Devil of the Hidden Leaf

Chapter 2: Clash in the Land of Snow pt. 2

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Yuki no Kuni was a large land mass covered mostly by snow covered mountains for as far as the eye could see. The journey however was slow thanks to all the equipment the crew traveled with however that didn't bother the Konoha shinobi in the slightest seeing as all they had to worry about was Yukie. While most of the others had to adjust to the weather, more specifically the change in temperature both Haku and Naruto were perfectly fine.

They had been traveling for several hours now and despite the rather large number they were working with they had somehow managed to cover a significant amount of ground. Thankfully after their initial meeting with the three snow ninja the large group had yet to have any more problems. They had briefly stopped at the mouth of a cave for a much needed break while the four shinobi went to the front to discuss things with Sandayu. They had been travelling by way of truck, an older form of transportation, however seeing as how technology was rather rare these days the transport vehicles were not things people saw everyday.

"On the other side of this cave there is a village where our comrades are gathered. After we finish filming here we are planning on making a formal visit. Everyone is waiting for the princess' arrival; more than you could possibly know." Sandayu had explained to the shinobi

As they travelled through the cave Naruto was oddly reminded of the tunnels beneath Konoha's Forest of Death if for no reason other than the sheer darkness. The cave itself was massive as they had been travelling through it for almost an hour yet there was no end in sight; hell there was nothing in sight as you could only see a few feet ahead thanks to the headlights on the vehicles.

"DIRECTOR WE HAVE A PROBLEM." Yelled the assistant seemingly as soon as they pulled to a stop even though they were still in the cave.

"It's Yuki she ran away again!" exclaimed the man as he neared his boss's car.

"Damn it." Muttered Naruto as he removed himself from the seat he'd been lounging in.

As the four shinobi emerged from their separate travel vehicles each of them exchanged serious frowns with one another. Looking among them Jiraiya nodded and the four all vanished in bursts of speed back down the tunnel.

Hatake Kakashi stood panting heavily his single exposed eye set in a heavy glare in front of him. He held a single kunai in a defensive reverse hold as he focused intently on his surroundings. In an instant he was a blur of motion the kunai flashing as he deflected a trio of shuriken that had shot out at him. Without wasting even a single movement he slid to the side effectively dodging the pair of kunai that had shot out of the water at his back. Dropping to a knee he spun atop the water slashing through his emerging opponent and causing him to burst into water.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted movement as blurs shot out of the trees in his direction. As the three descended his form was a blur of motion as despite using just the single kunai he cut down all three before they could even react causing them to fall into piles of mud. Straightening from his attack posture after a few moments he took a look at the training ground he occupied. The clones he'd had occupying the place had all been destroyed and the grounds themselves were a mess covered in craters from his training.

While he wouldn't admit it aloud his forceful removal as a gennin team teacher had indeed had an effect upon him. He had picked his training back up and was now striving to push himself to new heights. He hadn't spoken to anyone outside of mission related topics since that day and had all in all returned to being the lone wolf that he'd been during his youth. He'd spoken at length with the Sandaime however who had been the only one he'd actually taken the time to speak to. He'd learned a few things in that conversation, for instance his removal was more for show than anything else. He was still the most elite jounin currently on active duty but according to the Sandaime he had stalled quite some time ago and had needed proper motivation to get moving again.

He had indeed gotten said motivation and was now focusing and reshaping the entire way he fought. He would no longer rely on his Sharingan and copied ninjutsu to win battles but would return to his true style, the one he'd fought with until he had received the eye on that cursed day so long ago.

Naruto sighed as he made his way back down the tunnel towards the movie crew. Upon his back he carried the despondent Yukie who had likewise decided to remain silent after his initial discovery of her unconscious form within the snow covered forest. Slowing in his stride he turned to look behind him after a few more minutes of the silent walking. After nearly a minute of quite listening the Konoha nin began sprinting forward down the tunnel much to the actress's shock.

"What's wrong; why are you running?" questioned Yukie only to be ignored.

After a few more seconds however she got her answer as she picked up the sound of something coming up behind them. Turning to see herself her eyes widened as she could see a light coming from down the tunnel.

"T-train." Said the woman in shock.

"Hold on." Said Naruto.

"There's no point you can't make it." Said Yukie.

Once again Naruto ignored her and instead suddenly pitched himself forward as his speed picked up. Due to the speed increase Yukie reflexively tightened her grip around both his neck and waist. The raven haired princess could only look on with wide eyes as the boy despite her words continued to put on speed miraculously keeping them ahead of the metal behemoth licking at their heels. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel Naruto's eyes flashed red momentarily before he somehow put on even more speed and upon clearing the exit leapt to the side allowing the metal monstrosity to pass where he'd been just three seconds earlier.

