Chapter 5

Lucas couldn't sleep the night before he just went back to his and Peyton's home and thought about the nights events. He couldn't believe the secret was out, but the bright side at least there was no more secrets between anyone in the gang anymore.

He thought long and hard about and no matter how much he loved his brother he really wanted to be there for a Jamie in a way where he wasn't just his uncle but his father. He just hopes Jamie wants that too. He didn't want to take anything away from Nathan he was always going to be the man Jamie called Daddy but hopefully there was room in his life to have Lucas too. He wasn't sure if James would accept this or what everyone one else would think of it but there was one thing for sure, Lucas would stop at nothing for him to get to know his son. For Jamie to Love him in the way he loves Nathan, the way Tristan and Thomas love him.

But he wasn't stupid no matter what was going to happen Nathan was his father now and Lucas had to accept that no matter how much that hurt him. He knew no matter what happened he had hurt Nathan way to much and he wasn't going to add to the blow of taking Jamie away from him by trying to act like his father now. He wanted to make it up to everyone and he was going to prove just how much he was sorry and be the man Keith had taught him to be. He had hurt everyone and instead of saying sorry he was going to prove it, no matter how long it takes.

He had been sitting it the same chair all night writing all of this in his journal. Everything was going to be ok. He was about to get up and grab a shower when his cell phone rang. "hello" Lucas greeted the person on the other end.

"hey Luke, its Haley" says a still tearful Haley.

"oh hey Haley, you sound as bad as I feel, so what's up, how's Nathan?" replies Lucas this was a bit awkward I mean what do you say to a women that has helped you destroy the lives of everyone you Love.

"Nathan stormed out, its definitely over this time. You cant say we didn't deserve it." Haley's crying by this point "well anyway will you come over later, Brookes brining Jamie home and I already told her you would pick up Tristan. She was angry at me but even she agreed to be here, I called Chase he's coming. I left a message on Nathan phone I hope he comes over. So will you come over when you pick Peyton and Thomas up from the Hospital so we can explain to Jamie what's going to happen now. He must be very confused, we need to let him now its not his fault and that everything's going to be ok. Please Luke. We need to face this head on like we should have five years ago."

Lucas sighs "of course I'll be there I'd do anything for him. I'm not sure if Peyton will want me to pick her up or if she'll stay long, but I'll be there for Jamie I promise" finishes Lucas

"alight I'll see you there bye "

"bye" he then turns off his cell phone.

Lucas was about to get in the shower for a second time before his door bell rang. "I wonder who that could be."

When he opens the door he's shocked to see it is a rough looking and tired Nathan he looks like he has spent the night on the street. Before he can say anything Lucas felt a sharp pain hit his face and he was knocked on his ass. Nathan had punched him.

He then stormed into the has and turned back to face Lucas when he stood up "you're lucky I didn't come by and see you last night you got of lucky" Lucas opened his mouth to speak but was rewarded with a smack to the face.

"Let me speak, what you did was beyond low. Sleeping with your brothers wife it doesn't matter how upset you were man and when you think it cant get any worse you father a child with you brothers wife and then again when you think it cant get any worse you lie to everyone and make your brother think he has the most wonderful thing in the world and has become a father. I love Jamie and I will always love Jamie like a son. But I cant be around him right now I have to sort my head out and get rid of this resentment I feel for him, I don't want him to see me like that. As much as I hate to say this" Nathan then gets tears in his eyes. "you have to be there for him while I'm away. Be his father like you should have been his entire life, because even though I love him like I said I cant be around him just yet because I know I will lash out at him and I don't want to do that and as much as you're a crappy brother, you've always been a good dad to Tristan and now Thomas. Jamie deserves that too. I need to go awhile for a little while to sort my head out and when I get back and if I see that you have screwed up this chance I am giving you I will hunt you down and I now how to hurt you. When I come back I promise I wont get in the way, but please promise me you will let me see him. Let me at least be his Uncle like I am to your other kids I deserve that much Luke please."

