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It was Sunday and Amu was sound asleep.

"Amu-chan time to wakey wakey!" Ran chimed loudly into Amu's ear.

"...Ugh, five more minutes.." Amu groaned.

"But Amuuuu-chaan you're supposed to be meeting the guardians today!" Ran whined as she jumped up and down on Amu's head.

"Oh yeah!" Amu shot out of bed and got dressed.

"Thankyou for waking me up Ran, I almost slept in!"

"No problem Amu-chan!" Ran piped waving her pompoms.

"Come on guys let's get going" Amu said to her charas.

"Let's go! Let's go!" Ran, Miki and Su said in unison.

"So do you know what the meeting is about?" Miki asked Amu casually.

"No not really..." Amu replied.

They continued on their way to the meeting place. Ironically their destination was the park.

Amu's mind flashed back to the yesterday's events.

'Those things that happened yesterday... it all seems like a dream now...' she thought. Amu brought her hand to touch her cheek. 'Ikuto kissed me... what does this mean?' Amu blushed thinking about it.

"Amu-chan your face is all red desu" Su stated drawing Amu's attention out of her thoughts.

"Thats suspicious" added Miki "what are you thinking about to make your face go red?"

"A-haha nothing!" Amu exclaimed a little to quickly shaking her head vigorously.

"That's even more suspicious!" Miki's eyes narrowed.

"She's probably thinking about Tadase-kun, right Amu?" Ran piped in.

'...Tadase?' Amu hadn't thought about the prince at all.

"She's not answering, I must be right!" Ran proclaimed happily.

"Don't worry I know he will return you feelings one day desu" Su said misunderstanding Amu's silence.

"Uh yeah..." Amu agreed "anyway we're almost there" she said trying to change the subject.

When they arrived at the meeting point they were surprised to find Tadase and his chara Kiseki the only ones waiting.

"Hello Hinamori-san" Tadase greeted her calling her by her last name.

"Hi" Amu smiling. "Where is everyone?" she asked him.

"The others all couldn't make it due to other things that came up" Tadase smiled.

"Well I guess that means the meeting's been called off" Amu sighed, she had gotten up early for nothing.

"Well seeing as we have nothing else to do, why don't we get something to eat?" He proposed.

Amu's stomach growled at that moment "sounds like a good idea" she replied.

"So have you found any clues on how to find the Embryo?" Amu asked Tadase as the sat waiting for their food.

Tadase shook his head "Unfortunately not... I think maybe if we unveil what Easter is up to, we will be able to find more information about it" he stated.

Amu nodded this was reasonable enough "I agree, Easter is such a big company they're bound to have some big research facility."

"We should start by questioning Nikaidou-sensei and then maybe we can formulate a plan to infiltrate Easter" Tadase added.

"We'll bring it up at the next meeting" he smiled at her.

"Sounds like a plan" she smiled back.

'This is so strange... I don't feel so giddy around him any more' Amu frowned inwardly 'I don't like him that way anymore? I don't have the urge to be anything more than friends..' An image flashed into her mind Ikuto's forehead pressed against hers his eyes staring intently into her own. 'Why am I thinking about him? Does this mean I...'

"Hinamori-san?" Tadase's voice snapped her from her thoughts.


"I asked if you were ready to leave" he said giving her a concerned look.

"Oh, sorry, yeah" Amu replied.

They ended up spending the morning walking around town looking at shops. They talked about different things until Tadase had to go.

"Sorry Hinamori-san I have some things I must attend to, I had fun though" he smiled and then departed.

"Amu-chan you did great! You didn't need to chara change and you didn't even stutter once!" Ran exclaimed.

"Yeah I guess I'm becoming more comfortable around him" she replied.

"You're making progress desu!" Su exclaimed.

"Although you did put on your 'cool' outer character" Miki put in.

"Well he just needs to see the cute side of you desu! When he sees that he'll fall in love with you for sure desu!"

"See my cute side?" "you really are cute Amu-chan" Ikuto's words echoed through her mind.

"You can do it Amu-chan! Go! Go! Amu-chan!" Ran cheered.

Amu was so confused by her feelings right now she couldn't really tell her charas what she was going through, besides they were working so hard to cheer her up.

"Thanks you guys" she said and they made their way home.

Later that night Amu and her charas went out onto the balcony outside her room.

"I love looking at the night sky" Amu said aprecciating the beauty of the twinkling lights that dotted the sky. She sighed contentedly.

