Before you start reading this fic, I would like you to know that the events that follow take place after the last episode of the Anime, La Corda D'oro Primo Passo. A great ending... yes, but I think it needs more. Episode 26 is just the new beginning for the near future of our 'dear Kahoko-chan'. What am I talking about you ask? You'll just have to find out yourself. Hehe. So here it is ladies and gents.

Disclaimer: I don't own La Corda D'oro, seriously. It would be a great privilege if I did. hahaha!

For those who haven't watched Episode 26 yet, here's a summary of 'A Summer Encore' :

Hino Kahoko successully performed Schubert's Ave Maria in the last selection of the concours. Even though she learned that piece for a very short time, it wasn't surprising that she did well because she was really working hard. As you all know, her violin is now a normal one since its magic escaped when the strings snapped. Now, she's taking lessons at Tashiri Violin classes to continue improving her skills.

Kanazawa 'Kanayan' Hiroto invited the participants to another training camp even though the concours are over. They had a theme which is 'To Seek The One & Only Tune'. They stayed at that camp for two days and three nights. The guys took this opportunity to give Kahoko a clue as to what they feel about her. What they did? Played music for her.

Kazuki & Kahoko did a duet of Gavotte at Hill Park.

Yunoki played Notturno D'amor or Serenade with his flute at the entrance hall in the middle of the night and she was there to listen.

Shimizu wanted her to hear his playing so he brought her to a church that would resonate the sound of his baroque cello and played Suites for Solo Cello no. 1, Prelude.

Tsukimori was asked to relieve a stressed dolphin at the aquarium. He bumped into Kahoko on his way. He played Romance no. 2, using her as an inspiration.

Lastly, Tsuchiura brought her to the piano room and dedicated Dreams of Love for her, saying that she was the one who opened his closed doors to music.

Looks like 'The Violin Romance' is starting after all neh?

Summary of What She Feels:

Continues Episode 26: A Summer Encore. Have you ever wondered how the guys will confess their love for Hino? Got any idea how she'll pick between them? Needless to say, are you ready for the final close of the anime?

The 'VIOLIN ROMANCE' is a huge issue in this Anime besides the Intra school Music Competition. So, I decided to bring on the love between the concour participants. Heck, everybody may want a little romance in their lives. Put in the fluff! hehehe.

If you have any comments or suggestions in improving this story, PLEASE feel free to leave a review for me. Alright? Thanks a lot!

Now, on with the story.

The one and only tune is one you can't hear but anywhere else at the moment...

Saturday Night

The tune of Salut D' Amor echoed in the garden.

"The music they played seem a lot warmer today."

Hino smiled at the thought while she poured out her feelings in playing the violin for her friends. Honest music is indeed her specialty. The audience was enraptured by her playing. She continued to run the bow on the strings of the violin. The last note hung in the air with defiance. She opened her eyes to look at her audience. They clapped at her brilliant performance.

"That was really good Kaho-chan!" Hihara gave her a thumbs up.

"Arigato senpai. Still… I'm not satisfied," she replied as she put down the instrument. Having practiced that piece for only a short while made her doubtful about her performance.

"What are you getting so worked up about? That wasn't so bad you know. You'll get that one and only tune," Tsuchiura ruffled her hair.

"Yah! I guess you're right," she tucked her tresses behind her ear, attempting to fix her hair to where it has been.

"But Kaho-senpai… Your music... is... the same as usual...that same feeling..." Shimizu said, yawning between words.

Hino just smiled. Somehow, she was bit mystified at his words.

"Let's call it a day," Kanazawa said to the students. He patted Hihara on the back with a little more force than necessary, motioning him to go inside. But unfortunately for Hihara, he was sitting in a reverse position in the chair and it tipped forward causing him to fall down hard on the ground.

"A-ah!!" he screamed as he let himself fall flat on his face with his arms waving around all over the place.

Tsuchiura tried to help him up.

"Daijoubu?"Hino asked.

Hihara looked up and saw Hino bending down towards him. Their face were inches away but Hino remained oblivious to the distance. He blushed at this and scrambled to let himself up without Tsuchiura's help. Amou took note of this reaction.