Panting heavily Naruto couldn't help but laugh after a few seconds. That had been crazy and he had no doubt that if either Lee or Gai had seen that they'd be shouting out about his 'flames of youth'.

"It's been a while Koyuki." Came a voice cutting into his thoughts.

"Kazahana Doto." Said Yukie upon hearing the voice and looking up.

"Well now stand up; let me get a look at you." Said Doto.

However instead of seeing Yukie it was Naruto who stood up blocking his sight of the princess turned actress. Looking upon the man Naruto saw that he had nearly half a foot of height on him standing at about 5'10". He had long black hair that hung straight down and a face that reminded him absently of Danzo just without the bandages.

"KAZAHANA DOTO." Cut in a new yet familiar voice turning towards it Naruto was greeted to the sight of Sandayu and a gang of other men clad in samurai armor standing upon a hill to the left.


In response to Sandayu's words the men around him erupted into cheers and raised their swords in preparation of combat. Doto seeing this merely made a motion with his hand and the wooden boards on the left side of the train slid away revealing kunai launchers that had been hidden away. With yet another motion from the men the kunai were shot outwards darkening the skies in a rain of metal. Sandayu and all those with him could only look on in fear as the metal rain of death came towards them.

Just as they were about to be hit however a large wall of ice shot upwards and defended them just in time for the weapons to hit. From their side the men could only look on wide eyed as the steel weapons merely bounced off of the ice without inflicting so much as a scratch upon the ice. Suddenly everyone was able to make out a blurry form within the ice before it leapt out revealing itself to be Haku who landed on a knee and slammed Cerberus into the snow covered ground. Immediately after wards the ground began to rumble before an ice glacier shot up impaling the front portion of the train.

In the next instant however a series of explosions went off along the train itself taking out the bridge beneath it causing the metal behemoth to fall down through the empty air. Leaping out from their cover a smirking Jiraiya led Lee over to reconvene with the rest of the temporary team. Before anyone could speak however they were forced to turn their attention back as a strange sound came from the cliffs greeting them with the sight of the car carrying Doto to have separated and actually managing to fly.

In their shock none of the leaf nin were quick enough to react as a wire line shot out and wrapped around Yukie's waist managing to quickly pull her up before anyone could react.

From his position seated upon his now airborne transport Doto smirked as he watched one of his shinobi bring in the form of his niece. Despite the smirk on her captors face Koyuki simply regarded him with the same neutral expression she'd given everyone else throughout her life.

"What do you want?"

Her tone was just as neutral and her voice flat. There was no infliction to her words as if she didn't care at all for the situation; Doto frowned at that. Of all the ways he had imagined his meeting with the girl he'd never even considered this scenario. Still he didn't let it phase him and moved on as if unaffected.

"The Hexagonal Crystal." Said the man simply.

"That's all? All this for a piece of jewelry?" questioned Koyuki.

"It is more than just the decoration for a necklace. In truth it is a key, one in which unlocks the treasure my foolish brother had hidden."

Koyuki however was less than convinced as was evident by the expression that was still covering her face. Whatever the case however she still removed the necklace from its usual resting place and tossed it to him.

"If that's all you can have it. I care not for this place."

Catching the jewel Doto took a moment to look it over. After a few moments however the man frowned and clenched his fist before opening it to show the crushed remains of the jewel.

Within the desert sands that made up Kaze no Kuni, Sabaku no Gaara stood within the center of a massive sandstorm. Suddenly a pair of giant arms shot out from the sands and stretched high into the sky with clawed hands before falling apart and falling back to the ground. Finally however the storm began to slowly die down before clearing to show the redheaded Suna nin standing calmly. From their position upon the village walls several of the ninja of Sunagakure could only look on in wide eyed shock.

Gaara had always been powerful however in just that moment he had displayed a level of power and control that was quite frankly mindboggling for him. Never before had he been able to control anything but his own sand, yet here he had taken control of not only the desert sands but the very air itself. For many this was amazing because only a few short months ago the boy had trouble controlling just his own sand and now he had shot up by levels in ability.

"I thought you said he had gotten weaker?" several rather nameless Suna nin muttered to others.

At the same time Gaara was lifted off the ground by the sand beneath his feet which slowly turned into a pillar. Focusing the redhead turned said pillar into a wave and managed to ride it to the village walls before stepping off and allowing the sand to drop.

"So?" questioned Baki almost as soon as the boy touched down.

"Uzumaki was correct. All the separation did was make me stronger. As I am now I could've killed him myself." Said Gaara before he vanished in a whirl of sand.

The dungeons beneath Doto's castle were a dark and dank place that were only seldom used. In the beginning they had seen much more use the rebellion having been in full swing at the time. Now however over ten years later and even the guards themselves hardly dwelled within its halls. At the moment there was only a single guard within the area thanks to the presence of Koyuki who sat occupying one of the cells. Due to the usual boring and uneventful nature of his job the guard was unprepared as a figure landed upon him feet first causing him to crumple to the ground in a broken heap. Standing to his feet Naruto casually tossed the broken body of the guard into the crevice to his left and turned to find Koyuki staring at him with wide eyes.

