Why was I here

Why was I here? How did I ever let Mira convince me to come here? I should be back at her house trying to find out what I was going to do. My situation? I was nine months pregnant and almost homeless. It all started when I started a part time job for a television network when I was a freshman in college. I met the Curtis Burt the boss and he was everything that I had dreamed of except the part where he was married. I started having an affair with him and got pregnant. When I told him, he said that he couldn't leave his wife for me and then said that the baby couldn't be his. I couldn't believe the words that came out of his mouth, I loved this man and to accuse me of something so horrible shook me to the core.

When my mom found out it was no better. We never had the best relationship, so when she found out I was pregnant she kicked me out. I started staying with Mira and luckily her parents were nice enough to keep me, but Mira was getting ready to go to school and stay on campus. I know I needed to leave the house, but I didn't have any idea where to go. I tried calling Curtis for help but he just had the secretary send us these wrestling tickets to Smackdown. I'm pregnant and I get front row tickets to Smackdown.

Mira looked down at me and sat down laying her head on my shoulder, "Do you want to go sweetie?" she asked.

"No, you are enjoying yourself. I need to try and have some fun before I have the baby."

"Yea, because we all know when that happens, all the fun is gone." I laughed, "Nikki, you know my mom said that you can stay there until you get a job and then maybe you can work on school later. You can get a scholarship anywhere with your GPA."

"I know, but I can't believe that my mom turned her back on me. Besides, I don't want to be a burden to your mom and dad."

"Yea, well at least you get to see the Undertaker. Do you think he would remember you from the last time he saw you?"

"That was a few pounds lighter." I said raising my eyebrow.

I met the Undertaker a few times; he was a friend of Curtis and visited sometimes. He was always so intimidating but intense. Call me crazy, but I liked it. We talked sometimes when he was waiting for Curtis and he never made me feel bad about what I was doing. Even though everyone in the office tried to make me feel bad, no I realize that they weren't trying to make me feel bad; it was more like they were warning me.

"Well, if he remembers you maybe he can introduce me to a certain big animal." She said pouting her lips and I laughed holding my stomach.

I felt a labor pain and rubbed the spot. They coming more frequently, I thought with a sigh. Yea, I was a statistic, I big fat statistic. I looked up as the lights went out and the bell tolled. Mira helped me up as the eerie purple light filled the arena. This should be great.

Mark stormed into his dressing room, ready to get the hell out of here. He didn't want to be here and he wore all over his face. He was so pissed off he could beat the hell out of someone. His wife had left taking half of everything and still had her damn hand out. She claimed that she didn't know what he did on the road and she didn't trust him. Who knew it was her that couldn't be trusted? That was six months ago and since then everything has been going down hill. The only thing he had going good was his career. That was taking a toll on him, health wise.

He hurried and changed into some jeans and shirt ready to relax in the hotel room and drink into a stupor.

"Mark, man are you alright?" he looked up and saw Glen and Dave come in.

"I'm peachy keen, what the hell you want?" he snapped.

"Wanna explain what happened out there? You could have hurt him with that new submission move." Dave said.

"The fans liked it, that's all that matters right." He said stuffing everything into his bag.

"Are you still harboring over everything with her? It was six months ago; we need to get you past this. I told you what to do."

"Yea go and find a Diva to fuck. Been there and done that, I don't really want to deal with those money hungry groupies. At least the ring rats, I know what they're after." Glen sighed.

"You are going to hurt yourself and need to slow down." Dave said grabbing his arm.

"Thanks mother, now if you two will excuse me." He said jerking his arm away and walking off.

Another stupid idea that Mira caught me in. It's amazing what a flip of her half-blonde/ half black hair and smile can get us. I was standing backstage, waiting or her to come back from the bathroom. I

I rubbed my stomach as I felt another sharp labor pain. I am starting to think I need to lay down somewhere. I looked to the side and saw Mark walking this way with his bag slung over his shoulder. I pulled on my black long pigtail trying to look somewhat presentable but something about how he stalked the hallway showed that this wasn't going to be one of those moments where I needed to impress him.

Once he got within reaching distance, I grabbed his arm. He turned and stared at me as if he was ready to launch at me.

"Hi, Mark," I gulped, "remember me? I worked with Curtis."

"Oh yea Nikki, what are you doing here?"

"Curtis gave me tickets and my best friend and I came."

"That's not all Curtis gave you, huh?" he said looking down.

I laughed uncomfortably, "Yea, it's not that big of deal." I said gritting down on my teeth through another pain.

"Oh if you think so. Look kiddo, I have somewhere else to be." I didn't let go of his arm as the pains were coming more back-to-back.

"Of course, I'm sorry to bother you." I felt this huge pain and I dug my nails into Mark's arm.

I knew that wasn't cool from the way he gave me that in ring look. He was just going have to deal with it, "Kiddo, are you crazy?"