Nathan could see his brother was hurting and god he was sorry he should be the one leaving if anything and begging to be in Jamie's life not Nathan "Nathan you shouldn't have to go no matter what a DNA test says you are Jamie's daddy not me, you've been there for his first steps, words and the first time he said dada it was aimed at you nor me. But I understand why you have to go and I truly am sorry its my fault. But thank you so much you don't know what it means to me to have the chance of being Jamie's father, but I promise when you come back Jamie will still call you dad I will remind him everyday how much you love him I promise. He will always call you daddy it's the least I can do. I just want you to now I love that boy lie I love my other two boys. I promise I'll take care of him and when you get back I hope we can be brothers again one day. You may not believe me but I love you little Brother." Lucas said with as much love has he could muster he would always be thankful to Nathan for giving him this opportunity, he knew he didn't deserve but he would prove to everyone that he was sorry.

Nathan then looked him dead in the eye and said "It does help that you love him you should he you son but don't screw up, but if you think we will ever be brothers again your mistaken I hate you we're not brothers not even friends. I'm doing this for Jamie not you because that little boy deserves to get to know his real father, I just hope he never finds out what a complete and utter ass you are. Tell Haley I'm sorry I can't come over today and see Jamie, but I'll be over tonight to tell her I'm leaving. Goodbye Lucas, even though I hate you I do hope that Jamie will think of you as his father. I hope you will become the Luke we all remember from high school. Not the ass you are today" and with that he was gone. Lucas had mixed emotions he was happy he gets to be father to Jamie but sad he had hurt everyone. He vowed once more he would make it up to everyone and he will.

He then went to get in the shower finally he had a lot of thinking to do after his visit from Nathan.

Cut to the hospital several hours later

Peyton didn't get much sleep the night before because of the new baby and because her husband who she thought was an honest and amazing man turned out to be a lying cheating ass of a man. She had cried all night and thought about what she was going to do and when Lucas came to pick her and the baby up she was going to break the news to Lucas that she was filing for divorce tomorrow morning and that no matter how much she hurt her she wasn't going to stop him from seeing his kids and that he could have them every weekend but either than that she never wanted to see Haley or Lucas again. She knew that the main victim in this was Jamie and Nathan that's why she had agreed when Lucas picked her up to go to Haley's and be there when everyone explained to Jamie what was going to happen now, she was also going to take Haley to one side and ask her if she could pick Jamie up from school one day a week so that he could get to know his brothers even though she was sure Lucas would probably try get that to happen because even when he's an ass he was still a good father, but right now she didn't like the person he was. Come to think of it she was wrong he was good father to Tristan but to Jamie when we thought he was just being a good uncle he was really being a bad father, so I guess it was up to her for Jamie to get to now his brothers.

The hospital room door opened and right on time Lucas Scott walked in the room with a smile on his face, even though Thomas was only a day old he really missed his son he still found it amazing even though this was his third child he still found it amazing he could create such a pure and innocent child who he would do anything for he had only met this child yesterday but he had Loved him since Peyton had told him she was pregnant again. He walked straight past Peyton to the baby on the bed who had the baby on the bed in his carrier ready for the trip home. He picked the carrier up and gave the baby a kiss on the cheek. He then looked at Peyton he was nervous at first he hadn't talked to her since last night, when she kicked him out even though he didn't blame her I mean who could. "Hey, Peyton are you ready to take this little guy home" he said gently not to wake the sleeping baby.

"Don't you dare come in here and pretend everything is ok when its not" she also said quietly but with venom in her voice.

He looked taken aback but understood "I'm sorry I just don't know what to say to you, I know that's my fault, I understand, but I just want everything to go back to the way they were yesterday us I want us back." he looked down at the floor and whispered again "I'm sorry."

Peyton looked at him with rage filled eyes "dam it Luke you make it so dam hard to hate you even when you deserve it, Lucas I don't think I will ever forgive you, we will never ever get back together again and that is a promise. I'm sorry Luke." she said the last bit sadly even though it was hard for her to say she knew she had to say it.