"H-how?" questioned the woman in shock.

"Ninja." Answered the blond shortly.

"Why don't you just give up?" questioned the woman.

"Giving up is for the weak. Growing up I wasn't very well liked nor was I treated very well either. Things only got worse after my mother was killed. Everyone always told me to give up and that I would never amount to anything. It was really a sad, miserable existence; but instead of giving up I kept working harder and now things are looking up for me. Giving up would have been easier, but not everyone can afford to take an easier path in life."

As he said this he moved so that he had closed the distance and was standing in front of her cell only to scoff as he could see the seal tag covering the keyhole. It was an extremely amateurish thing to do especially within a holding area. He knew for a fact that all of the holding areas within Konoha had seals lining the bars and the walls. Shaking the thoughts off for later the young devil simply ripped the seal tag away and pulled the barred door right off its hinges.

"Now are you ready to go or would you like more time in your suite?" questioned the devil with a smirk.

For the first time since he'd known her Koyuki smiled slightly before standing. As they made their way out Naruto switched out Rebellion for Yamato which was a quicker weapon more suitable to the darkened environment. As they moved through the corridors Naruto made quick work of a pair of snow-nin Yamato cutting through them without resistance leaving them cut in half at the waist. Moving quickly they encountered two more snow-nin who revealed themselves to be Haku and Lee in disguise. A moment later and Jiraiya came darting out of the tunnel they were heading towards.

"Can't go that way."

As the man said this and passed the sound of an explosion echoed out and smoke came billowing out from the tunnel. As the smoke cleared out Koyuki looked at the Sannin with her usual uninterested fa├žade.

"You took my necklace." Said Koyuki.

"Ah, you mean this." Said Jiraiya removing the necklace from his pocket and handing it to her.

"Sorry about that it reminded me of something and I wanted to check it out."

Seeing the crystal Naruto removes his own and looks both over an action that did not go unnoticed. Koyuki was slightly surprised to see he held one as well, the only difference between the two being the colors hers purple to his green and the fact his was a bit smaller. Telling them to save it for later the Sannin moved off down the corridor.

Sighing the two chuunin and the special jounin followed quickly after the Sannin while making sure to stay at a pace Koyuki could keep up with. Spotting two more snow-nin ahead Lee darted forwards in a blur before delivering his signature Konoha Senpu sending both of them slamming into the cave walls unconscious. Finally they screeched to a halt as they came into a darkened room to find Doto seated calmly upon an elevated black throne.

"Great work Koyuki, you brought them as promised." Said Doto as he stood from his throne shocking the leaf nin.

"What did you think you could actually trust her, she's an actress playing a part comes easy to her." Said Doto while Koyuki made her way up the steps to the throne the three armor clad snow-nin appearing and blocking the leaf nin from stopping her.

"Did you retrieve the crystal?" questioned the man.

"Hai." said Koyuki shortly handing him the necklace.

"He was right you know, as an actress playing a part comes natural."

As Koyuki said this she surprised everyone by pulling a knife from her sleeve and stabbing the man in the stomach. For a moment everyone was shocked silent by the move however the moment was over quickly as Doto despite having a blade in his stomach reacted quickly and grabbed her by the neck slowly choking her.

"You know I always knew that the day I returned to this country that I would die." Said Koyuki despite her uncle's hold on her neck.

"I took the easy path and kept running away. Not everyone can take that path though, that's why if I have to die I'll at least take you with me."

As Koyuki said this she pushed all of her strength forward sending them toppling over the edge of the thrones platform. As they hit the ground the Konoha ninja were surprised to hear chuckling before Doto pushed the girl off of him and stood to his feet leaving her sprawled out on the ground.

"As if I would actually die by that toy blade." Said Doto.

As he said this he removed the robe he was wearing revealing black armor beneath it. The armor was sleek and covered the entirety of his torso with the green and white yin yang designed device in the center of his chest along with a pair of black bracers on his forearms. As he reached down to grab her Lee darted forward at quick speeds only to be sent back by Doto who managed to hit him with his bracer covered forearm.

At that moment he also grabbed Koyuki and picked her up underarm style. In the next instant the roof collapsed and a cord shot down, attached to his armor and carried both Doto and Koyuki up. Seeing this Naruto launched a rope out which Koyuki saw allowing it to wrap around her arm pulling him up with them. No one else had time to do anything though as pieces of the roof began raining down on them.

As they cleared the smoke from the buildings collapse and were launched into the air a pair of wings shot out of Doto's armor allowing him to fly away. However looking down he noticed the rope and in a quick action turned and swooping down on Naruto cut the rope leaving Koyuki to do nothing but watch as he fell.

