Devil of the Hidden Leaf

Chapter 22

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The air was still, and it was a quiet, peaceful night in the Hidden Leaf Village. As it was the dead of night the majority of the villages populace had already settled many of them in a deep sleep. Only a small percentage was actually awake at the late hour and moving around. These unlucky few were the nighttime guardians of the village, mostly chuunin and ANBU teams scattered about. Despite the fact that the world was supposed to be sleeping Konoha was a shinobi village, one of the great five, and as such they could not afford to drop their guard. Instead they had a focused force reserved strictly for late night work. While they patrolled the surface a single man sat up at his desk, within an office, in a hidden compound beneath the surface of the village. Candles lit the room providing the light that the man was using to go through the papers spread out on his desk.

This man was Danzo, one of the village elders and the head of the Ne organization which the Sandaime had long since ordered shut down. Despite the fact he only had a single eye and arm he looked through the papers before him quickly yet paying close attention to the details. A scowl covered his face as he suddenly used his arm to push the papers off of his desk and onto the floor to his left. As he settled back into his place in his seat the old man took several deep calming breathes so that he would do nothing further to show his loss of composure. Finally after a few minutes of quiet sitting he grabbed his cane before standing and making his way out of the room leaving the discarded pages on the floor. Despite not finding what he was looking for the old man was stubborn and as such swore to himself that he would find what he was looking for, an answer that would put things into his own control.

Within the office of the Hokage the next morning several figures could be seen standing at attention in front of the desk. Tsunade herself regarded the group with serious eyes with her hands stippled in front of her face as she contemplated the situation. Among the group were Hatake Kakashi, Mitarashi Anko, Nara Shikaku and Namikaze Naruto. All of them were dressed in the full uniform for upper level shinobi however while the others wore the standard blue Naruto chose to be different and chose to go with black. As such he wore black pants and a long sleeved shirt over which he wore his flak vest. Also instead of sandals he wore a pair of custom made boots that buttoned up on the sides and went up to his knees with his pants tucked inside along with his fingerless gloves.

"I'm assigning the four of you to an S-ranked mission." Started Tsunade getting each of them to focus on her completely.

For Naruto this was a bit of a surprise as an S-rank mission was usually one vital to the good of the village. Though he'd been on many missions since his promotion he'd mostly been assigned to C-ranks leading genin squads and if not that then the rare B-rank mission. In fact he'd only just gotten back from a mission not that long ago in which he'd been teamed with Hinata, Shino and Kiba where they had to rescue the princess from Mitsu no Kuni (Land of Honey) from the insides of a summon that had been disguised as a castle. On the plus side the summon had sliced off a large portion of his hair and he'd been able to get the rest cut so that he now didn't look like such a bishonen. His hair much to his disappointment was still long though he was learning to live with it, however what truly got him was that many people stated he seemed more like a noble with his longer hair which he now wore in a tail that stopped at his shoulder blades.

"The nonaggression pact we hold with Kaminari no Kuni and Kumogakure is nearing its end. The four of you will be escorting Sarutobi-sensei to Kumo for the duration of the talks. Obviously Sarutobi-sensei will be in overall command for the duration of this mission. You will meet him at the North Gate in two hours' time. You're dismissed, Naruto stay behind."

At Tsunade's word the group of ninja cleared out with only Naruto remaining. Once the doors closed Tsunade flipped through seals before her chakra pulsed and the room's privacy seals were activated. Once done Tsunade stood to her feet and walked to the other side of the table pulling the teen into a tight embrace.

"I want you to be careful okay. Despite this supposedly peaceful meeting I wouldn't put it past the Raikage to try something. Those bastards have taken enough from me, I won't let them take you too." Said the woman into the teen's ear.

Naruto smiled as he rested his head in the pillows that were her breasts. Their relationship had grown since Naruto had brought the two of them back to the village. Most people thought that the two of them had a mother-son relationship and Tsunade usually played the role like an expert. However behind closed doors he was greeted to a side of her that she let no one else see and their positions were usually reversed with him holding her.

"I'll be fine Tsu-chan, don't worry." Said Naruto.

"I'll worry less when you learn the Hiraishin no jutsu." Said Tsunade.

Naruto hearing the very real concern for him in her voice stood to his full height and planted a kiss upon her lips. As he pulled back to break the kiss Naruto was greeted with a soft smile from the woman who was both his boss and his mate. Tsunade for her part had to remind herself that despite the boys matured physique he was still only 13 years old and it would not be right for her to have her way with him right then on her desk. While theoretically there shouldn't be anything wrong with the two of them sleeping together due to their occupation as shinobi granting even one as young as 12 years old adulthood; morally it was a completely different story especially in light of her position as Hokage. If Naruto was to become her successor as she planned then it couldn't be thought that it was because of him being her lover. So it was with that thought that she forced herself to break the embrace and send him on his way to prepare for the mission.

As he made his way through the tower he made sure to stop by the mission office to check the roster. As he did he found that Haku had apparently returned from her latest mission along with teams eight and ten. Since the teams had been restructured after his and Shikamaru's promotions, and of course Sasuke's license being suspended for the time being Sakura had been moved into Shikamaru's slot on team ten allowing Lee to retake his spot with his team. From what he had heard Sakura had been showing a steady and marked improvement under Asuma's tutelage that was helping her to further develop her strategic thinking and genjutsu abilities.

