By: Patche

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10 Years Later…

"YES!" Mayu shouted cheerfully throughout the hallway of her school. "Yes, yes yes!"

"What is it, Mayu-chan?" A girl with short brown hair approached the overly-excited woman-child.

"I got in! I made it into high school!" She cheered, wrapping the girl in her arms. "Did you make it into Shikon High too, Sara-chan?"

The girl in Mayu's arms smiled. "Yes, I did."

Mayu screamed with delight. "We're going to the same high school! AHH!"

"Geez… could you two be any louder?" The girls separated themselves from each other as a familiar red-haired boy approached them.

"Shippou-kun, we're going to the same high school. It's exciting!" Sara shouted.

Shippou turned to Mayu. "You got in?" Mayu nodded, beaming.

"Yes, I did!" She said, running up and hugging Shippou. He felt his cheeks warm up with the contact.

"Well, that's great. We'll all be going to the same school." He murmured as Mayu pulled away from him.

"I have to go home and tell my mom and dad! They'll be so excited!" Mayu said cheerfully as she ran out the doors of the school.

"So, when were you going to ask her out, Shippou?" Sara asked, turning to the blushing boy beside her.

"Uh… I wasn't planning on it…" He said, scratching the back of his neck.

Sara scoffed. "Right… I say you get to it. I heard the boys over at Shikon are to die for." Shippou shot Sara a scowl as she walked off.


"DADDY!" Mayu shouted running in the door.

"Mayu?" She heard Kagome call. "Mayu, what's wrong?"

Mayu ran up to her. "Where's Daddy? I have to give you guys some news!" She said breathlessly.

Kagome's eyes widened. "What kind of news?" She asked, fearing it could be bad.

Mayu shook her head. "It's amazing news! I ran all the way here to tell you guys…"

Kagome smiled. "Well, he ran to the store for a bit, but he should be back soon. What is this news, Mayu?"

Mayu shook her head and sat down on the couch a few feet away from the door. "You'll have to wait for him to come. I'm telling you guys together."

Kagome scoffed and sat down beside the girl. "Does it have to do with Shippou?"

Mayu tilted her head to the side. "I guess in a way, yes…"

Kagome let out a 'hmm'. "Did Shippou ask you out?"

Mayu blushed. "Oh gosh, no. Nothing like that."

Kagome chuckled at Mayu's response. "Did he ask someone else out?"

Mayu furrowed her brows while looking at Kagome. "That wouldn't be good news, Mama…"

Kagome laughed. "Well, then what does it have to do with Shippou?" She asked as the front door opened to reveal the silver haired, yellow eyed half demon the two women loved.

"DADDY!" Mayu shouted springing up from the couch.

"What?" He asked, freezing in his place.

Kagome laughed. "Mayu has some news for us…"

"Oh God…" Inuyasha started, leaning against the wall.

"It's good news." Mayu said flatly.

Inuyasha straightened himself and smiled, picking up his grocery bag and walking into the kitchen, kissing Kagome as he passed the couch.

"What is this good news?" He asked from the kitchen.

"I got into Shikon!" Mayu exclaimed happily. "I'm so excited! Sara and Shippou got in too. We'll all be together!"

Kagome beamed and stood up to walk over to the girl before her. "Mayu, that's great!" She said wrapping her arms around the girl. "I'm so proud of you!"

Mayu smiled. "Thanks, Mama!"

Inuyasha joined in, hugging the two of them together. "I knew you'd make it in, pumpkin." He said, pulling away.

Mayu beamed as a loud knocking was heard from the front door.

"Who's that?" Mayu asked looking at Kagome and Inuyasha.

Inuyasha shrugged. "I don't know. Did you invite someone over?" He asked, looking at Kagome who just shook her head.

Mayu walked up to the door and opened it to reveal the red-headed boy she'd seen earlier in school.

"Shippou-kun…" She said, gasping.

"Mayu… I need to talk to you…" Shippou said slowly.

Kagome smiled and looked up at Inuyasha. She reached down and grabbed his hand, leading him off to their bedroom.

"Hey wait, wench! What are you doing?!" Inuyasha shouted on his way down the hall.

Mayu laughed watching them leave, then turned back to Shippou, whose serious face hadn't faltered.

"What is it, Shipp-" Shippou's lips came crashing down on her own, silencing her. Mayu felt her eyes growing wide with the shock of what was happening. She quickly responded, however, wrapping one arm around his neck and placing her free hand on his cheek. She closed her eyes as she deepened the kiss, pulling him inside from the door.

Shippou gasped, pulling away from her.

"What?" Mayu asked looking at him. Her eyes shook with confusion.

Shippou smirked. "I'm really glad your mom took Inuyasha away for that one…" He murmured.

Mayu giggled. "Yeah, me too…"


Mayu grimaced. "Half demon… hears everything…" Mayu reminded herself.

Shippou laughed. "Anyway, Mayu… I came to ask you something…" Mayu looked up at the kitsune, giving him her attention. "It's just… I mean we've been friends forever, you know? And I love you like a friend. You're the coolest person I know and we always have fun together… But…" he averted his gaze, thinking of more to say. "I really kind of wanted to be more than that…"

"Shippou…" Mayu started.

"So, I was going to ask you if maybe you'd come to the movies with me on Friday as… not friends…" He finished, awkwardly.

Mayu laughed. "After a kiss like that, of course I would!"

"KISS?! SHIPPOU! You're dead when I get out there… DEAD! YOU HEAR ME?!"

Shippou giggled and kissed Mayu on the lips softly before rushing out the door.

"I gotta go… I'll see you on Friday." He said smiling. Mayu beamed and waved to him as he left the house.

"ARGH!" Inuyasha shouted, finally escaping from his room.

"Dad… you scared him off…" Mayu said flatly as Inuyasha approached her, looking for Shippou.

"Keh! Good thing… that dumb kid needs to learn his boundaries…" Mayu rolled her eyes and walked off to her room.

Kagome raised her eyebrow expectantly as she watched the exchange between Inuyasha and his daughter. She crossed her arms over her chest as he walked back in her direction.

"Don't give me that look…" He grumbled, leaning on the wall across from her.

"You need to chill out…" Kagome said sternly.

"What? That kid's been panting after her since she was six years old!"

"Exactly… He waited this long. Let them have their fun…" Kagome said smiling.

"Fun?" Inuyasha asked.

"Right, just like we do…" She smiled, pulling him in for a quick kiss.

Inuyasha's eyes widened in horror. Kagome laughed and ran off into their bedroom.





Ok… now it's over. I felt bad for ending it the way I did… it was rushed, so I hope this will help. Thanks for reading. I figured out a title for the next fic (just noticed I didn't add it to my AN in the last chapter) It shall be called "I Stole Your Soul", but really had hardly anything to do with the story… other than it's a line in a Lydia song I think fits the story the best.

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