Anko cackled wildly as she watched the large bandit camp burn. Tenten sighed having grown slightly used to the woman's antics while Neji and Shikamaru both tried to ignore her. Anko had taken mercy on the two members of Team Gai and had decided to take them with her on the bandit extermination mission, while Shikamaru was assigned the mission by Tsunade.

Agni and Rudra had made things almost too easy for her now that she was used to the weapons. She had also found that much to her surprise her time handling Rudra had allowed her to develop a secondary affinity for wind chakra to match the already existing fire affinity. The two blades had freaked her out the first time they had decided to start talking but she'd gotten used to it eventually and didn't demand them to stay silent, unless around other people.

Tenten had also had an easy time of it. With her preferred method of attack to be a long range style Lucifer had fit in quiet nicely and had given her an unlimited supply of exploding ammunition. After seeing it in action against Shukaku she had been surprised when Naruto had just given it to her out of the blue. This had actually been the first time she'd been able to use the weapon in combat thanks to Kakashi's undertraining of her temporary teammate. Even still she had quickly fell in love with her new favorite toy.

Despite his new chuunin rank Shikamaru had stuck close to Neji providing support for Neji's taijutsu picking off anyone who attempted to take down the occupied Hyuga. Of course the one time some had slipped through Shikamaru the Hyuga prodigy had surprised them with his usage of the Kaiten which Tenten had helped him to master during their training after the exams.

"So what do you think of your new toy?" questioned Anko turning to Tenten who answered by way of a megawatt smile that looked very disturbing on her.

"Tch, this was so troublesome." Said Shikamaru.

"At least it was a decent bit of exercise." Said Neji with his usual Hyuga stoic expression.

Back in Konoha Tsunade sat quietly impressed as she watched Kakashi training using the Hokage's crystal ball. Her old sensei had stopped by and seeing the paperwork completed had decided to give her an impromptu lesson on how it worked. While she hadn't presided over Kakashi's case she did read up on it after she took office and had been appalled by his actions, actions she knew his father would've frowned upon.

However at the same time she could see that the man was still grieving over his losses and through the years had been trying to live for one of his teammates, even going so far as to pick up his mannerisms. It was a classic sign of survivor's guilt and she'd been surprised that no one had picked up on it beforehand. She knew that as some got older most shinobi stopped training especially the senior ninja and believed that their current level would be enough. Kakashi had been one such ninja after leaving ANBU and as such had unknowingly begun to rely upon his gifted Sharingan eye to make up for any shortcomings.

Now however as she watched she saw none of that. Instead she saw him actually working strength, speed, and even chakra building exercises were integral parts of his training now. He had even dusted off his ANBU issue ninjato to restart his practice with the blade. He trained in isolation within the ANBU training grounds pushing himself to the limit and slowly becoming worthy of his jounin rank once more in her eyes.

At the same time he was making strides to make up with his former team. She knew that he'd been leaving scrolls for Sakura's training at her home. Mostly on genjutsu, medical techniques, and chakra control and building exercises. She had of course taken the scrolls before Sakura could see them as she wanted the girl focused on getting up to the level physically before she tried to occupy herself any other way. He had also left some things for Naruto as well at the shop, since Tayuya had been manning the place at the time she'd given them to her as Naruto was out in Yuki no Kuni and Tsunade was the head of the household when he was gone.

She had been surprised with the contents of those scrolls ranging from chakra control exercises and even Minato's notes on sealing which had been missing for some time. However what had also been present was in depth description of elemental chakra and the exercises to start mastering it. Along with this had been a scroll detailing the Rasengan which she was only now learning was an incomplete technique.

She knew that most of the things Naruto learned were taught to him by his weapons. He had several ninjutsu but only those that had been his parent's favorites. The library at the house only kept low level techniques the higher level ones were sealed away and no one could figure out how to get them. Jiraiya really only worked with Naruto's taijutsu and had only taught him a few of his ninjutsu as most of his were still beyond Naruto's level at the moment.

As for the Uchiha however Kakashi had only been to see him once. Whatever had been said however had obviously upset the self-proclaimed avenger and Kakashi had made no effort to see him again. She herself hadn't met the brat and honestly had no plans on doing so at that point; having never liked any Uchiha in her life she knew she'd probably kill him if he said the wrong thing. Her thoughts on that however were cut as her secretary entered the room with a new stack of paperwork causing her to sigh.

Naruto groaned as he pushed himself up out of the crater he'd made upon landing. He was thankful he'd thought to use the Devil Trigger at the last moment as it had seriously helped in negating the damage he'd have taken. Looking around he saw that a few of the trees had been broken and knocked down but that was the least of his problems. Instead he focused on the demons he now saw surrounding him.

