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Amu was bored. Scratch that. Amu was excruciatingly bored.

It was a Saturday afternoon and she had completed her homework, done all her chores and was at a total loss.

All her friends were occupied with other commitments, and her parents were away for the day and had taken her little sister, Ami, with them.

Her shugo charas,Ran,Miki and Su, were all sleeping peacefully on her pillow, letting out a snore every now and then.

Amu smiled, ever since the three had turned up her life had changed drastically.

Amu had made friends and was becoming more confident in herself.

She owed a lot to them.

Amu decided to let the three rest and go for a walk to relieve her boredom.

Quietly she exited her room to leave the three charas to their dreams.

'I wonder what shugo charas have dreams about anyway' she thought to herself. She mulled over this as she left her house and made her way to the park.

"Aaah the fresh air is nice" Amu said to herself stretching her arms above her head. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, not too cold.

Despite this there were not many people around, just a couple here and there enjoying the lovely day.

Amu was happy, she rarely had time to herself these days and it was good to be able to think about things in piece.

'Are we ever going to find the Embryo?' she thought.

'I mean we don't even know that much about it, it could be right under our noses or on the other side of the world...'

Amu sighed 'maybe I should just not think about that stuff now...'.

Too caught up in her thoughts she didn't realize where she was walking.

Her foot caught on something and she fell onto the hard ground. Except it wasn't hard, well not as hard as the ground should be.

Amu opened her eyes and saw dark material of a familiar uniform. She raised her gaze only to meet a pair of peircing dark azure eyes.

"You really do fall a lot don't you?" The owner of the eyes asked her.

"I-kuto" she stuttered and then realized she was lying fully on top of him. Her face turned crimson as she scrambled to get off him.

Her effort was in vain as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to him so that she was stting in his lap. Ikuto wrapped his arms around her waist.

He leaned his head in so that it rested on her shoulder.

"You can fall into my lap any day, Amu" he whispered in her ear.

Amu was shocked and it took a momemt to compose herself.

"Let me go you perverted cat!" she yelled as she started to struggle again. Ikuto sighed and let the sqeauling girl go and stood up beside her.

"W-What are you doing here?" Amu asked him.

"Well I was taking a nap until I was rudely awakened..." He replied.

Amu blushed "S-sorry about that".

"It's fine, not every day you wake up to find a cute girl in your lap" he dismissed.

Amu's blush deepened.

Her heart was racing from the close contact. "Why does he have this effect on me?" Amu asked herself.

"What effect?" Ikuto asked raising an eyebrow.

Amu smacked her hands over her mouth 'Did I just say that out loud?'

"N-nothing there's no effect" she stated crossing her arms and turning her back on him.

"Really?" he smirked and walked around infront of her.


"Even when I do this?" He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her.

"N-no effect w-whatsoever" she lied looking up to see his face.

He smirked again and brought his face down so that their foreheads were touching.

"I don't believe you" he breathed. Their lips were barely and inch apart.

Amu was frozen she could feel his breath tickling her lips and it sent tingles down her spine.

She couldn't bring herself to speak let alone move. Not that she could move far with his arms wrapped around her.

To Amu it seemed like hours but finally he moved his head away from hers.

He kept one arm around her waist but brought a hand up and ran it through her hair thoughtfully.

"I-Ikuto..." Amu whispered.

He refocused his gaze onto her eyes.

"You really are cute Amu-chan" he said and then let her go with a sigh.

Ikuto turned and started to walk away "Seeya" he called without turning to look back.

Amu stood there in a daze as she watched his retreating figure dissapear from sight.

"Bye Ikuto..." she breathed.

Amu was still in shock as she began to walk back home.

'Why does he act like that and say those things to me?'

'He's so hard to understand, I... don't even know him very well'

'Besides the fact he works for Easter... I know nothing about him..'

'...But he doesn't act like my enemy... he's saved me so many times.'

'My heart still feels like it's going to jump out of my chest... What's this feeling?'


Preoccupied with her thoughts, Amu once again didn't concetrate on where she was going.

'Where am I?' she looked around the isolated area surrounded by trees.

"Everything looks the same" she muttered as she wandered around making no progress.

Amu heard a twig snap behind her and spun around and saw the two men approaching her.

"Lost little girl?" One of them asked.

"You shouldn't be walking around these parts on your own" said the other.

"Never know what might happen" he grinned and both men kept moving closer.

"I'm fine thankyou" Amu said terrified of the looks they were giving her.

"But we can take you somewhere safe" he said.

"I said I'm fine and i'm going to be late to my friends house" Amu lied. She turned to get away but hands grabbed her by the shoulders.

Amu did what instinct told her to do. She screamed as loud as she possibly could.

Ikuto was almost out of the park when he heard the scream.'Amu!'

He ran in the direction of the scream.

A hand covered her mouth.

"Shut up brat!"

"We're just gonna have a little fun, then you can go home."

Tears were filling Amu's eyes. 'Someone help me...' she thought.

The men pushed her to the ground and one started to lift up her top.

