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Chapter one

Its been four years since all the gang have been back in tree hill and been a good four years but its time to go on home let me tell you about how our lives have been. Well lets start.

Brooke Davis has her own fashion line and shops all over the world you might have heard of it hoes over bros she is a multi-millionaire and is returning to tree hill after all of these years why you ask because she seems to have a very amazing life as it is, its simple she missus all off her friends and wants to bring up her future children here "its home, as she like to say where her heart is" I think she means Chase her ex boyfriend they broke up because he couldn't handle the limelight but they never stopped loving each other. She accomplished everything she wanted with her career now its time to fill that void in there hearts and be happy. Hopefully this is tree hill it is full of drama.

Peyton Sawyer she moved back to tree hill after a year because of the record label she was working at sucked and started a new record label from her Husbands club "Tric" yes that's right she said yes when Lucas asked her to marry him. She is know known as Peyton Scott. Her record Label is a big hit and just in the last three years have over 15 successful artists to her name that are a global hit. That's not all though the night Lucas Proposed although they didn't know it at the time that night gave them there first child a son Tristan Keith Scott and now two years after his birth, they are expecting another little boy. Who's name has yet to be chosen. She is very happy.

Lucas Scott is happily married and about to be a father for the second time, he is the new coach of the tree hill ravens and a very well known author in America and Great Britain. He loves his family and is very grateful his son doesn't have HCM like him. His only goal in life is to make his family happy that is all that is important.

Nathan Scott helps his brother coach the Raven failed to make the cut into the NBA due to a accident on the court during his senior year of college. He is a very proud father of four year old James Lucas Scott and Lucas Scott younger brother. He twos only goal in life is making his family happy and making sure they are safe. Even after four years he is still very much in love with his wife Haley.

Haley James-Scott a loving mother to her only child James and a loving wife she is also a English teacher in her old school tree hill high where her best friend Lucas and her Husband Nathan also work they are the God parents of Tristan and are going to be the Future god parents Peyton and Luca's new child. She's is very Happy. Life has never been better for the six friend.

If they ever find out Haley was hiding a deadly secret that before James was conceived she had a one night stand with me and that James really is my child. But to save breaking up a marriage no matter how much I love that little boy he will be forever know as Nathan's son his pride and joy. I have a lot to lose to like my family, we are doing this out of Love. Who am I you ask my name is Lucas Scott.