The demons were called Frosts appeared lizard-like in appearance but were also covered in ice, which would probably act like armor. The left arm had claws incased in ice which made them look like icicles while the entire right arm was encased within it. Seeing this he wasted no time in summoning Kyubi, the gauntlets and grieves appearing upon him in an instant. This didn't happen a moment too soon as the first of the demons lunged at him.

Dodging around the first attack he made a mental note that the demons right arm could be used for slashing and piercing attacks but still slammed a fist into its head sending it sliding back. Recovering quickly the demon lashed its arms out sending a barrage of icicles his way which he dodged easily by jumping over them. However this appeared to be just what it wanted as another of them came at him from the treetops. Seeing this Naruto clenched his fists causing them to be engulfed in flame and began hammering away at it as it neared him.

Finishing his combo of hits Naruto grabbed it and after swinging around sent it crashing down into the ground before landing upon it feet first causing it to burst apart. Looking up he found there were only three left and threw his right hand forward towards a stationary one off to the side. In an instant a powerful stream of fire leapt from his hand and engulfed the demon causing it to wail loudly before it died. Cutting off the fire the young devil turned to regard the final two and saw what appeared to be a trail of water heading towards him. Dashing to the side he saw one of the demons materialize at the end of the trail and narrowed his eyes before vanishing by use of the Air Trick.

Appearing in mid-air he fell feet first on the demon and drawing Ebony and Ivory unloaded firing rounds repeatedly into its head. Finally it died and burst apart yet before Naruto could move he found himself flying forward as something nailed him in the back. Recovering quickly he flipped so that he landed on his feet and vanished once again. This time he reappeared right in front of the lizard-like demon and fist covered in fire slammed it into the beast's chest. Immediately the chest caved in under the assault the ice easily giving way to the intense flames surrounding his hand and allowing his fist to pass through until it came out of the beasts back. Immediately after this the beast burst apart allowing Naruto to exhale dismissing Kyubi in the process.

"Tell me you got all that." Said the Director from his place within the trees.

"Every second." Returned the cameraman smiling like a loon.

Naruto however paid no attention to them instead he tensed before his body exploded with chakra as his Devil Trigger was activated and he took the air. The two film makers could only look on in shock at that and the cameraman cursed realizing he hadn't gotten that on camera as he'd already stopped recording. The director however wasn't worried and instead instructed them to follow after him as he could still be seen above them.

Elsewhere Haku looked upon her opponent with her emotionless gaze, one well practiced during her time in Zabuza's service. The pink haired snow-nin Fubuki narrowed her eyes and slammed her fist into the ground. Immediately the snow covered ground surged and Haku quickly found herself encased in ice. Fubuki smirked only for it to die as Haku calmly stepped out of the ice unfazed. Running through a chain of seals Fubuki called out the name of her technique sending a swarm of ice made birds at the girl. Seeing them Haku simply formed a seal before a dozen needles made of ice shot out from the ground and impaled the birds causing them to shatter.

"How?" questioned the pink haired kunoichi with wide eyes.

"In Kiri my clan was famed for our bloodline ability to manipulate water and ice. Now allow me to show you a real Hyoton technique." Said Haku before running through seals.

"Hijutsu: Makyo Hyosho (Secret Technique: Demonic Crystal Ice Mirrors).

As she called the name of her technique the snow on the ground rose up around Fubuki before solidifying and taking the shape of mirrors. Looking around Fubuki saw that there were twelve on ground level, eight above those angled down and one at the very top forming a dome. Her jutsu complete Haku stepped into the mirror in front of her causing her image to appear in all of them.

"There are eight points: larynx, liver, lungs, spine, jugular vein, brain, kidney, and heart. Which vital organ do you wish to get struck at?" as she said this Haku's voice echoed all around the dome not allowing Fubuki to tell where she truly was.

"Ha tough talk! You forget my armor makes all forms of ninjutsu and genjutsu useless." Said Fubuki with a smirk.


With that one word Haku struck. With Cerberus in hand she began a series of vicious blows on her opponent battering her around before she even knew what was happening. For each blow she landed a piece of ice formed on Fubuki not that she noticed until she was nearly completely incased within the ice leaving only her head free. Appearing in front of her Haku slammed the tri-chucks into her front shattering the ice imprisoning her and sending her flying before she slammed into one of the mirrors and fell to the ground out cold.

Moving over to her downed opponent Haku made quick work of tying her up with ninja wire making sure her hands and fingers were bound especially to prevent her from making seals. Moving away from her captive she picked up a piece of metal covered in ice which she noticed had ripped off of Fubuki's sleeve.

"So this must be the armors power source." Mused Haku before crushing it in her hand.

