Devil of the Hidden Leaf

Chapter 1: A Devil's Birth

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The enraged scream echoed around the incomplete bridge. Accompanying the voice a surge of chakra could be felt by all along with so much killing intent that the weaker individuals had fallen to their knees shaking and quivering in fear. Zabuza and Kakashi both froze in their battle upon sensing the massive amount of chakra, only the latter of the two having a clue as to its source.

On another part of the bridge Zabuza's apprentice, Haku, watched the figure who was putting out the power in a mixture of shock, awe, and more than a little fear. His opponent who was putting out the massive power surge was crouched over the body of his fallen teammate.

The figure was in fact a boy with spiky blonde hair that was clad in a bright orange tracksuit with a standard issue Konoha hitae-tae resting proudly on his forehead. This boy was Konoha's most legendary prankster, number 1 surprising ninja, and Jinchuuriki of the legendary Kyuubi no Kitsune, Uzumaki Naruto.

Haku watched as steam seemed to pour out and encircle both the blonde and his teammate. Following this chakra as red as blood and hot as flames burst out from the boy blowing the steam away and taking its place surrounding the two before shooting into the air forming a spiral. Haku recoiled as the chakra seemed to form the head of a grinning kitsune.

'W-what is this? Chakra shouldn't just change like that. And this bloodlust it's emitting is unreal.' Thought Haku as a shiver ran down his spine and he had to fight a sudden urge to run and hide.

'The seal has it broken?' thought Kakashi as he felt the power he hadn't felt in thirteen years washed over him.

'No, the seal's still intact, though it's probably weakened. Regardless I'll have to finish this now.' Thought Kakashi, before pulling a scroll from one of the holders on his vest.

Naruto however noticed none of this as he stared over the fallen form of his teammate. As he looked down however the image of his teammate was replaced by the form of a woman. The woman was lying in a pool of her own blood and her white kimono was stained crimson as her blood covered her body. Her long hair was stuck to her face and he couldn't tell if red was her natural color or if it was just more blood covering it.

He blinked and the woman was gone and the still form of his teammate was back. His fist clinched at his sides as his head spun with images of his past. With each new image his fist clinched tighter before he began drawing blood. His teeth ground together as he as the pain seemed to intensify.

Unseen by anyone a seal had become visible on the back of the blondes neck and began to pulse rapidly before shattering just as the head of the kitsune dispersed. Within the safety of his mirrors Haku watched as the red chakra dispersed giving a clear view of his opponent.

He now sported what looked like claws on both his hands and feet. His canine's had also lengthened and turned into fangs while his whisker-marks grew more pronounced. His eyes had been the greatest change as his once soulful blue eyes had changed becoming blood red with an animalistic black slit for the pupil.

As the changes stopped, Haku was surprised to see the senbon he'd thrown being forced out of the blonde's body. As the needles fell to the ground steam began to cover the wounds before each of them sealed up not even leaving a scar.

'He's coming.' Thought Haku as he watched the boy's legs tense.

Sure enough Naruto attacked what Haku didn't expect however was that the boy was off like a rocket. As it was he just barely managed to leap from that mirror into another before Naruto managed to shatter it in one punch.

From his position above the boy he plunged down hoping to drive his senbon through the boy's head. He was quite surprised however when the boy not only dodged but flipped himself out of the way of the attack doing a corkscrew maneuver in mid air. Landing in front of another mirror Naruto frowned as he noticed his opponent trying to escape to another mirror.

Unfortunately for Haku, Naruto had no desire to let him escape. Grabbing his opponent by the arm he halted his escape before it could even truly begin. Naruto smiled a feral smile before cocking his right arm back reeling his chakra covering his fist. His left hand began to glow as well as he tightened his grip. With a grunt he spun Haku around and let loose with a roar before his punch connected with the center of his opponents mask.

There was a slight pause before his hand released and Haku went flying backwards crashing through and destroying another mirror before hitting the ground bouncing and skidding for a good five feet before coming to a stop. Haku coughed as he slowly picked himself off the ground holding his abused ribs has shattered mask slowly falling to the ground.

Red eyes narrowing the blonde gennin charged forward ready to put an end to his enemy's existence. As he neared he leapt forward his right arm hanging behind him slightly his clawed hand poised to strike. Haku seeing him coming and knowing he couldn't win resigned himself to his fate just as the last pieces of his mask fell off of him.

Red eyes widening the boy managed to pull his hand into a fist before coming to a stop his fist barely an inch away from Haku's face.

"Y-you." The strangled word left his mouth before he noticed as the two stared each other down.