Suddenly there was a flash of dark blue and both men were lying on the ground.

Amu looked to see Ikuto standing before her his arms spread in a protective stance.

"Scum!" he spat. Amu had never heard so much contempt in his voice.

The men recovered and rushed forward attack. Ikuto managed to fend them off but he was unevenly matched.

Ikuto punched one man and kicked the other. Ikuto knew he wasn't going to win so he seized the moment and scooped up a distraught Amu and fled.

He found a bush for them to hide behind and prayed they wouldn't find them.

"I-" Amu was silenced as he pressed a finger to her lips.

"Shhh" he whispered.

In the distance they could hear voices.

"Let's give up they're probably miles away by now."

"Yeah you're right, lets go to the pub."

Amu and Ikuto stayed silent until the voices completely faded away.

"Ikuto I-I got lost a-and then th-they c-came and I-I was s-so scared" said softly tears streaming down her face.

Ikuto examined the girl 'she looks so small and vulnerable, she doesn't look like she's hurt...' "Shhh... it's ok now, you don't have to be afraid anymore"

She burried her head into his chest. "Thankyou Ikuto" she said.

He felt her tears soaking through his shirt.

"I'll never let anything like that happen to you again, I'll protect you Amu, I promise."

Amu just wrapped her arms tighter around him.

Ikuto helped her up, he could see that she was still very shaken by the incident.

"Come on let's get out of here" he took her hand and led her out of the park.

Amu was greatful, no she was more than greatful she was completely and utterly indebted to the boy who was currently guiding her through the street.

'If Ikuto hadn't turned up...' She shuddered at the thought.

'But he did turn up and now he's... taking me where?'

She followed him unquestioningly 'for some reason I just trust him completely...'

She followed him unquestioningly until they stopped in front of a small cafe. He opened the door and motioned for her to go inside.

"You go find a seat, I'll be there in a minute" he said and went over to the counter to order.

Amu took a seat by the window and looked around the cafe. It was a nice place and had a cosy atmosphere most of the people in it were couples.

'It's almost like we're on a date...' She blushed at the thought. 'No Ikuto and I are...what are we? Friends?' For some reason that didn't sound right.

'How do I feel about him?' she placed a hand over her heart. 'I like Tadase... right?' for some reason that made her feel worse.

Her thoughts were interupted as two glasses of milk were set down on the table in front of her. Ikuto sat down on the chair in opposite her.

"Milk?" she asked looking at him.

"The cure to a bad day" he said gulping down his glass.

"Is that so.." she said and took a sip.

They sat in silence. Amu went over the days events in her mind and was still questioning her feelings towards Ikuto.

Ikuto was intently surveying Amu making sure that she was recovering from her ordeal. 'She's being rather quiet..' he thought.


Amu's head shot up.

"Uh.. sorry I was spacing out wasn't?"

"It's ok, are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine now... thanks to you."

"I'm just glad I got there in time..."

There was another long silence which this time Amu broke.

"Um.." Amu started.

"What is it?" he pressed.

"I... just wanted to say thankyou Ikuto-kun, for everything not just what happened today... You've helped me so many times ...and done so much for me. I'm

so useless..." she sighed.

"Amu.." he reached across the table a took her hands. 'Did she just add 'kun' to my name?'

She jumped slightly but didn't pull her hands away.

"You're adorable when you blush you know" he said teasingly.

"Why do you always do that?!" she asked.

"Do what?" Ikuto raised an eyebrow.

She sighed 'I guess I've already been out of my character a lot today, I don't know why I'm able to be so open with him..'

"Look" she said and grabbed one of his hands and pressed it to her chest. For once it was Ikuto's turn to be shocked.


"My heartbeat" Amu responded "how can you make it go so fast?"

Indeed her heart was beating fast he knew he embarassed her, but he didn't realize that he did this to her. He pulled his hand away.

He thought about the girl before him 'she's so innocent.. that's why I have to keep protecting her.' He didn't know why he was so drawn to this girl.

Ikuto just knew he had to be by her side.

"I don't know..." he replied to her question.

"It's getting late, I'll walk you home."

They arrived outside Amu's house just as the sun was setting.

"Well I better go... thanks again Ikuto-kun, for everything" Amu smiled at him.

Ikuto put his arms around her and bent to whisper in her ear.

"I'll miss you, Amu-chan..." and with that he kissed her cheek and walked away.

"I'll miss you too... Ikuto.." Amu whispered and walked back into her house.

"AMU-CHAN!!" her charas cried and rushed over to her as she entered her room.

"Ran, Miki, Su!" she greeted them and walked over and lay on her bed.

"Where were you Amu we were worried desu!" Su exclaimed.

"We woke up and you weren't here" said Ran.

"I just took a walk, I'm sorry I made you guys worry..." Amu replied.

"It's ok just leave us a note or something next time" said Miki.

"I will" said Amu "I think I'll just take a bit of a nap" she yawned.

"Walking takes a lot out of you..."

To Be Continued...

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