Lee was running circles across his larger opponent quite literally. Mizore obviously hadn't known what he was getting himself into challenging the Green Beast and it showed as Lee had no trouble knocking him around. He had discovered that this armor of theirs did not protect them from taijutsu which was too bad for Mizore taijutsu being all Lee could use.

The man had tried using his board to match Lee only to be kicked off of it allowing it to fly off without him. His gauntlet covered hand was useless as he was simply too slow for Lee who flowed around all of his tries at hitting him before nailing him with one of his own. Suddenly Lee darted out of the circle he was running around him and appearing beneath him slammed his foot up and into his chin. Mizore went flying and Lee was quick to follow after him. flowing around the larger man he slammed his foot into his face causing him to flip and Lee wasted no time.

Grabbing him by the legs Lee began spinning steadily picking up speed until the hit the ground with Mizore falling head first. As they hit they created a large crater and Lee staggered to pull himself away from the results of his on the spot move. He made it out of the crater just in time as the device on Mizore's arm sparked a few times before exploding violently.

"Hm perhaps my flames of youth burned too brightly this time. I'll have to tell Gai-sensei of this" Said Lee scratching his head before nodding to himself seriously.

When Naruto landed upon the ground he found himself in an old abandoned castle. He couldn't blame the abandonment as he could see most of the place had been burned quite heavily as even the walls were blackened. He had been forced to land for a bit as his time in his Devil form had been nearly spent luckily it didn't exhaust him as much this time. Suddenly he paused as he caught something out of the corner of his eye and turned towards it.

Looking more closely now he again spotted the strange glowing that came from a cracked portion of the wall. Curiosity piqued he shrugged and manifested his Devil Bringer upon his right arm. Clenching his fist he punched the wall causing the cracked wall to fall apart. Behind the now destroyed wall there was a small pedestal and as he approached he found a glowing blue crystal in the shape of a ball. Around the ball what appeared to be the lower portion of a human skull surrounding it depicting a nose, mouth, and even a jaw.

"Ho ho, looks like you found a goodie kit."

'Well look who's finally awake. Enjoy your nap fox?'

"Immensely do you have any idea how hard it was to sleep with those two idiots talking nonstop?" Said Kyubi causing the teen to chuckle.

"So mind telling me what I'm looking at?" questioned Naruto

"That gaki is a Legacy. What you see swirling about in that crystal is demonic essence. It has the ability to awaken the abilities of demons. All those elemental powers of mine you use I gained from using those." Said Kyubi

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this and picked up the crystal with his Devil Bringer and began looking it over. He didn't feel any power leaking out from it and it honestly looked like a plain old crystal ball. Before he could look it over anymore however it began glowing brightly before it was absorbed into the hand. Soon his hand began glowing as well and light began leaking out from it on instinct alone he flung it out and away from him just as a blast of light shot out from his hand.

"Okay what the hell was that!" exclaimed the teen mentally.

"That gaki was the Evil Legacy at work. You see you only gain abilities by absorbing those things into yourself, which apparently your arm already knew to do." Explained Kyubi causing Naruto to frown.

Shrugging the event off for a later time he made his way out of the small room and dismissed the demonic arm allowing his human one to reappear. As he made his way out of the castle however he frowned even deeper upon finding himself enshrouded in a dense mist. His eyes narrowed upon spotted to glowing purple females forms walking towards him sensually through the mist and beckoning him forward. In the blink of an eye he'd drawn Ebony and fired twice dropping the two with a headshot each.

"You may as well come out, demon." Said Naruto holstering his weapon.

"How did you know?" The question came from a large green toad demon that emerged from deeper in the mist.

"You can hide the body all you want, but that stench will go nowhere." Said the teen with a smirk.

"Insult me one more time and I will make you suffer more than you thought possible." Said the toad green bile spilling from its mouth with its words before it roared the force of which caused Naruto's jacket to flap.

"Ha, I'd actually like to see you try that." Said the teen.

Immediately after he said this the toad swelled up and Naruto jumped boosted with chakra. Just in time as well as once the toad exhaled the spot he'd occupied had been covered with ice. Seeing this the toad jumped forward mouth wide open only for Naruto to vanish at the last instant and appear on the ground behind it. Smirking devilishly he ran through a few quick seals before slamming his hands to the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu." Muttered the blonde.

There was the customary giant plume of smoke and as the toad demon turned around its eyes widened finding its prey standing on the top of a toad for more massive and smoking a pipe.

"NARUTO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING SUMMONING ME IN THIS COLD." Demanded Gamabunta almost immediately.

"Sorry boss, but this guy said something I thought you should hear. Apparently he's the most powerful of all toads and plans to take over your clan." Said Naruto causing Gamabunta to snort.

"Is that supposed to be a funny joke gaki?" questioned the toad boss.

"Hey I said the same thing but he says his clans been the strongest around for 2000 years. When I said that you were the strongest around he said he'd beat you and make you watch while he killed your young and ruined your mate." Said Naruto.