Of course she was also one of the better of the new breed of medic-nin that Tsunade and Shizune were breeding. The new generation of medics they were training was coming along nicely which included Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Haku. He himself had expressed an interest to Tsunade privately about the subject but she felt that he was under too heavy of a strain as it was. However she did pass him a scroll containing information to further his chakra control during his training. Aside from that he was now beginning work on mastering his elemental chakra, his being wind though Jiraiya felt he'd probably develop another one or two. After that all he'd really been doing was studying up on fuinjutsu from the Uzumaki portion of his libraries archives, while he considered himself competent when it came to fuinjutsu he knew he still had a long way to go before he would be considered a master in the art the Uzumaki clan had been famous for.

Shrugging that thought off for another time he glanced up finding himself standing before the entrance to Devil May Cry. As he entered the establishment which he'd inherited he found that as always there was a bit of a crowd scattered throughout the place. He ignored many of the patrons as he moved through the main floor and ascended to the upper level. Moving past the shelves holding different styled kunai and shuriken, display cases displaying tanto's, wakizashi, kodachi and stiletto blades. The walls of the upper levels were lined with various styles of nihonto's. On the left wall hung many katana's, tachi's, and odachi's and nodachi type swords. On the right wall were the taller weapons zanbato's, yari, and bo's were the most prominent. Despite this there were some naginata's and other large weapons capable of reducing someone to a smear on the ground.

Ignoring all of that however the teen made his way to the counter where he found what he was looking for. Since he was going to Kaminari no Kuni (Land of Lightning) he was going to be travelling a little heavier than usual. Usually he went out with Rebellion, Yamato, Kyubi, Ebony & Ivory; today however he was adding some spice to it for this he was taking along Pandora and his new addition the shotgun. Tenten's father Kenji had only just recently finished in remaking the weapon, it being a side project due to the increasing orders he'd been receiving as of late. Regardless the shotgun had seen some improvements over the initial designs Naruto had given Kenji. Whereas before it had been a fairly long weapon in design requiring two hands Kenji had given it a massive makeover, shortening the handle so that it could be wielded one handed and giving it two barrels instead of just one. The handle itself was made of a wood grain as was the base under the barrels which could be held to steady it.

Moving over to a coat rack he grabbed his jacket and swung it around easily sliding it on his form within that motion. Smoothing his collar down so that it bent around the neck guard of the flak vest he then went about filling the vest up with scrolls he felt may be needed, including one that held the shotgun. Once that was done he slid Ebony & Ivory into holsters hidden under his jacket and arms; grabbing Yamato off its place hanging on the wall he twirled the sheathed blade once before it burst into purple lights sealing itself within his arm. With that down he grabbed Rebellion and instead of sealing it slid the broadsword into place on his back. Finishing his look he ran a hand through his hair pushing the bangs out of his face and as he approached the rail overlooking the main floor leaped over it landing easily on his feet and walking out of the shop ignoring the looks of everyone who'd seen the act.

He met the rest of the group at the North Gate arriving about five minutes before the assigned meeting time. As he arrived he was surprised by the sight of Kakashi leaning with his back on the gate with no orange book in sight. Blinking at the sight he pinched his own leg and with that not working bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. With the obvious genjutsu still not fading away he flared his chakra so much so that he caught the attention of both the newer gate guards as well as the members of his assigned team.

"Gaki, what are you doing?" questioned Anko tucking away the kunai she had been twirling around her finger.

"Anko-chan I'm trapped in a genjutsu and I can't get out." Said the youngest member of the team.

"Oh, I felt no genjutsu." Said Hiruzen as he made his approach garbed within the robes of office once more.

"Jiji help; I'm stuck. I was on Kakashi's team there's no way he'd ever be early and not have his book out." Said the teen pointing at said figure.

At Naruto's words Kakashi could only sweat drop while Anko burst out into laughter and Shikaku merely smirked and shook his head. Hiruzen chuckled at the boys words patting the teen on the shoulder seeing as despite his change he was still Naruto deep down.

"Naruto-kun you're not in a genjutsu. Due to recent events Kakashi has just begun to take things more seriously than he has in the last while." Explained the aged and retired Kage getting an understanding nod from the youngest member of the group.

With that situation cleared up the revitalized Sandaime proceeded to sign them out of the gates before they would begin their long trip.

Elsewhere Tenten rested the urge to curse and throw something as she glared at the steaming pile of crap made from her latest efforts. Growing up she had focused her attention exclusively on her studies as a prospective kunoichi and after she had graduated the academy and gone into active service on team Gai that dedication went into her training. She had never really focused on anything outside of that and as she was now fourteen and her wedding was only just two years away her mother was now teaching her how to cook, something she found she had very little talent in. While she didn't want to become a housewife she knew that the day she got pregnant her time in the active service would be over, at least for a period of time. As such she would as much as it galled her learn her 'wifely duties' which was basically the management of the home.

Her situation however was a bit different than what they were for other women though, as she was a part of a set (she refused to admit she was part of a harem), and thus would not have to do the lion's share of the work. All of this had already been discussed between the girls, Haku would manage the household, Hinata would manage the finances, Tenten would manage the shop, Anko would maintain the garden and all three would split the cooking and cleaning. Shizune and Tsunade didn't have to do much of anything thanks to the stress of their positions, and no one was even sure if Hanabi would actually marry Naruto so she hadn't been given a specific job yet. Then there was Tayuya who they found was a disaster waiting to happen when trying to be domestic and thus they had voluntarily excluded from the list of chores, though she would be on laundry duty.

Cleaning she found to be relatively easy as she manipulated chakra strings to pick items up and pack them into scrolls for storage before sealing them. She had also used the ability to sweep, mop, or whatever else helping to further her ability as a sort of training. What was bad however was all three of them found that none of them could cook, hell no one in the whole group could actually cook. Hinata had been raised with people doing nearly everything for her, Anko had never learned and preferred to eat with Kurenai who had known the secret and cooked for her more often than not. Shaking the thought off she chucked her last batch out and after taking a deep breath went about the process once more of trying to make biscuits.

