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Pass It On

Chapter One

Hermione had never been in the twins' flat before. Even if she hadn't known where she was she would just know that the twins lived there. Everywhere she looked there was evidence of the twins: Discarded WWW products, old Quidditch jerseys, and a scent that was just the twins.

She also wasn't at all surprised to find that every surface was covered in a layer of mess. As she walked toward their kitchen, she stepped in a discarded box of Canary Creams and glared at the yellow goo that covered her new shoe.

She sighed as Fred entered the room and started to laugh. She sent him a glare worthy of Mrs. Weasley and took a step in his direction. She should have paid more attention to where she placed her foot as she slipped on a discarded fake wand.

With reflexes developed during years of playing Quidditch, Fred reached out and grabbed Hermione. It was too late though, and they both cried out as they landed in a tangled mess on the floor.

"Fred, have you never heard of a cleaning charm?" Hermione hissed. "This place is out of control!" It felt like she was lying on marbles.

She tried to stand up, but Fred was on top of her. "Of course I have. But if I used one, we wouldn't be in this lovely predicament. Now would we?" He ignored Hermione's half hearted attempts to shove him off of her.

"What on earth are you two doing?" George asked exiting the bathroom. He watched on in amusement as Hermione struggled to get Fred off her. It looked like he was simply a dead weight, lying on top of her, his arms and legs spread out. Fred grinned at George.

"Can't you see that Hermione was so excited to see me that she pulled me down on top of her?"

Hermione squeaked indignantly underneath him. "I did nothing of the sort! Now shove off, Fred. You weigh a ton!"

"You know you love it." He did however roll off of her straight into the mess of Canary Creams.

"George," she said, ignoring Fred. "Where have you been? Your mother's been looking everywhere for you."

Fred grimaced at the yellow goo on his shirt as George answered, "She's looking for me? And here I thought you stopped over just to visit us." George and Fred both pouted at the same time.

"If you cleaned every once in a while, I might." She surveyed the mess again, before using her wand to clean her shoe and tidy her wrinkled clothes. She looked at the mess on Fred and put her wand away.

"A little help here would be nice." Fred gestured to the goo.

"Use your own wand and prove to me that you know how to use a cleaning charm," she smirked at Fred. He rolled his eyes and did as he was told.

She turned back to George and said, "Your mum wanted to ask you which day this week was best for you both to stop over and have dinner."

"Well I guess that depends." George answered her, picking something sticky out of her hair.

"On what exactly?" She narrowed her eyes at the smirking twins. "Well, first, you tell us what night you want to let us take you out to dinner," George said with a wink. "Then I'll tell Mum that we'll be over another night."

Hermione blushed at his words and Fred's close contact.

"Don't be ridiculous." Hermione waved at hand trying to ignore the pounding of her heart.

Much to her surprise, Fred caught her hand and raised it to his lips. "We're not."

"This is a very serious proposal," George whispered as he rested a hand on her shoulder. Hermione shivered from the intimate contact.

"I-I..." she began but was cut off by the sound of someone Apparating into the flat.

"Bill!" Hermione took the opportunity to put some distance between herself and the boys.

"Hey guys, Mum's looking for you." His gaze swept over the younger girl. "Hello, Hermione. What are you doing here?"

"I was just stopping by to tell them the same thing," she answered. Bill noticed her flushed cheeks and the lustful looks on the twins' faces and he couldn't help but laugh.

"So my job is done here?" Bill asked as he chuckled.

"What? You're leaving?" Hermione looked nervously between the twins.

"Yeah, I've got to get back to Fleur. She'll be wanting dinner soon." Bill nodded to his brothers. "But I'll be sure to drop in and let Mum know that you've got the message. That way, no one else will pop over."

Bill winked at his brothers as he Apparated out.

"Looks like we're alone now," Fred murmured.

George ran a hand gently down her arm as he said, "Nobody to interrupt us now. So, what night do you want us to take you out, Hermione?"

"Well, I-I don't know." She was still waiting for the prank. But then she decided what fun it would be to turn it around on them. "Why go out when we can stay in?" She smiled her best at them.

George's eyes widened as he looked from her to Fred.

"Wait, what did you say?" George asked as Fred's jaw hung open.

"You know," Hermione said as she nibbled her bottom lip. "Stay in."

Two identical sets of eyes were glued on her teeth nibbling her lip.

"That's more like it." Fred moved in so close he accidentally stepped on her foot.

"Ouch!" She jumped back from him and straight into George, elbowing him hard in the gut.


"I'm so sorry, George," she said as she turned and tried to help him. As she did, she accidentally kicked Fred in the shin.

"Ah!" he screamed in pain. "What'd you do that for?"

"I didn't do it on purpose!" she cried.

She spun again to apologize to Fred, and just before her hand was about to hit George in the throat, he grabbed hold of her.

"Please, whatever we did, we're sorry. Just stop hitting us." George kept her arms pinned to her side.

Fred who was still hopping on one foot nodded in agreement.

"I was only going to kiss you to make it all better," she said sweetly. "But if you want me to stop, I will respect your wishes. I'll just be leaving now that I let you know your Mum wanted to talk to you."

"No!" Fred yelled at the same time George hollered, "Don't go!"

"Why should I stay?" She asked coyly, moving a step closer to them.

"You should stay, because we have something very important to tell you," Fred said.

"Something that nobody else knows," George added.

"What?" Hermione asked, looking between the two, trying to decide whether they were pulling her leg or if they were for once in their lives serious. "We," Fred began.

"Find ourselves," George continued.

"Completely and utterly," Fred went on.

"Hot for you," George finished as they both grinned slyly.

She couldn't help it, she burst out laughing. That had to be the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard; Fred and George liked her? No way!

Fred and George exchanged a glance that spoke volumes. If she wasn't going to take their word for it then they were just going to have to show her.

George grinned as he stepped up to her, and he placed a hand lightly on her back. Fred simultaneously moved to her other side and laid his hand on her hip.

Hermione straightened up quickly. Her eyes widened as Fred leaned in close to her.

"This is one thing we aren't joking about," Fred whispered as he lightly kissed her neck just below her right ear.

She gasped as she felt George's lips make contact with the left side of her neck.

It was too much too soon, and she was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that they were both claiming to have an interest in her. Her instincts took over, as they tended to do when her brain turned to mush - it was fight or flight, and without thinking she chose flight.

She appeared in the bedroom she shared with Ginny at the Burrow with a loud pop, andthree surprised voices gasped in unison.

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