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Minnie's POV

"Please Minnie, get your feet off the table." Dad said to me, his thumb lazily flipping through channels.

I scrunched my dark eyebrows together. "Dad, you've got your feet on the table." T was true: both feet were on the coffee table.

"When you're the Dad…"

"I'll never be the Dad."


I crossed my arms over my chest and stuck out my tongue. Dad gave me one of those 'I'm gonna get you in your sleep' looks.

"Don't try." I replied casually, putting my feet back up on the table. "I'll set Uncle Iggy on you."

"Oh yea?" He said. "Doubt it. Iggs isn't going against me."

I grinned. "Don't be so sure, dad. We've kind of formed an alliance ever since Tony and I started going out."

"Meaning to ask: how's that whole dating your cousin thing going?"

"I am not! He's not my cousin! Well, not really." I tapped my chin with my finger, thinking. "More like, best friends or something like –"

He stopped me. "I'm kidding." He flashed me one of those rare grins. "You've been spending too much time with Aunt Nudge."

I sighed, relieved. Sometimes I wish that Mom was still around to help me deal with all of this guy and teenage stuff, but Mom died when I was just a baby, right after I was born. I don't remember her, but many of YOU might. Maximum Ride. My mom saved the world. Remember those six daring kids? Well, lets catch you up to speed.

Fang. My dad. Silent and new to all of this 'talking with daughter' stuff. He's twenty nine.

Iggy. Tony's and Cassie's Dad. Chef at a local restaurant/café thing. Still blind. Taller. He's twenty nine too.

Nudge. Tony's and Cassie's Mom. Non stop talker, and owns the restaurant/café that Iggy cooks at. She's twenty seven and one of my favorite people in the world. She kind of became my mother when Mom died.

The Gasman. Seriously, if he pulls one more prank on me… owns a joke shop, so my b-day gifts are always interesting. Twenty four.

Angel. My mom's death affected her the most, since my mom was kind of like her mom in a way. Angel grew up a lot in that time, and it was only recently when she didn't look at me with regret. She lives with her brother and Total at twenty two. And don't let her know that I told you this, but she still has Celeste.

Total. Obviously not normal. I mean, come on, he talks! We don't really know how old he is, but we think he's around twenty.

Grandma and Grandpa. I don't see Grandpa much, but I see Grandma and my Aunt Ella every week. We live in that town in Arizona where they do.

So theres my life in a nutshell.

I've never gone to a real school. Neither have Tony and Cassie, who are twins. They're thirteen years old. I guess our parents just don't believe in school. So thank God for the internet.

Okay, just to set the record straight, my name isn't Minnie. It's actually Nikki, but I should seriously just change it permanently. Everyone says I'm a 'mini' version of my mom: blonde streaked brunette hair, her sarcastic attitude and warm brown eyes. I only know from pictures and stories. But my wings, oh boy, they're really awesome. I'm fifteen years old and they're already fourteen feet across. They're dark, like Dad's, with cream tips like my Moms.

I love flying. The sensation is pure amazing, the feeling of wind and air, oh, nothing but clean pure air.

"You going to the movies tonight?"

"Yep." I said happily. "Tony and I are going to see No Reservations with Cassie and her new boyfriend."

"Who's that?"

"I don't know – some odd name or something."

"Just be careful." Dad said when he heard Nudge's car beep outside. Nudge was going to drive us to the theatre.

"Will do." I said as a hopped out the door.

I opened the back of Nudge's yellow sports car – business was booming- and found Tony and Cassie waiting for me in the back.

"Hey guys." I said, sliding in. "Where's new guy?"

A chorus of 'hey minnie's' filled the air for a second, and then Cassie turned light blue eyes on me. They worked, unlike her fathers. "Avery is meeting us there." She said.


"Hey, Minnie Mouse." Tony said.

"Heya, Tony the Tiger." I joked. He roared. This was our usual greeting, even before we were dating. We've known each other since forever, basically.

Tony was cute. Same red hair as his dad's, Nudge's brown eyes and tan skin. Cassie had it opposite: her mom's unruly brown hair, and her Dad's blue eyes. Both had rusty brown wings, although Tony's had tawny brown peppered all over them.

Before long, the three of us were saying goodbye to Nudge and buying tickets at the theatre.

"Avery!" Cassie said happily, giving a boy walking in a hug. She was so her mom, even if she would never admit it. She pulled back, and Avery held out his hand to me.


Oh my God.

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