Elsewhere within a darkened labyrinth of tunnels a single figure lay writhing in agony upon his bed. Sweat trickled over his form as Orochimaru shuddered in pain, as the feeling of his current body breaking down hit him once more. As he coughed he turned and spat out a mouthful of blood before straightening himself and calling for Kabuto. The grey haired medic-nin entered the room soon after with a sick smile upon his face.

"Is it ready yet?" demanded the bedridden Sannin.

"Nearly, however this body seems to have developed immunity to the serum, in a few more uses it will be useless." Said the medic.

"Fine then summon what remains of the Four, I need my new body." Commanded the snake-nin.

They travelled in a diamond formation with Kakashi in the lead, Anko and Naruto at the sides and Shikaku bringing up the rear. The first few hours had rushed by them quickly with them taking to the trees and using them as their own personal highway. Of course in order to pass into Kaminari no Kuni they had first had to pass through both Yu no Kuni (Land of Hot Water) and Shimo no Kuni (Land of Frost) as it would take approximately six days to reach Kaminari from Hi no Kuni. In truth Naruto held absolutely no desire to go there especially after all the things that the Raikage had done to those he cared about. However a mission was a mission and the higher the rank the less of a chance you could say no to it. Still that didn't change the fact that he absolutely detested Kumo and its Raikage and would honestly like nothing more than to cut the bastard down.

Already they had covered most of the distance and entered into Kaminari no Kuni. The land had no forest instead it was a rocky mountainous region with Kumogakure sitting in the middle of several of the mountains. After a bit of travelling the Sandaime called the group to a halt motioning to a nearby shaded area for a rest before they covered the last of the journey. For a while each of them were silent as they did what they could to regain lost energy until finally the Sandaime spoke up.

"Naruto while we're there don't let your personal feelings cloud your judgment." Said the man causing Naruto to look up at him with those cold blue eyes that he gained whenever he was in a bad mood.

"Judgment has long since been passed. The only thing to be decided is the time of execution." Stated the teen.

"I thought you'd have calmed down by now." Stated the former Hokage shaking his head with a sigh.

Naruto said nothing but it was the look in his eyes that told the Sandaime that the two of them would not see eye to eye on this issue unless the older man was on his side. It was a look that the man had seen many times in his lifetime which always preceded someone leaving. First it had been Tsunade, then Jiraiya and later on even his own son Asuma, Naruto was different than them however in the fact that he was raised by Uzumaki principles and if the man had learned anything it was that the members of the Uzumaki clan were stubborn and once a mind was made up it was nearly impossible to change it.

A contemplative look settled over Shikaku's face as he witnessed the scene. Unlike Kakashi and Anko he had a pretty good idea of what it was the two were speaking of. This was actually why he had told the Godaime that it wouldn't be a good idea to include Naruto into the mission. However the woman reasoned that he was simply there to listen and learn, as well as to act as an added piece of muscle in case things got dicey. It was clear that the new Hokage didn't care for Kumo or whether or not the non-aggression treaty went through or not, it was a project of the Sandaime's and as such she left the matter entirely in his hands.

Sending Naruto however said a lot, he had after-all publicly killed the Ichibi, even if he was unaware of it that action had made the boy someone to be wary of even for jounin and that combined with his mission record as of late had gained him much notoriety. He was becoming quite the well-known figure mostly known for his luck when it came to his missions usually mislabeled where three times he had ended up playing bodyguard for a princess each time ending with said princess becoming a daimyo who had no problem spreading the stories of his exploits and gaining alliances between their countries and Hi no Kuni without even trying. He'd also prevented a coup in Takigakure and gotten an alliance for the village with them on what was supposed to be a simple d-rank mission he was supervising team 10 on while Asuma had been on a solo mission.

He had defeated the nuke-nin Rokusho Aoi and recovered the Raijin no Ken in the process while on a mission in Cha no Kuni (Land of Tea). He had also rescued princess Kayo of Mitsu no Kuni from the insides of a cursed castle that turned out to be a chameleon summon. Naruto had returned with the summoning contract for chameleons which brought their total number of major summoning contracts back up to three. That wasn't even counting the mission that had seemingly started it all which was the one in Nami no Kuni. Due to all of that many of the leaf nin where actually quite miffed that the blond had gotten more high profile, or village benefitting missions in a year than many of them had been on in their entire careers and they had all been due to sheer happenstance. For each mislabeled mission Naruto and whatever team he was with got a bonus to match the ranking on top of what pay they were owed from the original ranking. The retrieval of the Raijin and its thief had also been quite lucrative for the boy as the Raijin was considered not just a legendary weapon but a national treasure and Aoi had been an A-rank nuke-nin and Naruto had captured him alive much to Ibiki's satisfaction.

No, Naruto wasn't there for any type of peaceful reason. Naruto was included as a warning, no one was really sure what he'd done to the Shikaku and sending him would send the message to the Raikage that he could lose his bijuu if not careful. He doubted such a warning would go over well as the Raikage was known more for his emotional outburst than anything else sending Naruto would be more like a taunt in that man's mind. He would see it as the Godaime's way of saying 'Try it, I dare you' than as any form of determent. No this mission had gone up from regular troublesome to uber troublesome.

Back within Konoha within the Namikaze Estates library Tayuya frowned as she sat at a desk with several books and scrolls on hand. Naruto had told her that she had progressed to the point where she didn't need him to hold her hand while she studied up on seals any longer, only to review them with either himself or Jiraiya before she tried to recreate one. At the same time she had a few clones of herself looking over books and scrolls of their own. However they were looking up all they could on the Uzumaki specific history and skills, as both Uzumaki and Namikaze specialized in fuinjutsu that wasn't much of a problem however she had no idea what Uzumaki were good at aside from that.

