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So the story is about what would happen if Charlie found out about the whole mythical world of vampires and werewolves and how he would react to the news. The story takes place during Eclipse, I think before "Compromise", but I don't know yet.

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I hated it when Edward has to hunt. Even though I know that it is necessary, it still haunted me from when he left.

I decided to go to Jacob's house. Edward may not like me visiting my werewolf friends, but seeing Jacob helped with the lonely feeling. I remember referring him as my personal sun.

I finally reached Jacob's house. My engine gave away my presence before I could reach the door. Jacob was standing on the porch waiting for me.

"Your bloodsuckers aren't holding you hostage?" Jacob greeted me.

"Nice to see you too, Jacob," I sighed. The whole prejudice between vampires and werewolves was really getting old. Why couldn't they just coexist together?

"Sorry Bells. So what brings you down here?" He asked as we entered the house.

"Just wanted to see my best friend," I replied. This was true. I really have missed hanging out with Jacob, the rest of the pack too for that matter. It seems like forever since I last saw him.

"Hey Bella, nice to see you back up here,"

"Hi Billy, it's nice to be back up here. So how are you doing?" I felt bad for Billy at times. It's just him and Jacob in their little house of theirs. With Jacob always running about protecting the tribe, Billy must get lonely.

"I'm doin' fine. I'm having everyone over for the game. Do you think Charlie would like to come up?"

"Sure. He would like that."

"Okay, I'll call him."

And with that Jacob and I headed to his garage. I loved that place. We could just talk and be friends. We could forget about all of the mythical creatures in the world and just relax. It was the one place where I could be Jacob's Bella. The reckless stupid Bella.

Jacob and I were in that little garage until everyone came over. We talked about school, friends, and life in general. I sat in the car while Jacob worked under the hood. He mentioned that the engine sounded a bit off.

We left the garage to greet everyone. Everybody was cramped in the small living room/kitchen area. The whole pack was there along with Old Quil, Sue Clearwater, Emily, and Kim. Charlie was also there, he was staring at the size of some of the guests. How they all fitted in the house, I do not know. It seemed like at any moment the house would burst.

I tried to make my way through the crowd to Charlie. With seven huge werewolves in that crowd, it was not easy.

"Hey Dad," I said when I finally reached him.

"Hey Bells. I'd forgotten how big these La Push kids get."

"Tell me about it," And they were big. The pack seemed twice as big as a normal teenager. I remember when Jacob had that growth spurt. He has the body of a twenty-five year old, I remember him saying to me before.

Once the food was ready, we all began to eat. The table was too small to hold everyone, so some people were standing, including me. I didn't want to be accidentally eaten by the ravenous werewolves that surrounded the table. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves though.

After everyone finished what seemed like six months worth of food, thanks to Jake and the boys, we all huddled around the T.V. The game was to start in fifteen minutes and everyone was talking with each other to pass the time. Jacob, Quil, and Embry were talking about cars. I only listened half heartedly. Jared and Paul were playing a card game.

Paul obviously lost the game and with that, some money I assume because he started yelling a string of curses. Knowing Paul's temper, Jared immediately started to calm the vibrating Paul down.

I was terrified. Not because a huge beast would be phasing right in front of me, but because a huge werewolf was going to be in an overcrowded room full of people, and Charlie was one of those people. Everyone besides him knew of the whole werewolf and vampire thing. I was afraid of the treaty being broken and a war starting.

Probably realizing the same thing I just did, Jared and Sam started ushering Paul to the backyard. They just barely made it when the howls began.

"Stupid vampires. This wouldn't happen if those damn leeches weren't around," I could hear Jacob mutter under his breath.

"Umm, Dad I think we should probably leave now," I said as I was getting up from off the ground.

"You don't have to go," Jacob whispered to me.

"It's okay Jacob. You need to calm Paul down and I think that would be easier without me and Charlie here," I whispered back. Without Charlie here, he can't ask questions and the treaty doesn't have to be broken.

"That's probably a good idea Bella," Billy said.

Charlie and I quickly said our good byes and left the house. You could still hear the howling off in the distance. I got in my truck and Charlie got in the cruiser. He pulled out of the driveway and I followed him home.

"Goodnight Dad. I'm going to go upstairs to go to bed," I told Charlie once we got inside the house.

"Hold on a minute Bells. Now tell me why you suddenly decided to leave Billy's? Are you feeling okay? And what was Jacob saying about vampires?"

Crap. How was I going to explain this? I can't tell Charlie the truth, but I'm unable to lie even if my life depended on it. And I was exactly in that situation. The pack would kill me if I told Charlie.


Saved by the bell. I ran quickly to open the door. I hope that Charlie would just forget about the whole conversation.

I opened the door and there was my Greek god.

"Hello, love" Edward breathed against my lips before he kissed me.

"Hello yourself," I said breathlessly once our kiss ended.

He scrunched his face. My only guess as to why he did this was because he was listening to Charlie's thoughts about what just happened at Jacob's house.

"You went to Jacob's house?" Edward asked

"Yes," I replied.

"Bella," He said forcefully.

"What? You were gone, I was with Charlie, and we left before anything bad happened."

"Yes, but now Charlie is highly suspicious that he is being left out of a big secret right now."

"I kind of assumed that much. What should I tell him?"

"He isn't going to easily forget this. He's starting to put two and two together."

I just stared at him. What was I going to tell Charlie? I would have to tell him something. I couldn't let him guess. His guesses could be far worse than the reality.