She loved him with all she had, and everything she was, but in the end she'd always be seen as 'the kid'.


It hurt, It hurt so much to see him day by day and know that he would never feel the same.

He would never love her as she loved him, because to him she was just a young girl with a little crush. If only he knew the truth about her feelings for him, how deep her feelings were for him.

How she loved him the moment she laid eyes on him, how he was always the only occupant in her mind. Day and night, how she dreamed of his kisses, his touch, his love.

"Kid! Over here!"

He called out to her, using the name he always used when he was in one of his rare, playful moods.

She forced a tight smile on her glossed lips and strolled towards him.

That was all she was.

A kid.