's excellent shot. Link turned to Troy who was looking somewhat mad at being shown up.

"When I say don't, I mean don't." Link scowled. "You would've had him fall into the water and causing whatever message he was carrying to be washed away."

"What's your point, it's from the palace, why would we care."

"Because if you can't say 'no' to something you can't read," Link smirked before pulling off his shirt and diving into the cerulean water.

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