Author's Note: I just noticed how far behind this story is in the number of reviews. Let's see if we can get those numbers up. :) Hope you like this next installation. It's just a little short one meant to lift the spirits a bit. And just a heads up, I will probably start incorporating stuff from the show, because the writers are writing some awesome Danny/Lindsay storylines. A round of applause for the writers!

"Judging from the matching goofy grins on both your faces as you guys both got here, I'm going to make a wild guess here. You two have made up, and you had a real good time last night," Flack said, looking up from his miniature notepad at both Danny.

The two of them were alone in a shady alleyway where Danny was processing the perimeter while Lindsay and Stella processed the body and the main crime scene.

Danny glanced over at Lindsay and Stella, knowing that the two women were probably having a very similar conversation.

"We're good, now," Danny said, not giving away anything else. The truth was that they were absolutely fantastic. After they had both gotten off work yesterday, Danny had gone over to Lindsay's and had the world's best make up sex – probably because they had finally admitted their true feelings towards each other. It even beat the first time they had sex on the pool table – and that had been mind-blowing. Just thinking about it now made Danny smile. This didn't go unnoticed.

"Right… I'm sure you just celebrated your reunion by watching a rated G movie and holding hands the whole night. That's fine, Messer. You don't need to give me the details. I've got you all figured out. I'm just glad that I can stop going easy on you at pool."

"Sure, sure. 'Going easy' on me. The only person who can actually beat me at pool is Lindsay, and I was drunk."

"We'll just see about that, Danny boy."

Danny just laughed and went back to processing.

Just as Danny had guessed, Stella and Lindsay were indeed discussing the new turn in Lindsay's love life. However, Stella was more focused on the fact that Danny and Lindsay were finally happy again rather than the fact that they had gotten laid – as Flack had.

"So, you two finally talked and worked things out?" Stella asked as she took photos of the area around the body.

"Yeah. He was really sweet, Stella. He really opened up to me," Lindsay replied. Although Stella was a close friend, Lindsay didn't want to give any more details. Danny's feelings were his, and they weren't hers to share with others.

"That's great. I'm glad that I didn't have to beat him up for you, kiddo," Stella said, jokingly.

"I would've paid to see that happen." Lindsay smiled, glad that she had such a great friend in Stella. Lindsay gingerly extracted a folded piece of paper from the victim's pocket and placed it into an evidence bag.

Having finished with the alleyway, Danny walked back towards the body. Before he could say anything to Lindsay, a small lump moved within the victim's shirt. Lindsay immediately got up and backed away while Stella slowly took out a large evidence bag. The lump moved towards the collar of the shirt and out popped a giant cockroach. Everyone gave a sigh of relief, and Stella handed the bag to Danny.

"Go get it, Messer, before Lindsay decides to eat it," Stella said with a wink at Lindsay.

Danny laughed and obliged, quickly scooping up the cockroach before it got away.

Lindsay looked at the both of them with a look of exasperation. "Ha ha, very funny. It was one time, guys. And, I wasn't the only one who ate bugs."

Danny continued to chuckle as he handed the cockroach off to another CSI. Lindsay gave a dirty look that promised retribution then went back to work.