Chapter 2

"Bridget," CJ sighed, and ran a hand over his face. "I don't even know what to say. I'm sorry seems so..." CJ stopped, trying to search for the right words. "So not enough." CJ finally got out.

"Don't be sorry for me." Bridget said. "The last thing I want is your pity. I don't think I could take it, CJ."

"No," CJ shook his head. "it's not pity, Budge. I just wish I could do or say something that would make you feel better."

"You've already done it." Bridget gave him a small smile.

"What?" CJ was confused. "What did I do?"

"You gave me this job, a place to stay."

"Yeah, which I didn't make very easy on you, now did I?" CJ pointed out.

"You've given me your friendship." Bridget continued. "You've shown me I can count on you."

"You can count on me, Bridget." CJ promised. "You can."

"I know I can." Bridget smiled, than her smile fell, as she continued on. "I also thought I could count on my husband and my mother, but I was wrong." Bridget walked over and sat across from CJ. "I don't think I could take being that wrong again about somebody. I know I couldn't."

CJ reached out and grabbed hold of her hand. "Bridget, I promise you that I will never lie to you, and I will never let you down. Okay?I care alot about you, and I would never do anything that would screw up our relationship. Your friendship means everything to me."

Bridget smiled a watery smile. "Me too, Ceej." She looked up at the clock, and pulled her hand away from CJ, and immediately began wiping her eyes. "God, we're supposed to open in like twenty minutes."

CJ suddenly felt empty at the loss of contact with her hand, and he stood up. "Yeah," He said absentmindedly. "lots to do."

(A few hours later)

They just got finished with their lunch rush, and Bridget was clearing off the tables, when she heard the chime of the door open. She lifted her head to greet her next customer and her face fell.

"Deacon." Bridget said shocked.

"Hello, Bridget." Deacon replied.

Bridget walked over to him and without any sort of warning, she hauled off and punched him.

Deacon stumbled back a few steps from the force of her punch.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Bridget asked, her voice full of fury.

"What the hell am I--" Deacon cut himself off, and stalked over to her and grabbed her arm roughly. "You just punched me!"

"What part of 'stay away from me', did you not understand?" Bridget struggled to free her arm from her soon-to-be ex's grasp.

"Look, I made a mistake, okay?!" Deacon yelled. "God! Haven't you ever made a mistake?"

Bridget just looked at him with hatred.

"Of course, you haven't." Deacon spat miserably. "You're perfect Bridget. Never done a damn thing wrong!"

"I did one thing wrong. Well, actually two things." Bridget said at last. "I cared for you and my mother."

"You know, I came here in hopes that you and I could work things out!" Deacon said.

Bridget laughed. "Ha! Like I'd ever take you back, you piece of trash!"

"You need to quit talking to me like that, Bridget! I said I was sorry, I won't be treated this way." Deacon gripped her arm even tighter.

"Deacon, let go of me!" Bridget yelled. "Let go!"

CJ walked in from downstairs, and heard 'let go'.

"Hey, what the hell's going on here?!" CJ yelled, stalking over to them, and grabbing Deacon, by the arm and slinging him away from Bridget.

Deacon shook his arm free of CJ's grasp. "What are you two? A couple of bouncers?"

"I have a no-tolerance policy on man-handling my employees." CJ stated, glaring at Deacon.

"Yeah, well your employee punched me!" Deacon shouted, still rubbing his jaw.

"Yeah, well it's not my fault if you can't get it straight that I don't want you anywhere near me!" Bridget yelled.

CJ shook his head. "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that, Bridget." He said softly, than continued in a louder voice. "You need to leave Deacon. Right now."

"I'm just trying to have a civilized chat with my wife."

"I won't be your wife for much longer." Bridget replied with a glare.

Deacon turned to walk toward Bridget. "Look, Bridget I just need to,"

"Look," CJ interuppted with a glare. "you're WIFE doesn't want to see you. So, you need to get out of here before I call the police."

Deacon just glared at CJ. "This isn't over, Bridget." Deacon turned and walked out the door.

"Actually," Bridget called after him. "it was OVER the moment you slept with my mother!"

"Bridget," CJ gently grabbed her arm. "what was that about?"

"He seems to think that he can sleep with my mother and still have me as his wife." Bridget's eyes darkened with hate.

"What?" CJ was stunned. "He was trying to get you to go back with him?"

"He can try all he wants, but are marriage is dead." Bridget stated firmly. "He's nothing to me now."