Chapter 5

George pulled a chair up next to the bed to make sure he had a good view. He was going to take some notes, but he figured that would be a bit much.

Fred gently led his ice filled lips down against Hermione tummy and drew little circles. Hermione sucked in a deep breath and moaned quietly. George scooted his chair a bit closer.

George just stared; he couldn't believe what his brother was doing. It was obvious that the combination of freezing cold ice and hot breath were sending her slowly into a frenzy. She tossed her head from side to side, gripping his hair tightly in her fists. George had to grip the edge of his chair to keep from jumping up and joining the action.

Fred was concentrated solely on Hermione's pleasure so he didn't notice George's frustration. He grinned into her skin as her hands pulled at his hair, and her cries increased in both pitch and frequency.

Fred moved his lips up to Hermione's breasts. Her frantic breathing and undecipherable cries were the hottest things the twins had ever heard. Fred could tell she was about to come, so he sucked the ice back into his mouth and sat up. Hermione also sat up, flustered.

"That was, well that was amazing," She said. "But why did you stop?"

"For this," George said lying down and pushing her back on the bed while Fred got up and moved to her other side. Hermione's nerves were so high strung by that stage that the slightest movement of naked flesh against flesh caused her to moan and writhe between them until she was almost begging them to touch her where she needed it most.

George ran a hand lightly between her breasts down her belly and skirted around where she really wanted it to move to her thigh, on the other side of her, while Fred mimicked his movements.

"Please, please," Hermione moaned.

"Well, she asked nicely," Fred told George.

"Yes, I suppose you're right," George replied as he climbed in top of Hermione

George positioned himself between her legs as she let out a moan from his touch.

"Are you ready?" George asked seeing the answer written on her face

"Will you please hurry up?" She asked between moans bucking her hips against his. George closed his eyes and held himself steady above her, driving her mad.

Hermione opened her eyes with a frustrated growl and drew Fred's head down to hers, attacking his mouth, trying to gain some satisfaction from that contact. She bit Fred's lip none too gently when George finally entered her.

All three let out moans at the penetration, two of satisfaction, one of frustration. She rolled her hips against his when he held steady. "Please George, the...the butterfly," she gasped.

"Anything you want, sugar," George groaned as he performed the reverse, side-by-side, sensual butterfly position with gusto.

He wrapped his legs behind Hermione's back and pulled her into a seated position, his legs forming the butterfly position. Then he draped one of her legs over his hip so they were more side-by-side. Fred was making mental notes as his twin and Hermione started to move together.

Hermione started to moan a little too loud for Fred's current position. He was just about to take action when the door slammed open.

"What in Merlin's …"

"Percy!" all three scrambled into a sitting position but Hermione's legs got tangled on the way up and she fell squealing off the edge of the bed.

"I repeat. What in the name of Merlin's saggy left testicle are you two doing to her?"

"Teaching," Fred said, helping Hermione off the floor. "George is schooling us in the art of ancient Indian copulation techniques."

"Yeah, you as an academic should be able to appreciate the need to pass on knowledge."

"A lady ought not to be treated as such. It's disrespectful. I've read that the only proper way to...copulate is in the missionary position. It's the most comfortable and therefore, the most enjoyable." Percy straightened his back and tilted his chin up high, all the while his eyes took in as much of Hermione's body as was visible behind the twins.

"Really, Percy," Hermione glanced around George's broad shoulders, "I don't mind in the slightest." This caused Percy to gape openly at her.

"Please, Percy, I feel badly for Penelope... copulating via the missionary
position? Women like to be banged hard doggie style, and pounded reverse
cowgirl," George told him while Fred laughed. Percy turned red.

"Well, I'll be going... I just wanted to let you know Mum wanted you," Percy
managed, as he gazed at Hermione again before he exited.

They all went into a fit of laughter, "Well now that our after noon is ruined, why don't -" Hermione stared

"Whoa, whoa, whoa said anything about ruined?" George asked with a huge grin on his face, turning to face her again.

Without warning he gripped her thighs and pulled her legs out from under her so that she lay flat on her back. The breath whooshed from her lungs as she was once again covered by his rock hard body.

"There are a hundred," he paused to kiss her shoulder, "different ways we could," he ran his tongue along her jaw, ending with a small nibble on her ear, "save our afternoon." His mouth covered hers, his tongue working wonders inside her mouth.

"I might as well not be here," Fred grumbled, cranky at being left out of the action.

Hermione and George both froze and looked over at the pouting man. "Come here Fred," Hermione motioned him over. His eyes lit up with eagerness and then closed as she closed her lips over his stiff member. Fred leant his head back and moaned as Hermione did her magic.

George in the meantime was planting kisses down her taut stomach, her moans vibrating down Fred's cock causing it to buck in her mouth. Just as George reached the apex of her thighs he pulled back and hooked her legs over his shoulders, bringing them up so that she was doubled over before he imbedded himself fully in her again.

Hermione cried out in pleasure then her mouth clamped down around Fred, sucking enthusiastically while George expertly pounded into her. As she got closer and closer to her climax, she took more and more of Fred into her mouth. She reached over and drew Fred even closer. He moved over her so that he was all but straddling her face.

George changed his angle sending Hermione over the edge. Her grip on Fred became too much for the boy and he pulled out before squirting his hot seed all over her face. The sight of Hermione covered in his brothers essence sent George over the edge and he came, shouting into the pliant witch's body.

The three lay panting together, wet and sticky but finally, after the longest afternoon known to mankind, sated. Grabbing his wand, Fred took a second to appreciate the sight of Hermione, dripping with his seed before waving it and cleaning the three of them up. Fred lay down to cuddle into Hermione's side while George snuggled on the other.

"Well, I think you've both proven to me that you have mastered your talents," Hermione mumbled as she snuggled closer to the twins.

"And she had the nerve to doubt us," George said a moved so there was more
room for the three.

"I know. Whatever will we do with her?" Fred joked.

"Take me out to dinner this Friday like you promised," she yawned.

"So you want to show the whole restaurant your little talent?" They were very anxious to see the giraffe.

"No, not the whole restaurant," Hermione giggled. "I was thinking we could have a private showing after dinner."

The boys chuckled along with her, already getting excited at the thought. They began to kiss and caress her willing body, as Fred climbed in top of her. The three froze when they heard the fireplace roar and heard Mrs Weasley's voice.

"Fred? George?" She called as she drew nearer and nearer.

"Hide!" they whispered and all attempted to exit the bed at the same time. George shoved Hermione into Fred in his haste, causing Fred to tumble to the floor, taking her with him. At the last possible second, she grabbed George's arm dragging him down with them.

"What are you-" Mrs Weasley's eyes widened as she realized none of the three were clothed. "My heavens, I haven't seen 'The Cowgirl and the Wranglers' since the 70's." Fanning herself, she left the room while the twins were left making choking sounds and Hermione laughing until she couldn't breathe.

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