She had been studying up on what made her clan so feared and respected for the last few months. She wasn't like a lot of the people in the leaf in that she had virtually no knowledge of her clan and its abilities. She had been with Orochimaru since she was a little girl even if she hated the pale faced fuck she had basically grown up under him. At least she could say that she wasn't one of the people whose parents he'd killed to claim, she'd just been unlucky enough to have been an orphan in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now that she had access she was learning all that she could about her roots, everything from history and characteristics, to skills and anything else she could get her hands on. She'd previously found an old Uzumaki clan cookbook and while she couldn't cook to save her life had secretly asked Ayame to teach her the basics.

As it was she was thankful that Kushina had thought to relocate the contents of the Uzumaki clan library here as she now had everything at her fingertips. She had already started her Uzumaki style training in earnest learning whatever chakra control exercise she could find and she had needed it. After her mate mark had settled her body had eventually been flooded with chakra more than she had known what to do with. Jiraiya had theorized that the cursed seal had actually impeded the growth of her own natural reserves which as an Uzumaki were meant to be massive. Of course her reserves were nowhere near as massive as Naruto's but it was triple the amount she'd had with the cursed seal. Because of that Naruto had taught her the Kage Bunshin in order to help her speed up her learning though she couldn't use it quite like he could she was capable of using ten clones to learn which was more than just about anyone else could say. Her thoughts on the matter however came to a screeching halt as a scroll quickly caught her attention.


They were met about a mile outside of Kumo's gates by a squad of Kumo's BOLT forces Kumo's counterpart to the Leaf Village's ANBU. They had escorted them through the gates and directly to the Raikage's office. As they moved Naruto noticed that most everyone out on the streets were dressed in military garb but otherwise ignored everything about the place. Finally they made it to the Raikage's office where they were immediately ushered up to his office where Naruto got his first look at the man. He was a dark-skinned man with a large muscular build, with his white hair combed back, a small moustache and beard. His face held pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead. He has pointed canines and his top lip also has a darker hue than the bottom one.

"Ah Sandaime-dono you've arrived sooner than I expected." Said the Raikage as he looked up to greet him.

"Yes well I've found I have more energy now than I've had in the last twenty years."

As he said this the Sandaime surprised those from Kumo as he removed his Kage hat revealing his youthful appearance. For his part instead of widening his eyes the Raikage narrowed them as this development came to him. Instead of an old man of 69 years of age he was dealing with a man that appeared twenty years younger. Of course he'd heard the rumors in the last few months that somehow the Sandaime Hokage had been revitalized, given back a portion of his youth. He had never put much stock into such things though, people didn't get younger after all, yet here the man stood proving the rumors to have been true for once.

As the Hokage took an offered seat the Raikage took a moment to look over those who had traveled with him. He recognized both Hatake Kakashi and Nara Shikaku quite easily while Mitarashi Anko took a few moments to recognize. It was the fourth and youngest of the team that he didn't recognize at all, and in the shinobi world that was dangerous. If he had to guess he would say that the boy was fourteen maybe fifteen with eyes of such a cold looking blue they may as well have been chips of colored ice.

"Shall we get down to business." Said Hiruzen bringing the man's focus to himself.

As the two Kage's were set to begin negotiations Naruto and Anko left the room escorted to the hotel they were to be staying at for the time being. Due to whom they were traveling with and the purpose of their mission the hotel they were put up in was supposedly one of the finest Kumo had to offer. Naruto didn't care to look around the place simply settling for the knowledge that it was a suite and had two rooms within it. Without a word to Kakashi he entered one of the rooms and after creating a single clone settled himself on the bed and closed his eyes.

His eyes opened to the familiar sight of the torch lit catacombs of his mindscape. His feet traveled unhurriedly as he moved through the tunnels towards his destination; which took all of three minutes to arrive at. It was honestly the first time he'd ventured into his mindscape in quite a while, after the mission in Yuki no Kuni Kyuubi had decided to take a nap and Naruto hadn't seen fit to disturb him. However as he entered the chamber that held the tailed beasts prison he didn't hesitate in walking up to the gates and banging on them with force. His strength having increased noticeably after his ascension had an immediate effect as each strike to the gate resounded around the chamber like the banging of a gong or that of a bell. The fox reacted like anyone would towards an alarm clock and moved to swat the source of the banging which Naruto using a quick Air Trick to escape the sharp nails.

"Oi you awake fox?" questioned the teen.

"I am now. What do you want brat?" questioned the fox eyes just barely opened enough for the fox to see out of.

"I've been assigned a mission to act as part of the old man's guard while he negotiates a non-aggression pact with Kumo. I need you awake while we're here." Explained Naruto.

Immediately as the words were spoken the fox's eyes snapped open into full alertness as the foxes eyes burned a deep red as a fierce killing intent filled the chamber. Had he been completely human Naruto was pretty much sure that the intent would have killed him by itself. However as a devil he was able to withstand it though a bead of sweat did fall from his face. After a few minutes the demon lord was able to reign in his bloodlust as seen when the red from its eyes dulled down.

"How goes the recovery?" questioned the blonde.

"I'm at about eighty percent I'd say. Given another month my power will be fully restored"

That was good news as far as Naruto was concerned. After his mission in Yuki no Kuni his body had stopped siphoning Kyuubi's chakra and it had begun to flow back into the fox. Naruto hadn't told anyone of that detail as overtime the fox had taken on an advisory role in his life. Besides the seal was still intact so there was no risk of the fox escaping as far as he was concerned, plus he had noticed that the more power the fox had the stronger the devil arm was when in use. Whereas before it had allowed him to use Katon, Suiton and Doton techniques without seals they now not only did that but he had noticed massive increases in speed and power when he was wearing the devil arm.

