Age of Innocence Kishoubu

By: Patche

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The Beginning

"The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone."

-George Elliot

"Kagome Higurashi was as average as life could have made her. She was twenty-three, had a good job, a healthy relationship with her fiancée, and she got along perfectly with her mother.

She was a good girl. She'd never cuss out loud. She never wore any revealing clothes. She always greeted some one with a big smile on her face and did her utmost to help each person she came in contact with have a wonderful day.

She was a real-life angel… almost.

The only difference between angels and Kagome is that Kagome would hurt. Whether it was for herself or those around her, Kagome knew what it was like to cry. Angels only feel empathy for others. What Kagome felt, was pure sympathy for those less fortunate than her.

She would be only the grandest addition to the angels already harboring on the shores of Heaven.

And when she died, the sun was shining its warm happy shine. There was a light breeze and all the birds were singing.

I believe this was Heaven's way of welcoming their newest angel."

Mrs. Higurashi reached up and wiped the tear forming in the corner of her eye as she made her way from the podium.

Once she had been seated, she watched as her daughter's fiancée, Houjo Akitoki, made his way up to share a few words.

He leaned into the microphone and only sighed loudly. Mrs. Higurashi noticed the crumpled piece of paper in his hand begin to shake.

His voice shook as he breathed into the microphone again.

"Ka…Kagome was…" It was that phrase that broke his heart again and again. She was and is no more. He bit his lip nervously, looking around at all the students from their college wiping their eyes.

He couldn't do it. He absolutely could not stand before this crowd of people who loved her and tell them about her…

If he did, that would mean she was gone forever.

And no matter what laws of science state, he couldn't bare to believe that.

"My… my best…" His voice croaked and he felt the hoard of tears building up in the backs of his eyes. "My… my best friend…" His lip began to tremble as he spoke more. "I knew… exactly what I was doing when I asked her to marry me…"

He swallowed the lump in his throat, which only triggered the tears to finally escape his threshold and run down his cheeks

"I love her so much…" He cried, leaving the podium figuring he had no real words to say. Kagome deserved so much more than words at her funeral. There weren't any that could describe how he felt.

As they buried the casket, all the teary-eyed mourners present, the raincloud blocking the sun seemed to disappear. Both Houjo and Mrs. Higurashi could feel its beams on their skin.

It was her, saying 'please don't cry anymore.' They could just feel it.


Ten Years Later

"Oh yes! Yes Gouro!"

Her moans could be heard all throughout the apartment. Those sinful sounds disrupting the airwaves. But what could she help it?

It was only one of the greatest orgasms she'd ever felt and it was probably from the equivalent of a complete stranger.

She'd met Gouro in some sleazy bar downtown and invited him back to her place while her 'husband' was away at work.

Kikyou smirked and rolled off him, flipping her ebony hair from her pale shoulders and looking at him with as much love and adoration as one can put into a glance at a stranger.

"That was… amazing…" He mumbled, pulling a cigarette out of his pants pocket and lighting it up in her room.

Across the room, sitting in a corner, was her one-month-old daughter, sound asleep in her crib made of oak. It was a crib her father built in the midst of his excitement to have a daughter.

Kikyou paid it no more mind than she did the baby cradled inside.

Her daughter, Mayu, was the one reason behind her desire to screw meaningless strangers in the middle of the afternoon. Her daughter's need for constant food and diapers and all other random baby necessities was what kept Inuyasha at work all day, leaving Kikyou all to her lonely, twenty-year-old self.

"You think you're up for another one?" She felt Gouro's raspy whisper against her ear and snickered to herself.

"I believe I am…" She mumbled, running her hand down his chest.

But just in the midst of it all, Mayu had woken up. The screams of a one-month child are not to be underestimated by any means. The alarm ringing from her voice box instantly threw the mood for Gouro.

"I can't do this with some stupid kid ruining the mood… I'm out of here…" He mumbled, standing up, baring his whole self.

Kikyou stirred, pulling the sheets up over her body. "Oh, come on! She'll fall back asleep after a little bit. I'll just go give her some Nyquil." She muttered.

However, when Kikyou noticed that Mayu had stopped screaming and that Gouro stood frozen in his lack-of-wardrobe she knew it was all too late.

Her dark brown eyes slowly met with the amber ones she was supposed to be in love with.

There, standing in the doorway, was her husband-thing. At a mere eighteen-years-old, he didn't look like much.

Just some dumb high school kid who got a little messed up one night and slept with a complete whore.

Inuyasha didn't appear to be angry… more upset and horribly shocked.

His white hair flipped around as he hurriedly moved towards Kikyou's clothing on the floor. Gouro still hadn't moved.

He sneered at the discarded garments and tossed them lazily at Kikyou and her secret lover.

"Get dressed and get the fuck out of my house…" He said, through clenched teeth.

Gouro wasted no time in executing Inuyasha's demands. Kikyou, however, decided to toy with him and try to weasel her way out of this as she often did.

However, as she leaned up to him, her alcohol-stained breath beating against his cheek, he felt nothing but a wave of disgust for her.

"Go! Kikyou!" He shouted to her. The loud noise assaulted Mayu's ears causing another storm of cries to erupt from the baby's throat.

She simply sneered at him. "I've got no where to go, jackass!" She said, pulling her top over her naked body.

"Do I look like I give a fuck, Kikyou?" Inuyasha walked over to the baby in the crib. "I've obviously got bigger things on my hands… go live with your fuck-buddy." He murmured, taking Mayu to the kitchen to fetch her a bottle.

Kikyou scoffed. "Well fine! Enjoy your fucking life with that stupid brat! I hope you like watching me leave your life forever, dick hole!" She shouted.

Inuyasha groaned, turning his attention to Mayu in the high chair.

"Don't listen to her, honey… you're perfect. Not a brat at all, okay?" He said, pinching her nose.

Mayu giggled and wrapped her tiny hand around his clawed finger.

Inuyasha smiled and kissed her forehead.

He turned to see Kikyou standing there.

"So, this is it?" She asked.

Inuyasha shrugged, twitching his ear.

Kikyou just scoffed and shook her head angrily, walking out of the apartment.

He sighed, and grabbed Mayu from her high chair, sitting down on the couch with her in his arms. In that very moment, he felt the rest of his life all around him.

She was the only thing he needed.

He smiled sadly at her huge amber eyes and black scruff on the top of her head.

She hadn't gotten his ears, luckily. He knew she'd get picked on for those. She only had the very same eyes as he did.

He leaned his head back, letting the waves of sleep rescue him from this nightmare he'd found himself in.



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