At the same time on the other side of the bridge Kakashi dabbing a finger into his bloody chest unrolled his scroll running the blood along it. Once satisfied he quickly rolled it back up before quickly making a few seals.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu" whispered the Copy Nin whilst simultaneously slamming his hands and the scroll on the ground.

"No matter what you do nothing will matter, I have you trapped in my jutsu Kakashi" said Zabuza his voice echoing all around.

A series of seals appeared in place of the scroll before shooting off into the mist tearing up the ground as they went. In less than a minute the mist began to clear slowly as Kakashi could now make out the form of Zabuza with a pack of dogs biting into him and holding him down.

"If your eyes don't work, just use your nose." Said Kakashi smirking under his mask.

Looking ahead of himself he saw Zabuza two dogs biting into each of his legs, one on his right arm, one, a small pug, hanging from the tie of his hitae-tae, and finally one massive bulldog biting into his left shoulder while his forepaws secured the nuke-nin's arms.

"That's what happens when you have your eyes shut in the mist." Lectured Kakashi while motioning to the pack of dogs.

"This summoning is specifically for tracking down an opponent. The reason I purposely let my blood spill twice was for the sole purpose of getting your weapons soaked in my blood.

These are my cute nin dogs their since of smell exceeds that of all other dogs. So it seems that you are the one trapped my jutsu. The mist has cleared. Zabuza your future is death." Finished Kakashi

"My future is death?" Said Zabuza with a scoff. "I'm sick of your bullshit."

"Your ambition was too great. You abandoned Mizu no Kuni and became a nuke-nin, with your story even reaching the Hidden Leaf. On top of this your attempted coup de ta and the assassination of the Mizukage both failed. Needing money for revenge as well as needing to avoid the Hunter-nin you ended up having to attach yourself to slime like Gato." Spoke Kakashi quietly.

'Ox, Hare, Monkey' thought Kakashi while going through seals.

As soon as he finished the seals chakra began to surround him as well as covering his hand soon before the sound of a thousand birds chirping began to fill the air.

"Raikiri." Exclaimed Kakashi holding his wrist with his left hand as the chakra formed around his hand.

"I'll say this one more time Zabuza. Surrender, your future is death."

The sounds of Kakashi's jutsu echoed around the bridge catching the attention of everyone around. Haku seeing Zabuza in trouble tried to create an ice mirror only for Naruto to move faster than the seals could be formed and punching the ice manipulator in the stomach with enough force to knock him out.

On another part of the bridge Haruno Sakura let out a sigh of relief at the clearing mist. She along with Tazuna had both been sent to their knees shivering when the strange chakra as well as that killing intent had washed over them. She had been worried about her teammates more specifically a certain black haired one.

While normally she would be the number one supporter of the boy's superiority she knew instinctively the boy had no chance against whoever had put out that power. Looking around her breath hitched as she couldn't spot Sasuke but she could see both Kakashi and Naruto standing over their opponents.

Kakashi sighed as he removed his hand from Zabuza's dying body. Not even a second after the appendage was removed Zabuza crumpled to the ground his sword falling from his grip. Looking up towards the sky the nuke-nin managed to have a small smile emerge on his face.

"Ne, Kakashi." Spoke Zabuza catching the Copy Nin's attention.

"There's a scroll in my pouch do me a favor and give it to Haku will you. I can't die without handing it to the only child I have." Finished the man before coughing out a small amount of blood.

"Sure. May you find peace in the next life." Said Kakashi getting a laugh from the man.

"Nah I'd rather go to hell at least that way I can keep fighting." Said the man.

"Well look at this seems the famed 'Demon of the Mist' was nothing more than a baby demon." Came a mocking voice from the other end of the unfinished bridge.

"Still even if you'd have won I'd have still killed you anyway. Shinobi are too expensive for my taste. Hell for what I was paying you I could get all these guys and still have some left over.

Don't worry though your little partner will be joining you shortly, after all I still have to pay the son of a bitch back for breaking my wrist. And while we're at it we may as well kill the Konoha ninja too. Make sure the girl lives, pink hair is quite exotic after all I'm sure she'll make a decent…"

Anything else the man wanted to say was cut off as he suddenly found a kunai buried within the flesh of his stomach. Following the kunai's path Kakashi found himself looking into the icy blue eyes of his orange clad student.


The single word whispered by the blonde carried over the silent bridge allowing everyone to hear. The two explosive tags wrapped around the kunai's handle lit and unraveled a bit before detonating; Gato's body being blown to pieces. Seeing this the blonde managed to let a smirk play across his face before falling onto his back as the darkness of unconsciousness claimed him.

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