"Have you figured out that gift you got from the Legacy yet?" questioned the fox.

"Some things though I doubt I have discovered all of its secrets." Said the blond causing the fox to snort.

"Most likely you are only just barely scratching the surface. A gift from the Legacy is one that evolves the stronger that you become. It may take you years yet to truly master it." Explained the fox

"Hopefully it will be enough when the bastard Raikage tries something." Stated the teen

The fox was silent in response to that. Both of them fully expected the Raikage to try something as it would be completely out of his character not to. The fox knew that Naruto had studied his father's counterpart in depth. He knew of the man's skill with nintaijutsu in his case of the lightning variety. What the man did was enshroud himself in lightning chakra which he used to stimulate his nervous system in effect strengthening his defense as well as giving a boost in speed and strength. However knowing of something and being prepared or equipped to deal with it was a completely separate issue.

Sasuke glared out over the water from the small pier he used to train his techniques. For nearly six months he had been a practical prisoner in his own home with the suspension of his license. Not only that but they had actually had the gall to seal away his Sharingan. Then to top that off that bastard Kakashi had actually come and told him to give up on his revenge, as if that bastard knew anything and he hadn't seen him since. That didn't matter to him though if he wasn't going to help him by furthering the power he held than he was useless to him. Instead he'd spent months scouring the clan district in order to find the clan library only to find that there wasn't one! Apparently from what he'd been able to discover the clan had stopped recording jutsu down and instead had just started letting the other members copy what they knew. They had thought that they'd cheated the learning system only now that decision had come back to bite him in the ass. Such thoughts however were cut off as he turned and found four people standing before him.

On the left was a large teen that stood at about 5'9 and had to way over two hundred pounds. He had orange eyes and three tufts of orange hair on his head: a mohawk of sorts that ran down the middle and two similar styled tufts of hair at the side. He wore a sleeveless tunic with a white ying-yang symbol near the hem. Beside him was a dark-skinned shinobi with black, shaggy hair and black eyes who stood at perhaps 5'2. Strangely, he also had six arms. He wore a black, sleeveless top and shorts, over which he wore a tunic that bore the same symbol as the last one. To the far right there was another whohad dark grey hair with long bangs that covered one of his eyes similar to how Naruto's did from what he remembered. He was the shortest of the bunch at only 5'0 even and for some strange reason wore turquoise lipstick, and brown eye-liner.

However it was the fourth that commanded the most attention. He stood slightly ahead of the others but still within the line and stood at perhaps 5'4. He had pale skin, vivid green eyes two red dots on his forehead and shoulder length white hair which he wore divided down the middle on his head with two separate partings on either side of his face. He wore a light lavender, loose-fitting, long-sleeved, zip-up shirt, black pants cut off around mid-calf. All of them however wore bandages wrapped around their ankles, traditional shinobi sandals, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around their waists.

"Who are you and what do you want." Demanded the Uchiha as he turned to face them fully.

"Uchiha Sasuke, our master Orochimaru-sama extends an invitation for you to join us." Stated the white haired one, clearly the one in charge.

"I'm listening."

Naruto had known it was coming but not even he had thought that the man was as impulsive as he was showing himself to be. They had only been in Kumo for three days which Naruto had spent pretty much keeping to himself. Unlike the others he did not venture out much and it was clear he held absolutely zero interest with Kumo. The one day he did venture out to guard over the Sandaime he had been as cold as an iceberg in Yuki no Kuni's waters. It wasn't until now the third day of negotiations that he was informed that something had happened. Apparently the Raikage didn't believe that a non-aggression pact would serve any purpose for his village and from the short briefing he was given the man probably felt that now was a good time to make a move on Konoha. After all they had just fought off an invasion not long ago so they couldn't possibly be at full strength; Naruto would've sighed at the man's stupidity if he didn't feel so insulted.

What was surprising was the Sandaime's method for dealing with it. Instead of trying to do things in a diplomatic matter he'd proposed a small wager. One of his guards would fight an opponent of the Raikage's choice, with the exception of someone called 'B'. If the Raikage's choice won he wouldn't have to sign it, if the Hokage's choice won however he would and agree to a few stipulations as well; the Raikage agreed though only if he himself picked who fought and Naruto was picked. What was surprising was that as far back as he could remember the old man had always sought out the most peaceful methods first so allowing him to be the one to fight was out of character as he held no love for Kumo.

On the other hand it may not be out of character at all. 'The Professor' as people in Konoha called him was always trying to teach a lesson in some way, perhaps this was another lesson he was meant to learn. That thought actually put a frown on his face as he wondered what the old man was trying to get at, or prove in this case. Whatever the case he would have to put it aside for the time being and instead focus on the battle to come. He and Anko were being led by a team of Kumo nin, one boy and two girls oddly enough but Naruto was ignoring them as they were inconsequential as far as he was concerned. Anko had attempted to return Agni and Rudra but he had declined the offer, he had come well enough equipped as far as he was concerned. Eventually they found themselves within a training area surrounded on all sides by nothing but mountainous terrain.

