The Mad Dog and Bonnie

Bonnie finds out why she loves The Mad Dog. And has fun.


( Girl's locker room)

" Bye , Bonnie see you tomorrow" said Tara as she left the locker room.

" Bye," said Bonnie as she was left alone in the locker room's.

" I'm the only one here again damn Possible for making me clean up" said Bonnie as she started to take off her top.

" WOOF WOOF" yelled something.

" Is someone there" ask Bonnie as she looked around. The light's turned off and she herd something sound like a giant claws.

" Who's there , I am Bonnie Rockwaller" said Bonnie as she looked around. She couldn't see anything but shadows.


" WHAT ARE YOU" yelled Bonnie as she was scared.


" STOP IT" yelled Bonnie as she crawl in to her locker. Bonnie saw something come towards her.

" Bon Bon needs some Mad Dog" said Ron in his Mad Dog suit.

" Ron , is that you" ask Bonnie as she got up.

" Bon Bon needs to learn WOOF WOOF Bon Bon been bad." said Ron as he got closer to Bonnie.

" Learn what that your a freak get out of hear Ron" said Bonnie as she looked at the shadow in front of her.

" Bad Bon Bon" said Ron as he grabbed Bonnie.

" Me bad your the one going to jail" said Bonnie as she saw Ron's mask drooling.

" Bon Bon say bad things to Mad Dog Bon Bon pay" said Ron as took his mask off and smirk at Bonnie .

" What are you talking about" said Bonnie as she looked at Ron.

" Bon Bon say Mad Dog needs to be train Mad Dog no need training Bon Bon Do" said Ron as he licked Bonnie on the face.

" Gross Stoppable that gross get off me" said Bonnie as she tried to push Ron off her.

" Bon Bon need learn to keep shut" said Ron as he started to tie Bonnie up to the locker's with her own bra's that she kept in the her locker.

" Stoppable stop this now I'm going to scream" said Bonnie as she glared at Ron.

" Bon Bon become Mad Dog" said Ron as he place the mask on Bonnie.

" Err, Ron get this thing off me" said Bonnie as her voice was being muffled by the mask.

" Bon Bon learn" said Ron as he started to take Bonnie's clothes off. Ron took her top and skirt off , only leaving her bra and underwear.

" STOPPABLE" yelled Bonnie as she tried to kick Ron.

" Bon Bon no wana play , Bon Bon will play with Mad Dog" said Ron as he went on his knees and ripped off her underwear with his teeth. Ron started to like Bonnie's womanhood , inserting hid tongue in to her folds.

Bonnie moaned as Ron worked on her , she was loving this. Never had a guy did this to her oh, she needs to punish. Yes Bonnie was having fun with Ron in her pussy licking , and sucking.

" OH , RON" yelled Bonnie as she was getting close to her first orgasm. Bonnie started to move her hip's towards Ron's face.

" NO" roared Ron as he slam Bonnie's hip's to the locker.

" Bon Bon can't movie , Bon Bon being punish and me MAD DOG" said Ron as he glared at Bonnie.

" Mad dog train me " said Bonnie in a husky voice. Ron went back to what he was doing. Ron started to go up and suck on her breast. Ron sucked on the right breast and fondled the left. Playing with the nipple with his thumb.

" AHHHWOOOULL" howled Ron as he grabbed Bonnie and lied her down on the floor. Ron took all his clothes off to show his sexy body off. Ron had the perfect body , he had abs, pec's , calves and perfect arm's. What surprise Bonnie the most was how well hung Ron was, he was 10 inches long and she couldn't wait to have it in her.

" Mmm, Bon Bon taste good but Mad Dog taste better , here try it" said Ron as he stuck his cock in her mouth. Bonnie sucked on Ron's cock . Ron rocked his hips in and out of her mouth.

" Mmm, Ron your cock is so big and it taste so good" said Bonnie as she looked up at Ron.

" Shut up and suck it" said Ron as he force Bonnie on his cock. Bonnie's head bobbled up and down on his cock. Bonnie played with his big balls and suck hard on that cock.

" Mmm, that feels good Bon Bon , Mad Dog is happy" said Ron as he grinned at Bonnie looking into her eye's. Bonnie smiled and went faster , she wanted to make Ron cum in her mouth. Bonnie smirked she could she Ron was holding on, but she couldn't have that could she . Bonnie licked the tip of his cock and moved her hands back and forth on his shaft to make him cum in her mouth.

" Ron, cum in my mouth , cum in my mouth pleases" said Bonnie as she pleaded Bonnie as she looked at Him. Ron nodded and stuck his cock back into her mouth and moved his hip's in and out of her mouth. Bonnie grabbed his hip's so her face was touching his pubic hairs , she could feel his cock against her throat. Ron couldn't hold it any more.

" You want it , Bon Bon you can have it" said Ron as he released his load into her mouth.

" Oh, yes Ron Mmm you taste so good" said Bonnie as she licked all of his juices off him.

" Lick it all , Mad Dog likes his bitches to lick him clean" said Ron as he shoved Bonnie's face deeper in to him.

" Yes, Mad dog I'm a bad bitch train me to be good" said Bonnie as she licked clean Ron.

" Bark , woof woof" said Ron as he growled at Bonnie.

" Woof , woof woof" barked Bonnie as she did what Ron told her to do.

" Good now get on all your paws and wag that ass for me" said Ron as he watch Bonnie get on all four's.

" Mmm, you have a nice ass Bon Bon but you need a lot of mad Dog in you" said Ron as he inserted himself in to Bonnie's butt.

" RON" yelled Bonnie as she felt the huge cock in her ass. Ron was thrusting hard in to Bonnie's ass.

" Dog's don't talk they bark so BARK" growled Ron as he thrust harder into Bonnie making scream.

" WOOF , WOOF WOOF AHHHWOOOULL" howled Bonnie as she winced in pain from Ron's hard thrust.

" Good Bon Bon , now let's make you scream my name" said Ron as he flipped Bonnie over and started to fuck her pussy.

" Oh , Ron I I love you" said Bonnie as she wrapped her leg's and arm's around him. Ron thrust harder and harder making Bonnie scream and sweat in a fever state .

" Oh, Ron Mmm, this feels so good" said Bonnie as she kissed his neck.

" Bon Bon , BONNIE I CUMING" yelled Ron as he released his load in to Bonnie. Both lied there panting. Bonnie crawled over Ron and smiled at Him.

" So , Ron why did you do this" ask Bonnie as she looked Ron.

" Do you really want to know or do you want to do it again" ask Ron as he smirked at Bonnie.

" Let's go Mad Dog" said Bonnie as she kissed Ron on the lip's.


So who's next Shego/ Ron or Ron/ a guy your choice