Summary: Roy and Ed fight, but can they hold the grudge

Summary: Roy and Ed fight, but can Ed hold a grudge? Just another random ficlet from two yaoi crazed fangirls-slash-authors. Rated M just in case. It's short! So read it!

I don't Think So

"Go away." The small blond muttered, pulling the thin blanket tighter around his shoulders. He was lying on the couch, determined to ignore the dark haired man trying to talk to him.

"Come on Ed, come to bed." Edward shook his head and shoved his face into the couch cushions.

"No." was the muffled reply.

Roy sighed from his seat on the low coffee table in front of the couch. He stared at the back of Ed's head for a while before sighing heavily.

"Fine." He said stiffly, then stood and turned to leave the living room. He reached the door to the bedroom of their small flat and turned to glance back at the boy.

Ed's face turned quickly back to face the cushions, but not before Roy saw the confused expression on his face. With a grin, Roy went into their bedroom.

Climbing into bed naked he pulled the covers up to his chin and waited.

He watched the clock. 11:04… 11:15… 11:36… 12:01.

The door opened softly and Roy closed his eyes swiftly, feigning the deep breathing of sleep. He heard the click of the door and the almost inaudible sound of Ed's feet on the carpet. The bed moved ever so slightly as he climbed under the covers.

When he had settled into the bed, Roy reached out pulled the small boy to him. Ed gasped and struggled for several seconds before finally going stiff. Roy sighed.

"Ed… I'm sorry." For a moment Ed did nothing, before finally relaxing against Roy. "Forgive me?" Roy shivered as Ed's bangs brushed his bare chest when the blond nodded slowly. He felt the younger man's nose move up along his chest as he looked up at Roy in the near darkness.

"So…" Ed said slowly. "I can top?" Roy chuckled, grabbing the young alchemist's backside possessively.

"I don't think so."

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