Lucas looked up at her and whispered I know " I just want you to know how sorry I am I know you don't want to hear it but I am I'm sorry"

Peyton was angry now she had to tell him what was on her mind it was now or never, she cleared her throat to get his attention. He stared intently in to her eyes. "Tomorrow morning Lucas I'm filing for divorce."

Wow he expected everything but that the day they got married he thought it would be for ever I guess not. He at least had to try and change her mind. "Peyt can we at least at…." she then cut him off.

"no we cant we're getting a divorce and that's final if you try and fight me on this, you wont see your kids again, if you go along with it you can pick them up every Friday and bring them back on Sunday ready for there tea, its up to you and I know what you going to say you cant do that Peyt. But the question is Luke to you want to risk it?" he shock his head no. She then grabbed the baby carrier off him and made her way to the car. He stood there gob smacked never in all the time they have had children has he used it against her like that.

Cut to Haley's house

Everyone was there now and one by one they separated to different places in the room Chase sat in the chair away from Brooke after what happened the night before. Brooke stood by Peyton with her arm wrapped protectively around her. Haley sat on the Coffee table facing Jamie who was on the couch. Jamie hadn't spoken since he got home because even for a little boy he could feel the tension and didn't know what to say. Tristan was upstairs taking a nap he fell asleep on the ride over and Peyton or Lucas had the heart to wake him they would tell him the news another time not that it made much difference to a two year old he wouldn't understand it fully anyway, Thomas was also in the room taking a nap the new parents keeping there ears open in case he cried. Now one could have been there more than five minutes and already you could cut the tension with a knife. Lucas couldn't help but glance at Jamie and wonder what was going to happen.

Haley looked around the room and said uneasily "thank you all for coming I know its hard, but as soon as Nathan gets here we can start" Lucas looks up as he remembers Nathan's not coming until tonight when Jamie's in bed.

"Actually Hales he came by today and said he cant make I, but he will see you letter tonight, when James in bed" Lucas spoke sadly.

"oh" Haley said shock even though she shouldn't be he was upset "I guess we should start then, Jamie" he looked up at her.

"yes mamma" he took a deep breath and spoke.

"tell me what you think happened yesterday honey" she said gently she wanted to get an idea what he understood.

"um Thomas and Tristan are my brothers and Daddy's not my real daddy, Uncle Lucas is, but Daddy loves me like his son and I even though we don't share the same blood that doesn't make him any less off my daddy"

Haley looked at him shocked at his understanding. Brooke saw this and pitched in.

"He was upset last night Hales, I explained a few things to him" Haley could hear the resentment in her voice, but neither women said anything for Jamie's sake.

"thanks Brooke" she then gave her attention back to her son "that right buddy, I know its probably still really confusing, but I want you too know this isn't you fault ok we all Love you very much. Right guys" everybody nodded.

"thanks mamma I already know this though. Anyway who couldn't love me. I really cute" Jamie said with a smile and for just a second everyone forgot what they were here for and laughed at the small child's cuteness.

"does this mean your going be my daddy too now uncle Luke, do I have to call you daddy know" asked Jamie while looking at Lucas. Everyone's every were know on Lucas, Peyton felt her heart fall I mean she knew Lucas was his father but seeing it come from James's mouth made it more real somehow.

Lucas went over and sat down in front of Jamie on the sofa "I guess that's up do buddy, how bout we just take it one day at a time and in time if you want to call me daddy then that's up you but I promise I'll love force you and if you want to just keep me as your uncle than that's your call Jamie. I'll never stop loving you buddy I promise." Jamie ten gave Lucas a big hug, Lucas returned it.

"thank you uncle Lucas one day at a time would be great, but is it ok if I always call Nathan daddy"

"of course it is, he's always going to be your daddy no matter what" Jamie smiled.

Peyton then decided it was as good as a time as any to say something "hey Jamie buddy, how about you come down my house on Thursday to get to now you brothers a bit better, I mean if that's ok with your mummy" Haley looked at her grateful.

