Hey! I'm back! For those of you who don't know, I've actually written two other stories... horribly written and therefore deleted... Sorry for those of you who remember and liked them... I might repost them.

For now though! I have a new story to be told!

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I write with narration in a regular font.

Thoughts in italics.

"dialougue in quotes"

An alarm rang in the room of a little green teen's room. A green hand emerged from under the covers and swiped at the clock. It finally reached the off button and slammed down on it.

The teen looked at the clock which read 3:00AM. You see, everyone thought that the jokester got up late. The reality was far from it. He got up earlier than anyone in the tower. This was just when he did his thinking.

Once again... Once again I must go through this routine. Just so that I can make others happy. Let it out. Just let it all out, Beast Boy. The boy thought as a tear slid down his cheek. Don't cry for yourself. Cry for the others. Cry because you need them to be happy. You can't let them down.

He did this every morning. He'd been doing it for so long. It was a part of him. You see, he needed everyone around him to be happy, or else he would break.

He wasn't the idiot everyone thought he was. He was actually the smartest of them all. Of course, in his own way. Cyborg knew the mechanics of the world. Any piece of technology you show him, he could fix. He could make it better. He had facts running through his robotic half faster than a human could comprehend. Robin was educated in fighting. He was also book smart. Batman had made sure of it. Raven knew of the powers of the world. She knew how spiritual things and how magic worked. She understood everything because of the books she sped through. Starfire knew of galaxies. She knew more than the amount of languages known to man. She knew how things worked on other planets.

In all of these ways, the others were also the smartest of them all. Beast boy's, though, was a far more complex smart. He understood all of the evils of the world. He knew of all of the horrible things people did for thier putrid reasons.

He had felt more pain than Raven had. Although everyone thought Raven held the most pain, imagine, for a second, what it must be like to understand the evils of the world and be unable to be able to make a small dent of change. The others held this in them too. But, they could not comprehend on the level on which he could.

Also, Raven is forced to suppress all of her feelings because of her powers, but, she has people who understand that she can feel pain. No one has any small hint that the green teen could be holding such pain. Not even Raven had a hint. Beast Boy had been forced to create the strongest mental barriers because of Mento. He had to be strong. He had to create fake emotions, and even convince himself that he felt no pain, otherwise either empath would see his pain.

So there in the changeling's room sat a green teen. His tears soaking into his pillow. Until his alarm went off again. Beast Boy jumped and looked over, suddenly wondering what he was doing up. He lay in bed, staring at the blaring alarm clock. He looked at the time.

4:30! What am I doing up? I can't even remember... I should get some sleep though. Thought the teen. Once again, his routine working perfectly. He had once again forgotten why he was up, and was too tired to wonder why his pillow was soaking wet.

Beast Boy fell asleep just as a certain empath's footsteps could be heard travelling to the commons to make herself a cup of tea.

So, what do you think? Constructive criticism is appreciated.