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Anyway, this chapter takes place during the last chapter, it shows them flying to Nudge's house.

Minnie's POV

We took to the sky one after another, flying one hundred yyards apart. We couldn't even fly together. My wings were tiring already, but I didn't care. We had to go get Mom and Dad. I'd fly 1,000 miles if I had to.

We flew quickly. I didn't know how we'd broach the subject with Nudge, Angel, Gazzy, and Ig. We had to get them to allow Tony and Cassie to go too. We needed them.

This sucks. After all those times Mom warned me about the School…

I shot Avery a look. Those hadn't been my thoughts, and I knew Angel well enough to know what telepathy felt like.

Oh, crud.

Can you hear me? It was my brother's voice, but it was in my head. And if that sentence doesn't sound strange, please read it again.

Yeah. Yeah, I can. Can you hear me too? This was way freaky.

He nodded.

Freaky. I thought. It wasn't like I had to try and push my thoughts at him – they just kind of went there, without my consent. That could get annoying, after awhile. But for now, it was useful. It led me to think that it would only be the two of us who could do this – a kind of twin to twin mind link.

Cool. I heard his thoughts again. Kind of like compensation, since we can't be in earshot of each other.

Wonder how far it works?

Only one way to find out.

Avery dropped 100 yards in the air, so now he wasn't only 100 yards away, but also 100 yards below me.

Can you hear me now? I thought asked.


I grinned. This could help.

No kidding. He rose up in the air again, back to his original spot as we sped toward Nudge's. We were both fast, I realized. I'd herd tales of Mom's super speed. I'd gained the skill when I was merely seven.

When I was six. Beat you.

I mentally stuck out my tongue. Going around two hundred miles an hour, close to three hundred if we could catch a good air current, it didn't take us too long to get to Nudge's place.

In fact, I could see her place up ahead. I'd seen it from the sky quite a few times, but today, one word resonated in my head when I saw it: relief. We were safe there. We could get help there. We would get help there. It would all be alright. To my horror, tears started to form in my eyes.

Her house was large, two stories. It was painted a white color, and it had plenty of windows to jump from. This isn't so bad when you've got wings. Ya know, 'cause you don't go splat. And it had a huge yard, where we'd always landed in, practiced flying in, etc. Angel and the Gasman's house was the one with all the fun stuff, it was a few houses down, I could see it from here too. It had a huge swimming pool – saltwater instead of chlorine. That meant she could breathe underwater, which was pretty damn cool. She was practically made for both the land, the sea, and the air. The ultimate evolutionary girl.

My feet touched the ground in Nudge's yard a second before Avery's. We had to move fast now, since we were in a contained space. He stayed behind as I moved towards the house, giving us space between. The more space, the better. The more space, the longer we would stay alive.

I started towards the house, probably looking like death warmed over.