"I-I-I'm fine," he replied shakily.

Seeing that her senpai was all better (same dense Kahoko) she turned to Kanazwa, "Neh, Kanazawa-sensei, don't you think it's a little too early?"

"She's right sensei," Yunoki agreed.

"Suit yourself. I really hate saying teacher-like things. I'm going to bed,"he waved his hand dismissively and headed upstairs, leaving the students behind.

"mmm... I'll bring Ms. Amou back as well before it gets darker," Ousaki offered.

"Hai. Arigato!"Amou replied. She turned to Hino.

"Violin Romance Hino-chan. It's all here,"she whispered tauntingly.

She giggled excitedly when she said that.

"I'll see you!" Both Ousaki and Amou left afterwards.

"I guess that's settled," Tsuchiura declared, shrugging his shoulders.

"I'll just go upstairs and put away my violin," Hino told them, eyes twitching a bit from Amou's remark.

"I'll come with you senpai..." Fuyuumi shyly offered her company.

"Alright," Hino smiled back at her.

The twosome went up the second floor. Hino opened the bedroom door. It was pitch black inside the room so she turned on the lights.

"Are you going to bed Fuyuumi-chan?" she asked when she noticed Fuyuumi putting down her clarinet case and going over to her bag.

"Hai. I'm tired from playing the clarinet today so I guess I'll call it a day too," she replied as she pulled out her night gown.

"I see. I'll just go down and check what the guys are up to." She wasn't sleepy yet and wanted to do something before going to bed.

"Alright. Oyasumi nasai Kaho-senpai," Fuyuumi called out when Hino headed for the door.

She left Fuyuumi inside the room. When she came out, she was surprised to see Hihara leaning on the doorway as if waiting for her to open the door.

"Hihara-senpai!" she almost screamed with fright. Who wouldn't be? Seeing a pair of brown eyes staring at you from the door in a dimly lit hallway is pretty scary.

"Kaho-chan, I was wondering if you would like to join us for a game of Body Twist," Hihara asked.

"Eh?? Body Twist? That sounds challenging. Sure. Why not?" Apparently, it's her first time hearing about that game.

"That's great! Come on!" Hihara was so glad that he grabbed Hino's hand and pulled her along the stairs.

Downstairs at the den, the guys were waiting for Hihara to come back. Tsuchiura was spreading the Body Twist sheet on the carpeted floor. Tsukimori was sitting on the sofa looking absent-mindedly at what Tsuchiura was doing. Yunoki and Shimizu passed and decided to watch the game instead. It wasn't exactly their 'thing' so they sat down beside Tsukimori.

"We're back!" Hihara shouted when he opened the door and revealed a certain someone with him.

"Yo. So you decided to join eh Hino?" Tsuchiura asked in an almost menacing tone that scared her a bit.

"h-hai,"she replied.

"I didn't know you play this kind of game Kaho-senpai," Shimizu said as he saw her come in the room.

"Ehehe. This is actually my first time," Hino replied with her hand scratching the back of her head, a tinge of nervousness hidden as she spoke.

"Oh? Be careful with her boys," Yunoki half-joked, half-implied.

"Come on Yunoki! We're gentle. You know that!" Hihara retorted. He wanted to look like a gentleman in front of Hino.

"Hey Tsukimori! Are you going to join us or are you going to chicken out?!" Tsuchiura teased when he noticed Tsukimori looking impassively at the game sheet.

"I'll join," Tsukimori replied, giving him a death glare. Nobody calls him chicken.

"Tsukimori-kun… It's ok if you don't want to," Hino reassured him.

"NO, I've decided," he replied defiantly.

"my, what pride," Hino thought as she sweat-dropped.

"ok! Let the games begin. Ladies first!" Hihara said. Yeah, what a gentleman.

"Eh? No fair!" She didn't want to be first for her lack of knowledge about the game. Thinking that her plan of following their lead would work but alas she had to go first.

"Here Hino. Spin the arrow," Tsuchiura offered her the minimized spinning wheel.

"sigh. Alright," she took it hesitantly.

She flicked the pointer and the arrow stopped at… red circle: using hand.