The smaller toad demon that'd been too busy staring in shock couldn't even blink before Gamabunta had embedded his dagger straight through him from top to bottom. Pulling the blade out of the smaller toad Gamabunta flicked it sending blood flying off the tip before sheathing it.

"Heh, you think that's enough to stop me?"

Both summoner and summon were surprised to hear this and actually watched in surprise as the wound froze over before the smaller toad began to grow until it stood at the same towering height as Gamabunta.

"In 2000 years none have been fool enough to challenge my power. The two of you will pay with your lives for this transgression." Said the demon.

However before it could do anything Gamabunta had pounced forward drawing his blade in a flash and cut straight through its still open mouth cutting it in half. As the two half's hit the ground both froze over before shattering leaving nothing but a glowing orb in the previous occupant's space.

"Gaki I'll forgive it this time but don't make a habit of summoning me in these type of places." Said Gamabunta rolling an eye up to look at the teen who nodded.

Seeing the boys understanding and hearing verbal confirmation Gamabunta vanished in a plume of smoke back to his far warmer home. Landing upon his feet Naruto eyed the orb before holding out his arm palm facing forward. Immediately the orb shot towards the teen and created a bright flash of light as soon as it touched his hand. As the light cleared he found he was holding a demonic looking briefcase. As always his eyes glazed over for a moment and when they cleared he raised an eyebrow in response.

"Pandora huh?' questioned the teen.

Turning he found that the action had attracted the attention of a number of Frost demons. Seeing this and deciding to try out his new weapon he slammed it to the ground causing it to glow slightly before six barrels made their appearance from the end facing away from him. the top was now lined with bullets and the handle had disappeared completely while two legs held it up at the bottom. Reaching down and finding the trigger he watched as a hail of chakra bullets fired out striking the crowd of demons that had been rushing him.

Picking it up the weapon glowed once more before it faded revealing that it had changed form once again. It now took the form of a large tube before both ends extended outwards. Placing it upon his shoulder he fired again sending a barrage of missiles out which impacted with force kicking up dust thanks to the explosion which also launched the demons into the air. Not finished he moved it again the weapon glowing and fading to reveal that it had become a large tri-bladed shuriken.

Tossing it the weapon ripped through the demons mercilessly before returning to the young devils hand where Naruto tossed it into the air allowing for it to glow and change shape once more. As it came down it formed two golden circles with Naruto in the middle with a seat kicking up behind him as did a pair of footstools. Grabbing onto the pair of handles beside him he watched as blocks jutted out all around him on the outer horizontal circle before tubes emerged from the blocks. With it fully formed Naruto pressed the two red buttons on the handles with his thumbs causing a barrage of missiles to spring forth which created a gigantic explosion and engulfed everything they hit in fire. When the smoke cleared not a single one of the horde of demons remained and Naruto couldn't help but whistle in awe.

"Sorry Ten-chan but I'm keeping this one." Said the white haired youth with a laugh as he continued along the path he knew Doto had taken.

"Kami this kid is gold." Said the cameraman in amazement.

"Ha, and you idiots didn't want to follow him!" exclaimed the director with a laugh.

"I just hope the other groups got some footage as well." Said the director's assistant who was driving their vehicle.

Roga Nadare gritted his teeth as he stood before the smirking form of the Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin. He didn't know how it happened but somehow he had found himself facing off with the man atop a mountain. His two underlings were supposed to deal with the two brats that had been with the Sannin but he didn't hold much hope for them nor did he really care.

"You know that it's okay to run away." Said Jiraiya bringing the man out of his thoughts.

"What?" said Nadare not sure if he heard correctly.

"Well it's only natural. Face it kid your way out of your league now. There is no shame in running away from the Great Jiraiya-sama." Said the Toad Sage with a full blown grin.

Nadare gritted his teeth in frustration now positive that the man was mocking him. running through seals he announced his technique causing an avalanche, the falling snow morphing into a pack of wolves set to attack Jiraiya. Just as the jutsu was about to connect however the Sannin burst into smoke shocking the Snow ninja, however at just that moment the real Jiraiya made his appearance appearing behind the now pale snow ninja with a sphere of chakra in hand.

"Rasengan." Intoned the Sannin.

For a second the man's chakra armor fought against the attack and then the fight was over as Jiraiya added more power causing the armor to short allowing him to slam the sphere into the man's unprotected back. As soon as the attack hit Nadare was sent flying off the mountain and Jiraiya simply shook his head, he'd told him to run after all.

"What the hell is this!" exclaimed Doto in anger as he glared at the construct before him.