As he arrived he could see the Sandaime off to the side with Kakashi and Shikaku while the Raikage was beside him with a fairly tall dark-skinned man along with him. He had a slightly bulbous nose, a lazy look in his eyes and shaggy, white hair which covers his left eye. He wore a high-collared, sleeveless uniform with loose fitting pants, bandages on his wrists and the one-strap-over-one-shoulder flak jacket that Kumo-nin were known for. Aside from him stood the woman he recognized as the Raikage's assistant, however none of them held his attention, instead that honor went to the woman that stood out in the center on her own. The woman stood at about 5'5 making her just an inch taller than he himself was and had long, straight, blonde, hair bound with taut bandages and dark blue eyes. She wore a short-sleeved black and purple blouse and black pants, both of which had a design similar to clouds on them, purple fingerless gloves and a chain of white beads wound around her left hand. She also wore her hitae-tae on her forehead, sandals and kunai holster which was strapped to her right thigh. Finally she wore bandages around her arms and legs as well as a red belt around her waist.

"Alright you two the rules are simple. Anything goes as long as neither of you dies. The winner is the last one standing unless one of you yields. Hajime."

Immediately the woman had launched herself forward covering the distance in the time it would take most to blink Naruto leapt away just before she materialized in his former position. Tossing a pair of shuriken he was unsurprised when she avoided and undeterred gave chase aiming to close the distance. Despite her speed her avoidance allowed him a moments freedom which he used quickly drawing both Ebony and Ivory the sound of thunderclaps echoing as he himself took aim. Eyes widening in surprise the woman yelped as she just barely leapt away her wide eyes watching a metal slug as it zipped by her head and imbedded itself into the side of the mountain. Narrowing her eyes she took a cautious step forward as she watched the strange weapons only to be surprised as he tucked them back under his jacket. Meanwhile Naruto frowned as he looked at the woman before him eyeing her warily.

"Are you sure?" he inwardly questioned Kyuubi as he was the one who stopped him.

"Positive, you can't sense it because her seals a bit different but from this close I can feel that twin tailed little hellcat." Stated Kyuubi.

"What's your name?" questioned Naruto surprising her.

"Nii Yugito, and you." Answered the woman.

"Naruto, Sparda Uzumaki Naruto."

As he said this he was greeted with the sight of her eyes flashing for a brief instant but it was more than enough for him to feel the flash of demonic chakra from the action. Grinning despite the situation he summoned Kyuubi's Devil Arm and hopped from foot to foot for a few moments before settling into a stance motioning with his right hand for her to come at him. Yugito took the invitation eagerly running through seals at a quick rate as she did the results causing her nails to grow into foot long blades. In the next instant Yugito put on a burst of speed covering the distance in the blink of an eye and Naruto found himself only just barely avoiding the thrust she made with her right hand made deadly by the foot long blades her nails had become. Undeterred she pressed him and Naruto quickly found himself on the defensive dodging with all he had as Yugito let off with a barrage of attacks her arms mere blurs. Finally Yugito smirked as she feigned a strike with her right only to redirect at the last instant for a thrust in line with his head, only instead of meeting flesh she found herself falling forward as Naruto had vanished. There was no dodging, ducking or even sliding out, there wasn't even any bursting as with a clones dispersal, the boy had simply vanished ; there one second and gone the next.

Reappearing in mid-air behind her Naruto landed soundlessly and eyed the woman with a frown. While not as bad as his spars with Jiraiya the woman had still outclassed him in terms of speed in that exchange to the point he hadn't even been able to counterattack. Granted he hadn't used any of Kyuubi's special abilities or even truly tapped into his own speed but that was beside the point as he hadn't expected that the woman could possess that type of speed, though he still wasn't actually worried. It had been quite a while since anyone outside of Jiraiya had given him an actual challenge this was especially true after his ascension and while normally he would have welcomed the challenge on this day his expression was anything but welcoming. In fact those watching on the sidelines were greeted to the sight of the dismissal of the Devil Arm as the aura around the teen had suddenly become even colder and dark as he summoned Yamato to his left hand while using his right to push his hair back causing it to spike up.

Yugito had not been idle however and had turned firing a large fireball at him only for Yamato to cut through it with ease sending the two half's flying off in separate directions for few moments before both exploded. This time it was Naruto who leapt to the offensive with Yugito bringing her claws up to block the horizontal swipe aimed at her midsection only to yelp and leap away as the nails were cut through easily. Even while she avoided her hands formed a quick chain of seals before she spat out a ball of fire that quickly took the shape of a mouse multiplying by ten as it set a course for Naruto. Unbothered by such a tactic Naruto slashed once and a horizontal blade shot out from the sword to strike the mice causing each of them to detonate.

Without even a pause he began rotating the blade in front of him so that it spun at quick speeds managing to intercept a hail of small fireballs that had been launched at him. at the same time Yugito appeared launching herself through the air to descend on the occupied teen only for Naruto to scoff as he brought his left hand into a half ram seal, an unneeded action sure but caution never hurt anyone. With the action Yugito could only go wide eyed as a pair of ethereal blades that she could just tell were made of chakra appeared one on each side of Naruto's head before they were launched at her each burying themselves into her midsection before her form was replaced by that of a skewered piece of rock.

Narrowing his eyes at the sight he took a step back just as Yugito came bursting out from the ground only to be rewarded by him cutting her in half at the waist before both halves darkened and fell into a bisected boulder. In the next instant Yugito struck emerging from the ground and aiming to run him straight through the back with her blade-like nails leading only for him to vanish with a quick Air Trick. Reappearing in mid-air the young devil finally decided that enough was enough and vanished once again only to reappear skidding to a halt a few feet behind the Kumo nin. For several moments both were still before Naruto stood from his crouched position and slowly slid Yamato into its sheath before with a 'clink' Yugito suddenly collapsed and he himself moved to walk away.

"Don't walk away from me, we're not finished yet." Came Yugito's voice causing him to turn and regard her as she glared and tried to pull herself back to her feet.