"That's pretty easy. Next!" Tsuchiura called.

"Me!" Hihara said, raising his hand.

"Apparently there's no order huh?" Yunoki commented.

The arrow pointed to… green circle: using ear.

"Hey! Not too bad!" Hihara assured himself.

"It looks strange though Hihara," Yunoki chuckled slightly at the sight.

"Hey!" Hihara gave him a warning look.

"Tsukimori I believe it's your turn," Tsuchiura said mockingly as he handed him the wheel.

"Tsuchiura wouldn't you like to do the honors?" Tsukimori pushed the wheel back.

"No, you should go first," Tsuchiura insisted.

"Fine," he finally gave in.

The arrow pointed to green circle: using hand…

"It all starts easy. Go on," Tsuchiura held up his hand to the game sheet, leading the way for Tsukimori.

"Tch," Tsukimori replied to his taunt.

"these guys always fight huh?" Hino sweat-dropped yet again.

"My turn.." Tsuchiura flicked the arrow.

It points to… blue circle: using foot.

So, the game has started. Hino's left hand is on the red circle. Beside her to the left was Tsukimori, his right hand on the green circle. In front of him was Hihara, his right ear on the green circle. Beside Hihara to the right was Tsuchiura who was standing with his foot on the blue circle. Now, Hino spins the arrow. Then it points to yellow circle using hand. Hino reached in front of her towards Tsuchiura.

"There!" Hino exclaimed, glad that the game was going easy on her.

"No way Kaho-chan! You got the easiest!" Hihara complained.

"hehe," she merely smiled at his childish act.

It has gotten complicated in the next round. Tsukimori whose foot tries to reach the blue circle on Hihara's side was over Hino. He was facing her back. Hihara's foot was under Tsukimori's leg reaching for the red circle. Tsuchiura is reaching for the green circle just below him using his hand.

"Wow, would you look at that. I'll spin the arrow for you guys," Yunoki offered, seeing that their hands are full at the moment.

"Hold that position everybody," Hihara told them.

The next round was much worse. Everybody has fallen in their positions. When Hino was about to fall, she tried to face the ceiling so she'll fall on her back and not her face. Due to her slight ignorance of Tsukimori falling on top of her, they ended up facing each other as he landed on her with a slight thud. His hand managed to stop the fall but it was too late. He felt something come in contact with his face. When he opened his eyes, he discovered another pair of golden eyes looking directly at him. Heat crept up his face when he knew it was Hino. Their noses actually met! The two other contestants aren't doing well either. Hihara fell flat on his face while Tsuchiura landed on his bottom.

"My, my. What a mess," Yunoki said to himself when everybody lost their stand.

"Ow. That hurts… Oi! Tsukimori do you plan to stay in that position?!" he shouted angrily when he saw the two.

Hihara and Tsuchiura were able to stand up. On the other hand, Kaho and Tsukimori were blushing madly, looking directly into each other's eyes.

"Hey, Kaho-chan? You alright there?" Hihara asked, concerened at how Hino's face turned redder than a tomato's.

"Kaho-senpai..." Shimizu said, barely inaudible.

Tsukimori rolled over to the left, clutching his chest because his heart was pounding wildly.

"Here Kaho-chan, take my hand," Hihara helped her up.

"A-arigatou…" Hino said shakily.

"Are you alright Tsukimori? You seem to be in shock," Yunoki asked when he noticed Tsukimori still lying on the floor.

"h-hai. I'm ok," Tsukimori slowly stood up.

"Darn it! The nerve of the guy!" Tsuchiura mentally thought to himself.

"ano…" Hino started.

"I'm really sorry Hino…" Tsukimori cut her off.

"I-it's ok… I should be the one saying sorry… If I hadn't turned around then this wouldn't have happened…" she's really too hard on herself..

"But still…" Tsukimori was very doubtful

"Why don't we all go upstairs right now?" Yunoki said... more like commanded them.

All of them agreed. But there were others who were disturbed by what happened to Hino Kahoko.

"wow… that was a major déjà vu! Except… it's not me this time," Hihara thought as he looked at Hino's red face.

(end of chapter one)