Koyuki herself wanted to laugh. All of this trouble the man had gone through searching for her and her father's hidden treasure the man had actually wasted. The construct her father had built and used her necklace as the key for hadn't been for some secret vault to hide his vast riches. No, instead it had been something else, something that in her eyes was far simpler. Her father had built a generator or what appeared to be a generator though what purpose it held was yet to be seen. As Doto raged and ranted she could barely hold it in, otherwise she was sure he'd turn his rage onto her.

"Well now that's quite the vocabulary." Said a new voice.

"Naruto!" exclaimed Koyuki in surprise.

"You! You're supposed to be dead!" exclaimed Doto with wide eyes.

"Yea well more powerful people than you have tried." Said Naruto with a smirk as he walked forward.

In truth he was actually surprised he'd made it so quickly. However the director had surprised him when he, a cameraman, and his assistant had pulled up beside him, apparently on their way to get shots of the glaciers. Of course he had no idea they'd been following him the entire time as he'd yet to learn how to sense low level chakra signatures.

"I suppose I'll just have to do it myself then." Said Doto cracking his knuckles.

"You, kill me? Couldn't happen even if I was an orange jumpsuit wearing idiot and had my chakra sealed off." Said Naruto with a snort picturing his former seal, before he'd broken the seal on his memories.

Doto hearing this snarled and ran through a quick chain of seals before throwing out his arm causing a black ether-like dragon at the teen eyes glowing red. Naruto seeing this summoned Yamato the blade appearing lacking its usual swirl of lights. As the dragon neared Naruto slashed out sending a wave of blue chakra out of the blade which cut straight through the dragon and caused it to vanish in wisps.

"I do hope that's not the best you've got. Otherwise this is going to be a boring boss battle." Said Naruto with a smirk.

Doto replied by sending the same attack once more causing Naruto to sigh as he once again cut through it. However as the beast vanished he was surprised to find Doto already bearing down on him swinging his fist down. As Naruto moved to catch it his eyes widened as he hit still came down and actually forced him down through the ice beneath them. Smirking condescendingly down at the water Doto smirked as he turned his back on the space.

"Smug little brat." Muttered Doto.

However before he could go anywhere the ice began to shake and dozens of Naruto's shot out of the water high into the air. Seeing this Doto once again ran through seals and this time sent out twin black dragons at them which made quick work of the Naruto.

"Heh, it's over." Said Doto with a smirk.

"Don't you know anything about movies? It's not over until the star says it's over."

Following the voice both Doto and Koyuki were surprised to see Naruto walking out from a dense mist that had been kicked up a spiraling sphere of chakra in hand. Koyuki however smiled seeing the teen unharmed.

"Naruto! I believe in you, this unlucky princess has accepted you as the greatest ninja!" exclaimed Koyuki

"That I already know!" exclaimed the teen with a smirk

With that the teen charged forwards at moderate speeds and as he moved Koyuki could only watch wide eyed in anticipation while the rest of the Konoha nin chose just that moment to arrive seeing the Rasengan change as it gained a rainbow like effect glowing seven different colors. Suddenly Naruto vanished only to reappear before a wide eyed Doto.

Doto swung only for Naruto to dodge around it and slam the technique into his chest. For several moments the Rasengan fought against the chakra barrier until Naruto pushed just a bit more chakra into it, the barrier device shattering no longer able to take the stress allowing for the technique to hit home. For a few moments it ground into it before Naruto released his control allowing for the sphere to detonate causing it to create a tornado of its own that flung Doto and sent him spiraling into one of the glaciers surrounding them causing cracks to form all around it.

As Doto fell to the ground the cracked ice shattered having an immediate effect. Warmth washed over everyone and they could only look on wide eyed as ice and snow vanished quickly and gave way to grass, flowers and lakes all around them even having butterflies begin to fly around.

"Okay what the hell is going on!" exclaimed the director in shock.

"Believe in the future. If you do spring will come."

At the voice everyone watched wide eyed as an image appeared before them from the center of what had once been thought to be glaciers now revealed to be mirrors. The image was that of a little girl wearing a pink and white kimono her black hair held in a familiar way.

"Koyuki what would you like to do when spring comes?" questioned the voice.

"I'll become a princess." Said the little girl.

"Hm, what kind of princess?" questioned the voice once more.

"A kind, strong one. A princess who believes in justice."

"That's going to be hard work." Retorted the voice with a laugh.

"But if you don't give up and keep on believing in your dreams, one day for sure you will become one."

As this was said a figure wearing green robes walked into view and once behind the little girl placed a necklace around her neck.

"Can you see that a very beautiful princess is standing there?" Said the man causing tears to fall from the real Koyuki.

"But you know there's one more thing that I want to become." Said the little girl catching the man's attention.

"Oh and what's that?" questioned the man.

"An actress!" Said the girl with a smile causing the man and the real Koyuki to laugh.

"And now it is over." Said Naruto from his position with his head in Haku's lap.

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