Turning away from the sight he stopped as a massive amount of power erupted from behind him. Turning towards it he was greeted to the sight of Yugito standing on her feet surrounded by blue fire, however peering closer he could see that her eyes had changed while one was now yellow in color the other had turned a dark green. If that wasn't enough a deep gash in her stomach could be seen sealing itself shut as the fire-like chakra seemed to intensify. In the next instant she vanished and Naruto found himself flying backwards as he was hit with all the force of a battering ram. Recovering quickly he flipped so that he was on his feet and managed to skid to a stop after sliding several additional feet. Looking up he was just in time to see Yugito release a scream of rage as her body literally exploded with a blaze of fire that he had no doubt could be seen for miles. As the flames died down it revealed the form of a gigantic hellcat though not as big as Shukaku had been it was still way bigger than him.

However while not as large the power that was putting out surpassed that of what he remembered feeling from Shukaku, yet this time he didn't have the space necessary to summon Gamabunta who was the only toad he knew that could stand against a bijuu.

Unlike others that would be put in this position or even those on the sidelines none of these thoughts went through Naruto's mind, and he wasn't even worried in the slightest. Instead an unholy rage suddenly came over him with such fierceness his eyes turned a pure blood red and a killing intent unlike any of those witnessing the scene had ever felt had suddenly engulfed the area. On the sidelines Hiruzen could only watch in shock as a deep red chakra suddenly began to cover the teen before he vanished and reappeared slamming a gauntlet covered fist into the face of the large cat that hit with such force it was sent flying and slamming into the side of a mountain.

"Finally an excuse; get up!" roared the teen

"You dare…" began the cat only to be suddenly cut of as a massive ball of fire suddenly slammed into the mountain with the cat only just barely dodging aside.

"SHUT UP. YOU WILL PAY FOR EVERY DROP OF UZUMAKI BLOOD SPILT AND I WILL PAINT THIS PLACE RED WITH YOUR BLOOD BEFORE I RIP YOUR SOUL OUT OF YOUR BROKEN BODY!" roared the teen the demonic tone and the sheer amount of hatred pouring from him shocking everyone.


The bijuu couldn't even fully get the word out before it was interrupted by a large glowing hand made of pure energy that grabbed hold of its head before lifting it and slamming it down into the ground with such force the entire place shook. Suddenly the ground exploded as the large hellcat shot up and moved to slam a clawed hand down on the teen only for Naruto to catch it shocking everyone at the show of strength.

"Look I don't know what your problem is…" the bijuu was cut off as it was suddenly launched backwards several dozen feet only to flip and land on its feet skidding to a halt.

"My problem, my problem is Kumo. You power hungry bastards invaded Uzu no Kuni and killed every man, woman and child so you could get your hands on our fuinjutsu. When that didn't work you bastards tried kidnapping my mother. Then you tried kidnapping the Hyuga Heiress my best friend and your greatest offence that same night you bastards assaulted my home and tried to not only kidnap me, but you killed my mother! The Sandaime may have let that shit slide but I won't, there will be no more from you lot and I'll make that example perfectly clear with you."

As Naruto finished speaking a monstrous amount of power suddenly poured out from him before a large dome of chakra incased him before bursting outwards. When it cleared it revealed something no one there was prepared to see for in the teens place was something that while humanoid in form was what could only be a demon. The figure stood at the height of 5'4" with a semi-reptilian looking hide and a pair of sweeping horns that started from the back of it head and came around so that they hung down to the front of his shoulders. A pair of large bat-like wings could be seen on his back along with two pairs of insectoid wings and cloven hooves for feet.

His body itself seemed to be completely covered in what looked to be dark silver armor with accents and overtones that were black as night. He also seemed to have a few ornamental decorative features such as the gold trim around what had once been his collar bone that went down to the top of his chest on each side. A vertical blood red gem could be seen on his forehead, between his slanted equally blood red eyes with a gold trim around it. He also had golden knee and elbow guards, while the elbows were mere caps the knee guards were horned skulls. Both of his arms were now in the form of Devil Bringers though now black where it had once been red and silver where it had been blue. The crack that had once glowed blue now had a golden glow that was mirrored by his clawed hands.

In an instant he vanished and in the next a mountain had exploded. Wide-eyed those watching could only turn in shock to see him standing in the place that Nibi had just been standing back to normal and looking out at the billowing smoke cloud at least before he was suddenly surrounded by several dark portals allowing several figures to drop out to surround him. The creatures hovered over the ground despite the fact that their angel like wings were folding around their bodies.

"I'm not in the mood, it would be in your best interest to go crawl back under whatever hole the lot of you came from." Stated Naruto seriously not even bothering to remove his gaze from the mountain.

As one the creatures converged on his position only for him to vanish reappearing on the sidelines just in front of Shikaku getting him to jump. In a swirl of lights Naruto was suddenly holding a briefcase in hand before holding it up in the air by the handle. The case quickly was covered in a golden glow before he slammed it to the ground the glow clearing to reveal that it had changed shape and Naruto was now standing behind a large circular device. Naruto chuckled darkly as the front of the device began to glow red for nearly a second before a blast of what everyone clearly recognized as demonic chakra shot out from the device quickly covering the distance and incinerating the demons on contact. In an instant Pandora had folded back up and Naruto dismissed it.

Before anything could be said or done the Nibi made its reappearance only this time it was even more massive shocking many. However what put Naruto off was that there was no intent behind its appearance which caused him to frown as the bijuu made its way towards him.

