Forgotten Birthday.

The family forgot Mrs. P's B-day . And shes all alone or is she. What will happen when Ron gives her a gift. One shot maybe if you like it I might wright more.

" I can't wait to go home for my birthday gifts from my family" said Mrs. Possible as she talked to herself as she drove home from work. Mrs. Possible drove home a little sad because she was turning 45. As Mrs. P was at Home and she looked around she didn't she her husband's car or Kimmie's either.

" I wonder where they parked there car's" said Mrs. Possible as she parked her car. She step out of her car and walked to the house , all the light's were off. As see open the door she was hoping that they would pop and say happy birthday" But as she was walked in there was nothing there no one to say surprise or happy birthday. She closed the door and walked into the kitchen . There was a note on the table and it read.

Dear Anne ,

I took the kid's to Montana with me , so you have the house for a week have fun.


" So they forgot my birthday , great I'm 45 and my family forgets me" said Mrs. Possible as she started to cry.

" Why, why me" cried Mrs. Possible as she cried. She cried for an hour en till she couldn't cry any more. She went to take a shower to wash away her misery.

" HELLO ANYBODY HERE" yelled Ron as he walked into the Possible's home.

" Mrs. P are you home" said Ron as he looked around. Ron walked into the kitchen and saw the note on the table with tear stains.

Dear Anne,

I took the kid's to Montana with me , so you have the house for a week have fun.


" Oh , man I hope they didn't forget her B-Day" said Ron as he put the note back down.

" Ronald is that you" ask Mrs. Possible as she walked down stair's in a bathrobe.

" Yha,"said Ron as he walk over to her. She was waring a light blue robe, her hair was wet and Ron thought she looked hot.

" Umm, umm,umm hi Mrs. P" said Ron as he looked away hoping she didn't see him looking at her chest.

" Oh , hi Ronnie how are you doing" ask Mrs. Possible as she looked at Ron. Ron was wearing a red shirt and dark blue jean's with a black biker jacket. He looked so handsome , and smart. But she can't think that he was her daughter's boyfriend and she was twice his age .

" Well, it's your B-Day and I got you a gift" said Ron as he pulled out a little box from his pocket. Ron gave her the box it was wrapped in a red paper and had a golden bow on it.

" Thank , you Ron it seems your the only one that remembered" said Mrs. Possible as she took the gift and started to cry. It was so poorly wrapped and looked like a 5 year old kid did it but it was the only thin she got.

" Whats the matter Mrs. P you don't like it" said Ron as he was worried.

" No , it's not that it's just I'm 45" cried Mrs. Possible as she hugged Ron. Ron held her.

" Umm, you can't be 45 you look so young and your so umm HOT" said Ron as he tried to make her happy.

" Thanks Ron your so kind but I know thats a lie" cried Mrs. Possible as she looked at Ron .

" No, no it's not umm I think your one hot lady" said Ron as he smiled at her.

" Ron lying is not good look I'm old , I have some wrinkle's a couple of gray hair and my husband hasn't say I love you in a long time" said Mrs. Possible as she wiped her tear's off on her robe.

" YES , you are" said Ron as he looked at her time" said Mrs. Possible as she started to cry again. Ron looked around trying to find how to stop her from crying.

" Umm, well he's a jerk" said Ron as he looked at her.

" Ron , watch you mouth" said Mrs. Possible. Ron leaned in and Kissed her on the mouth.

" Mmm,mm Ron" moaned Mrs. Possible as she kissed him back. Ron stopped the kiss and looked at her.

" I'm so sorry Mrs." said Ron when he was cut off by Mrs. Possible kissing him.

" Mmm," said Ron as he was being Kissed. "Hmm, Mrs. P is a way better kisser then Kp , and dose she do that with her tongue " thought Ron as he was kissing her back.

"Ron , is such a good kisser and his hand's are all over my body ,Kimmie is so lucky to have him" thought Mrs. Possible as she kissed Ron. Ron picked her up and took her to the coach. Anne took off Ron's jacket and ran her hand's all over his chest. She was so happy to feel his young sexy chest with all the hard abs.

Ron took of her robe belt and open the robe. She was showing her naked chest to him . He stop kissing her and started to lick her on the chest.

" Oh , RON " moaned Mrs. Possible as she love how Ron was licking her. She ran her hands threw Ron's hair.

" Mmm,mm Mrs. Possible" said Ron as he kissed her on her chest. Ron had sex before , and with other lady's . Ron had sex with girl's all over the world and Kim but nothing made him feel like a man, not like how he feels right now. The fire he was feeling from Mrs. Possible was driving him mad , he doesn't care if she is his girlfriend's mom.

" Mmm, Ron call me Anne" said Anne as she looked at Ron. She kissed Ron on the lip's. How she loved this the feeling of being touch again and the feel of being wild.'s

" Oh , Anne" said Ron as he started to take off his belt.

" No let me" said Anne as she smirked. She grabbed Ron's belt and took it off. She unbutton his jean's and felt the hardness in Ron pants. She smiled she saw that it was a big bulge and put her hands in his boxers.

" Oh , my Ronnie is this for me and the perfect birthday gift" said Anne as she felt his man hood in her hand's. How big and thick it was.

" Hmm, this is really nice to , I don't have one of these" said Anne as she pulled out Ron's man hood. It stood proud in it's 8 inches. Anne got on her knee's and lick the tip of Ron's man hood.

" Ghha , Mmm" moaned Ron as he gasped when she licked it. Anne smiled at the reaction she got from Ron. She went a little feather and stuck the top of it in her mouth. She bobbed her head on the length of his man hood. Ron was loving this , he never thought that his dreams would come true.

" Mmm, man Anne that feels so good" said Ron as he looked at her.

" Hmm, good I'll show you something else that feels good" said Anne as she inserted Ron in her. She moved up and down. Ron can feel her around his man hood , he thrust up , with everything he had to keep with her pace . As they made love for hour's the possible family was coming home . After having sex for hours they both passed out on the couch with nothing on them but sweat. The Possibles walked in and saw Ron and Anne sleeping on the couch , with Ron still in her. All you herd was the wine bottle hitting the ground as Kim and her dad were shocked.

Man what was going on in mt head when I did this.

I hope you like this.