Author notes: Okay, this is my second impulsive short fic/drabble/ficlet, er… whatever the name is. It is created over many hours of scarce things to do on Saturday and reading posts on certain forum in which many fans wanted Zero to actually kissed Yuuki on ch. 24. Well, this is my perception on why he didn't do it. If you care, you can read and drop me a constructive critic (I know I have a bad grammar). Thank you.

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight and never wish to own it, because I would just screwed the whole things up…

It felt almost as bad as his periodic bloodlust fit.

The urgency. The total lost of self-control. The strong desire over something he craved the most. Even his chest tightened more and more with each second passed by.

He could feel Yuuki's soft and warm skin under his touch. The brush of her silky strand against the back of his hand. Her sweetly intoxicating scent. Her suddenly stiffened frame and hitched breath. He could even hear her heart beat picking its speed.

Their lips only a breath away from each other.

I want these gentle hands and this kind smile, even though I should not want such a thing…

He stopped.

On the last moment.

No, he could not do it. No way he would do such a thing to Yuuki. To his most precious one.

A sheer terror and disbelief shook him. Where did it came from? The thought that he wanted her just for himself? After all her selflessness, her devotion, and her forgiveness towards him? Had he forgot his oath to protect her? All of her? And that including her heart… He could not kissed her once, no matter how he wanted it so bad he ached all over. It was a line he should never ever crossed. Because he knew it will only confuse her now, and hurt her in the end. He had utterly nothing to give, while he had take so much, so much from her. It would be a cruelest thing to do, to take her heart and left it broken on the day he finally unable to preserve his sanity. Oh, he certainly did not deserved to have her.

For he, Zero Kiryuu was living failure. He had failed many things in his life. He had failed to protect his family. He had failed to protect his dear brother. He had failed to protect himself from becoming a damned creature. He had failed to kill Shizuka Hiou with his own hands. And not to forgot he had even failed to protect Yuuki from himself.

So he had to stop. For his and Yuuki's sake. Before he committed another unforgivable sin.

It would be the best for them. The only thing he could give her.

He exhaled a shaky breath and laid his head on her shoulder, relieved beyond words.

There will be some excuse and explanation to follow for his action this time, but it did not matter at all. He had won anyway. He had protected her from himself this time. And he would not wish for anything better than that.

For the first time in his life he had done things right.