"that would be great, huh Jamie"

"yes it would thank you aunt Peyton"

"no Problem buddy, but its getting late and its nearly time for Thomas's feed, will you take me home Lucas" she said his name like it was a disease.

"sure no, problem Peyt" he then looked at his son "bye Jamie" and gave him a hug.

"Bye uncle Luke see you soon, Bye Peyton. Can I give Tristan and Thomas a kiss before you go"

Peyton replied "sure you can they're up in you're room" he then ran off followed slowly by Lucas.

"ok see you Brooke and Chase" she purposely left out Peyton's name.

"Yes I should get going to, so that means you have to come Chase I drove lets go" and she grabbed him by the hand and marched out of there like a bat out of hell. Sure it was awaked with the two off them but they lived like a few houses apart it was stupid to take two cars. They just sat in awkward silence on the way there but at least they had the kids to keep them company if was going to be torture on the way home.

Haley turned to Peyton "Peyton thank for doing this, it real means a lot to me that Jamie will get to know his brothers"

"yeh well I'm not doing it for you I'm doing it for Jamie and my two boy, not you or Lucas. Thanks to you were getting divorced, tell Lucas I'll be waiting in the car" and with that she was gone and another piece of Haley's heart broke she really had ruined everything.

A little while after that Lucas walked into the room with Thomas still asleep in the carrier and Tristan on the other arm sleeping on his shoulder and Jamie walking not far behind. He said his goodbyes and left to take his children and wife home before he packed his bags and went to his mums old house she was still travelling the world but he still had a room there.

Cut back to Haley house but this time at night

Haley was surprised how well today went Jamie seemed fine as if nothing had happened he was taking everything into his stride. Of course everything was still very much a disaster where her friends were concerned, but at least Jamie was ok. It was coming to twelve o'clock when she heard the door bell ring. It must be Nathan she thought it breaks her heart thinking they have been reduced to I'm ringing the door bell. again her fault.

So she went to answer. But when she opened the door no one was there but when she closed the door. She saw that in the letter box, there were two letters one addressed to her and one too Jamie, it had little basketballs on the front she knew right then they were both from Nathan. She then took them both into the lounge and sat down on the settee it was late and she was exhausted but she knew she wouldn't sleep if she didn't read what was in her letter to night. So as she was seated she tore open the letter that was addressed to her and well read it of course.

"Dear Haley, its me, I'm sorry I tried to do this face to face but I cant before I start I need you to know, I'm sorry I called Jamie a Bastard child its not his fault but I was angry a regardless it shouldn't have happened he's such an amazing little boy and I am grateful I got to call him my son for four years. I will always love him. Look Haley the reason I didn't come by today when everyone else was there was because I couldn't face Jamie yet, I know if I see him right now my heart will break and I will only end up resenting him for not being mine. I don't want to be a bad guy again like the guy I was before you met me in high school and the guy I was yesterday when I said those awful thing. So I have to go away for awhile until I can sort my head out, until I can except Lucas in Jamie's life as a father to him, until I can forgive you, I don't know if we can ever be together again but I want to be able to forgive you and hang out with you for Jamie's sake and mine because no matter what you do I can never stop loving you. It hurts what you and Lucas did I cant forget that but I hope I can forgive, you were the first person I let into my heart and tell things to that I have never told anyone before. I don't know how long it will take a week, a month or even years but I promise I will be back, so until then please don't look for me you wont find me. Give Jamie a kiss good night for me and tell him I love him everyday I am gone, please read the letter to him it will explain everything so he know this isn't his fault. I already told Lucas to be a father to him today to look out for him when I'm gone, you continue doing the same ok Hales. I will always Love you, always and forever. Love Nathan."

She cried herself to sleep at night for the second night in a row. What had she done? She had chased away the only man she ever loved. Her friends hated her and her son was already dealing with pain she promised to protect her from. That night was the night Haley James Scott realised she had to make it up to everyone no matter how long it took.

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