"Yeah it's very picturesque" Miki agreed sketching it down on her drawing pad.

"And romantic" Ran added with hearts in her eyes.

"The stars look like sugar candies desu!" Su said with her eyes sparkling.

"Whatcha lookin' at nyaa?"

Ran, Miki and Su spun around to see Yoru floating up towards them.

"What are you doing here?!" asked Ran accusingly.

"Visiting nyaa" Yoru replied doing a backflip in the air.

Amu turned to see what the commotion was.

"Yoru?" She asked when she saw the little cat chara.

Movement above her caught her attention and looked up to see Ikuto crouching on the roof. He jumped down to stand before her.

"Ikuto-kun why are you here?" She asked curiously. Amu was tired of yelling at him when he kept appearing in random places.

"Just visiting my favourite girl" he said teasingly with a wink. He loved the colour her cheeks went, he found it quite amusing.

Amu crossed her arms "seriously?"

He sighed "I was just checking to see if you were ok" he stated simply.

"You didn't have to do that" she turned her gaze back to the sky.

He came and leaned on the balcony next to her.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Thinking..." she was silent for a while.

"There's something soothing about the night sky. It's reassuring and peaceful, maybe it because the moon always rises and even when you can't see it you know it's there... You can feel it's presence watching over you." She paused and then continued "and the moon is never lonely, it always has the stars to keep it company." Amu sighed "I sound silly don't I?"

"Not at all..." Ikuto said gazing down at the girl. The moonlight caused a luminescent glow to appear around her 'she looks like an angel' he thought.

Meanwhile Ran, Miki, Su and Yoru were watching the exchange between the two.

"Since when have those two been able to have a civilised conversation?" Miki asked.

"A lot happened yesterday..." Amu started 'this is so embarassing, oh well here goes nothing!'

"And it made me think... and today I realised something..." she trailed off still gazing at the sky.

Ikuto cupped her cheek and turned her face towards him.

"What is it?" he asked and Amu felt her face getting hotter and hotter by the second.

"I l-like you Ikuto" Amu barely whispered but Ikuto still managed to hear it.

"Ah is that what it is...?" Ikuto said in a contemplating voice.

"I-m sorry..." Amu said averting his gaze.

"What are you apologizing for?" she felt him put his hands under her arms and lift her up. She didn't try to struggle. He sat her on the edge of the balcony keeping his hands on either side of her waist so that she wouldn't lose balance.

"I like you too, Amu-chan" and he leaned forward and touched his lips against hers in a gentle kiss.

"..."All the charas were too shocked to do or say anything.

Ikuto pulled away and watched as Amu brought her fingers to her lips and then slowly raised her gaze to meet his.

Ikuto sniggered "That was your first kiss wasn't it?" he asked her.

If Amu's face could've possibly gotten any redder it would have.

"S-Shut up! Just because I'm not a pervert like some people around here!" She glared at him.

"Are you angry at me for kissing you?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"No I'm angry at you for making fun of me!" she stated crossing her arms.

"Let me fix that then" and he quickly caught her lips in another kiss.

"Now you can't be angry because that kiss wasn't your first" he smirked.

"Your logic makes no sense!" she argued back in a daze.

He grinned "kisses solve everything."

"Are you still angry?" He asked.

"" she said defeatedly.

"See?" he gloated.

"Maybe you could show me one more time" she giggled.

Ikuto just smiled as he gave her another kiss.

"Amu what are you doing?!" Ran cried in shock.

Amu looked at Ran "kissing!" she giggled.

"I know you're kissing, but do you realize who you're kissing?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm kissing Ikuto-kun" Amu said.

"And I'm kissing my girlfriend" Ikuto told the pink chara.

"Girlfriend?" Amu asked him.

"If you want to be, that is."

"I think I'd like that" she smiled at him.

"Amu?!" called Amu's mother from downstairs.

"You better go, if my parents found out I had a boy up here let alone my boyfriend..." she paused using the term 'boyfriend' "they would completely freak out."

"I'll go then" Ikuto said but didn't leave before giving Amu another quick kiss.

"Come on Yoru let's go, seeya Amu-chan" and with that he jumped off her balcony dissapearing into the night.

Amu sighed 'what a night!' and turned to meet the faces of three very curious shugo charas.

"Amu you've got a lot of explaining to do!" Ran yelled.

To Be Continued...

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