Bus Stop

When I first saw him at the bus-stop, I couldn't take my eyes off him. Ever since then, I've been waiting at that bus-stop every single morning for him. When I ride the bus with him, though we're not sitting in the same seat, my heart pounds really fast, and I don't know what's going on.

In class, all I ever think about is him. My notebook has doodles of him, plus a few hearts drawn with my red marker. When he stands up to answer a question, I find myself staring at him. He's like a magnet, and I'm an iron nail - I'm attracted to him.

I dream about him at night. That he says he loves me and would like me to be his girlfriend. But the reality is, he already has someone he likes. Sakura is a nice girl, she'll take care of him. I decided that I would be contented just by looking at him, and dreaming of him. That's enough for me.

He often gets scolded by the teachers. For eating secretly eating ramen during lessons, or sleeping in class. You know, when he sleeps, he drools all over his desk. I feel so lucky to be sitting beside him in class. Though Sakura says he's disgusting and stupid, I think he's really nice.

Once, he was accused of bringing "Icha Icha Paradise" to school and reading it in class. Everyone called him 'stupid', 'pervert' and 'idiot'. But I refused to believe that he had done such a thing. I trust him. Of course he didn't bring the book to school; it had to be Kakashi sensei's book!

He loves ramen. He loves it more than money. I always bring two cups of cup ramen to school. He sometimes forgets to bring his lunchbox. When that happens, I quickly run to my desk, take out one cup of ramen from my school bag, and give it to him. The smile on his face is as sweet as candy when he says, "thank you, Hinata! How did you know I wanted to eat ramen?"

It's obvious, Naruto. The whole class knows you like to eat ramen. You know, I wouldn't mind giving you free ramen everyday, in exchange for that goofy, yet sweet smile of yours.

I'm really glad that I take the public bus every morning. Even when Kiba offers to take me to school on his bicycle, I refuse, because I want to see you.

I really like you.