"Descendant of Sparda, I have listened to your grievance and have spoken to my brother concerning this issue. It is true Kumo and it's Raikage's have wronged you, and their actions and thirst for power has had a negative impact on your life. However I must ask you to stop here, do not let your anger consume you." Stated the Bijuu shocking everyone.

"And why not, why should I not return the action bestowed upon me. Why should I not keep going until every last man, woman and child in Kumo lies dead at me feet?" questioned Naruto.

"Four thousand years ago, my siblings and I fought alongside Sparda to save this world. Two thousand years ago we fought alongside Dante to do so again. You are a protector down to your very soul, do not allow someone as lowly as him to taint your soul."

"Very well. This once I will stay my blade, but should Kumo cross me again it will be destroyed along with any and every one in it." Said Naruto before slow clapping was heard bringing everyone's attention to its source.

The source in this case was a woman who wore a pair of black leather pants and a black top that exposed her mid-riff and did nothing to hide the swell of her breast. She had long blond hair and as she removed a pair of sunglasses revealed she had a pair of blue eyes.

"Well now it's good you managed to calm down. For a second I thought I'd have to step in."

Four days later found the group returning from Kumo into a somber village. They had been delayed as after dealing with what he'd had to deal with that day Naruto had proceeded to render Anko incapable of walking, though the blissful smile on her face every time the memory came up showed she didn't care. They were also being accompanied by the woman who'd made her appearance in Kumo who had revealed her name to be Trish, which was all Naruto needed to hear to give her his undivided attention. However she had been unwilling to speak of the reason for her being there in Kumo and had stated it could wait until they had returned to Konoha. Now they were only just entering the village gates when a tan blur slammed into the teen which Naruto caught to reveal a crying Hinata.

"Hey Hina-chan what's wrong?" questioned the teen causing the girl to look up at him before burying her face into his chest.

Worried he was about to move her so he could look into her eyes when Tenten came upon them and by the scowl on her face Naruto could see she was pissed.

"What happened?" questioned Naruto.

"That bastard Uchiha defected." Said Tenten causing everyone that was there to actually pause.

"What?" questioned Kakashi.

"The bastard defected to Oto. We thought he was kidnapped and Tsunade-sama sent a team out to help him, only for him to prove otherwise. Now Choji's and Neji are both in the ICU and only hanging on by a thread, Kiba and Shino are in surgery and Lee nearly died. That bastard shoved a damn Chidori through his shoulder and left him to drown if Gai-sensei hadn't gotten there when he did…" explained Tenten cutting herself off as Naruto pulled her into a hug.

"Naruto, take the girls home, I'll see Tsunade and find out what happened while we were gone." Stated Hiruzen getting a nod from the teen.

With that Naruto and Anko left escorting Tenten and Hinata back to the Namikaze estate. Once they had gotten home Naruto found Hanabi had cried herself to sleep on his bed and only shifted her slightly so that all five of them fit. Hours later Naruto was awoken to the sight of a tired looking Tsunade while he could see Shizune crashed at the foot of his bed though still awake if only just barely. Shaking all of the girls awake, including Anko. The only ones still absent were Haku and Tayuya who had booth been sent out on a mission and were due back in a day. Iit took several minutes before everyone was coherent and turned their attention to Tsunade.

"You'll all be happy to know that your friends are all fine. Choji, Neji, and Lee are going to be out of action for a while but they'll recover. Kiba suffered a deep stab wound but he's recovered enough where I'll be releasing him into his mother's care tomorrow along with Shino." Stated Tsunade getting everyone to sigh in relief.

"I believe I have waited long enough, though given the circumstances I shall let it pass." Stated Trish making her presence known.

"I apologize, you can speak freely among us." Stated Naruto shocking all of the females.

"I see these are all your mates, excluding the child." Stated Trish getting a nod from Naruto while several other eyes narrowed.

"A while ago rumors began spreading that an heir to the Sparda bloodline had been discovered in the human world. Naturally we were intrigued and I was sent to find out if the rumors were true, I watched you for a while but until you lost your temper in Kumo I never had solid proof. Now that I know that the rumors are true I would like to invite you to my home in the demon realm where we shall train you." Stated Trish

"Why?" questioned Tsunade with narrowed eyes.

"First and foremost he has very little control of his power, otherwise he'd have already regained his natural form and wouldn't look like a Dante clone. Also as the mother of his line I feel it is my duty to look out for him and as such all of you. While he can come to our realm you shall all also receive training to control your demonic power. Besides Kushina would like some time with her son." Stated Trish shocking everyone.

"I was on my way to check on you that night. Once you passed out I took her and was able to heal her up however the Kami will not allow us to bring her back yet." Stated Trish.

"How long would he be gone?" questioned Hinata, already knowing he'd go if only to see his mother again.

"A year and a half at most." Stated Trish.

"Well this actually works out." Stated Tsunade shocking everyone.

"It just so happens Jiraiya and I were speaking of the two of you going on a trip together for a few years to get you ready for Akatsuki, the group Itachi and Kisame are a part of, since they've gone underground and he wanted you for the next two and a half." Informed Tsunade

"Right so I go on this training trip and halfway through I'll meet up with you for my more demonic training." Said Naruto so that he had everything straight.

'Ne, Naruto-kun before you go can I have my mark?" questioned Hanabi shocking everyone.

"Nabi-chan you know what that means." Said Naruto.

"It means I'll be your wife, and our family will always be together." Said Hanabi shocking everyone with her response.

"We'll talk to your dad about it in the morning alright firecracker." Said Naruto poking her in the stomach getting her to giggle before he began tickling her in earnest.

As Hanabi squealed it was almost like a signal as everyone dogpiled to get in on the fun and Trish only looked on with a smile before her form faded from view leaving the family to their time of peace.

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