Smell of Wolfsbane

Silence is all I hear

Out of that silence comes sound

Whispers of every emotion

Every emotion passing through me

Passion, anger, pain, pleasure, misery

All intertwine and tangle into one

I feel your arms wrap around me

Your warmth against my coldness

I feel your kisses on my neck

The layers between us fall away

My heart races with your every caress

Our souls speak and our minds lose all sense

Please oh please my dear

Keep me here in ecstasy

All we have intertwined

For all eternity and beyond

As we finish and it fades

Everything becomes clear

I lost my chance

You lay next to me cold and broken

Reality comes back to me

Tears of regret fall from my eyes

Then heaven and hell shift

You come to me and hold me close

You whisper words of love to me

While you look into my brown eyes

And I take in your smell, wolfsbane

I hope you liked it.