"Sometimes, but I think I'm in pain." He look suddenly changed into concerned.

I started to feel some liquid trickle down my leg as I screamed out, "Oh shit, my water just broke." I exclaimed and fell against Mark.

"Okay kiddo, just hold on there. Did you come with anyone? Where's Curtis?"

"My friend Mira is here. Oh shit it hurts!"

I felt myself being lifted off my feet as Mark took me somewhere. I didn't know where, I was just focusing on the pain and could feel something happening.

"Mark, who's that?" I heard a male voice.

"No time, go see if you can find EMT around here and call the ambulance, she's about to have a baby." Mark said out of breath.

"Alright, just lay her on the couch and I'll be right back." I looked and saw Kane heading to the door as Mark laid me on the couch.

"Dave, I need you to find some girl name Mira. What she look like, kiddo?"

"She's a little shorter than me and she has blonde and black hair." I said trying to breath.

"Shouldn't be hard to find." Dave said heading out the door.

"Alright kiddo, we are going to get you some help. I just need you to breath. What did you get yourself into?"

I felt tears sting my eyes, "It hurts."

"I know, we are going to get you some help just breath and whatever you do, don't push." He said holding on to my hand

"I have to, please I could feel her moving."

"Just stay calm and breath." He said smoothing my hair away.

"I can't wait, I have to push Mark." I said trying to get up on my elbows.

"Damn stubborn girl, I told you not yet." Mark said.

"Nikki." I heard and saw Mira at the door.

"Where the hell have you been?" I said.

She laughed uncomfortably, "Not important, did someone call the ambulance."

"Way ahead of you, she just needs you." Suddenly I saw a bunch of people rushed in.

"About damn time." I said as Mira sat behind me.

"Alright, ma'am just stay calm, what's been going on?" a woman said sitting in front of my legs.

"She's going to have a baby." Mira said confused.

"I see that, but how are you feeling ma'am."
"Well, I feel pretty shitty since my water broke and I feel this kid coming out any second and no one wants me to push." I cried.

"Don't we need to get her to the hospital?" Mark said.

"There's no time." She said opening my legs, "I could see the crown. Alright ma'am I want you to push."

Mira got behind me and helped me sit up so that I can push. Oh this pain is excruciating. I screamed out clutching on to Mark's hand.

"Good girl, we need a couple more like that." She encouraged.

"Come on kiddo." Mark said and I pushed once more.

"Alright, we have the baby coming, just one more and make it a big one."

"I can't." I said shaking my head.

"It's okay, I'm here sweetie." I heard Mira said.

"Come on now kiddo, you don't have long to go." Mark said slightly annoyed.

No he didn't, "Oh you try squeeze out a baby out of your dick!" I shouted and pushed one more time.

"Good girl." The woman said as I collapsed against Mira.

I closed my eyes as I tried to regain my breathing. I tried to tune everything out I only wanted to hear for one thing. And I heard it; my daughter's cry, then I went to sleep.

When I woke up, I looked around to see that I was in a hospital room. I looked for my baby and saw her next to me in her bed. I then saw Mira sleep curled up in the chair. I pushed myself up still feeling a little weak looking down at her. She was wrapped up in a little pink blanket sleeping. She looked like me with her light brown skin tone and little bits of black hair on top of her head. She was so tiny, I ran my finger down the side of her face and she turned her head to my touch.

"You're up." I turned to the door and saw the nurse come in.


"How are you feeling?" she asked feeling my forehead.

"Just a bit weak."

"Oh that's normal sweetie. You have a couple of huge people waiting for you in the waiting room."


"Yea, Undertaker, Kane, and Batista you must be one lucky girl to know those men." I can't believe they followed me here, "They are also waiting for a name for your beautiful little girl."

"Kityana, Kityana Devlyn Brown."

"That's pretty. Wanna hold her?"

I was almost scared to, fearing that I was going to hurt her, "I don't know."

"It's okay, just hold her head and the rest will come to you." She said taking her out of the bed.

The nurse placed her gently into my arms and she squirmed. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I can't believe that after all the hell I went through something so beautiful came out of it. I didn't even hear the nurse say anything when she left. I was so engrossed into her. She squirmed a little more and I held her a little closer. She opened her eyes and I saw that she did have Curtis green eyes. I started to cry a mixture of joy and pain.

"Hey baby, I'm you mama. This is going to be hard for me, but I'll get use to it. We don't have anyone to help us. My mom don't want me, your dad doesn't want me or you, so it's just me and you. I swear I will try to do everything to make sure you are happy and healthy. I don't know how but I will." I said and kissed her cheek.

Mark was about to walk in to check on Nikki, when he heard her talking. He doesn't know why he should care but he did. When he saw the little girl squirm about in the EMT's hand, he started to care, didn't want nothing to happen to her. Now to hear what Nikki was going through only confirmed it. He had to do something, didn't he?