Alright, alright. So I'm a big fat liar. I said I wasn't going to post this until my other story was complete. But hey, we all know I have little patience, and easily get carried away.

This story is going to be a series of One-Shots. Each one-shot is going to be a different POV. I'm planning to do alot, (There's many characters) and see what I can get out them. Each POV will be about that person's take on Edward and Bella's relationship. Maybe it will be good, maybe not. It's worth a try right? No flames please. Nice reviews and constructive critism is welcome though. Thank you all!

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It was one of those rare days in Forks, a clear blue sky and a golden sun that dominated the land beneath. Normally, these days I would arrive at the hospital early, getting in without suspicion, due to the darkness in the early hours and I would depart at the late hours of the night, always under the cover of nightfall. Today, I had left so early that I forgot my black medical bag.

I had escaped the hospital quickly, carefully hiding myself beneath thick clothing, concealing the sparkling skin that would surely not go unnoticed had any human witnessed it.

I was now sprinting up my walkway, carefully slipping into the house. I listened carefully to see if anyone was here. The kids usually took it upon themselves to hunt during these rare sunny days, carefully straying into the deep wilderness, out of the human eye. Esme was most definitely in the garden in the backyard. A generally safe area considering our house stood a mile from any main road, naturally a difficult place to happen upon. I ran a hand through my hair, now to get that medical bag.

I was about to go to the living room when I heard the soft melody of a song, baffled that I hadn't heard it earlier, I listened harder. I at once recognized it as a piano. That meant it must be Edward. I continued to listen and recognized the uneasiness in the notes, the hesitation. That couldn't be Edward. He had been playing the piano for over a hundred years.

Curiosity got the best of me I moved soundlessly into the hallway separating the rest of the house and the living room. At piano bench I saw my 'son,' more so then anything else, and Bella, his fiancée and my daughter as much as Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were.

Bella was sitting on Edwards lap, her hands stumbling across the piano keys, as if they even suffered from her clumsiness. By the looks of it, they had been sitting there a while. Bella's stomach was rumbling, I could hear it all the way from where I stood, masked in the shadows of my own house. It wouldn't be long before Edward insisted she stop to get something to eat.

As if reading my mind – which he was very capable of doing – I watched as his nose softly skimmed Bella's cheek. "I think you should eat lunch now, Bella," he whispered against her cheek. I could hear Bella's heart rate accelerate at the gesture.

"I'm not done yet," she murmured, still awkwardly struting her fingers across the ivory keys.

He twisted a piece of her hair around his forefinger, a grimace on his face. "So stubborn," he mumbled.

She smiled, sitting up straighter and beginning the song over again. "You're the one who wanted me to learn how to play the piano," she reminded him smugly as the notes hung hesitantly in the air.

"Yes, but I never requested you give up your human responsibilities to do so," his lips kissed her jaw line gently.

Once again I heard her heart rate waver again, stuttering, finally falling into a rapid thrashing against her chest. I wasn't completely sure if that was healthy or not.

Finally, her heartbeat quieted to a dull thumping and she shook her head back and forth, as if to clear it. "Human," she scoffed softly.

Edward sighed and scooped her into his arms, swiftly as if she weighed absolutely nothing. The wary music came to an abrupt stop. "Yes, human," he glared. "Exactly why you're going to eat now."

She was about to protest when her stomach growled softly, withdrawing any chance at her objection. Edward raised his eyebrow, as if daring her to even try.

"Just let me finish the song," she whispered, her brown eyes falling beneath a fringe of dark lashes. Her bottom lip jutted out slightly. "Please Edward?"

His eyes widened at the sight, and then narrowed almost as quickly. He placed her back gently on the piano bench, this time sitting next to her. "Dangerous little human," he accused lightly. She laughed and concentrated on placing her thin fingers back on the piano keys.

The music flowed easier into the air this time, with less force, it almost sounded effortless.

Edward smiled at the sound. I saw his eyes smolder ocher as he watched her, the intensity of the stare almost making me want to slip away, quickly before I'm noticed, embarrassed at catching them at such a private moment. It was so strange. I had lived in a house with two other couples for the past one hundred years, and had never felt the need to intrude at any time. But now, as I stared at my son, and his fiancée, I was frozen in place, like the obvious force field they had running between them had a gravitational pull, too close and you were pulled in.

Edward leaned down to rest his forehead against Bella's shoulder, breathing in as he did, the sound of her heart soon dominated the room.

The heartbeat was almost like a theme song of their undying love. Two creatures. One heartbeat. Their connection to one another was mind boggling.

Bella finished the song on a quiet note, letting it fade into the warm air. She turned to kiss the top of Edward's head, as he stayed motionless against her shoulder.

I still remember when Edward had told me about the human girl. Her blood, so unbelievably appealing to him that he found the need to leave this small town all together. I stared at them in wonder. How this could be the same blood thirsty boy, and his prey, in lack of a better word, I was unsure. Of course I had had hundreds and hundreds of years as a doctor to become accustom to the scent, so accustom that I was nearly immune to it. But there on the piano bench was my son, his eyes glowing topaz and his dead heart, non-beating, yet so alive in his chest.

Edward picked up his head to kiss Bella cheek. "Lunch time," he whispered finally.

Bella groaned and threw her head back as Edward forcefully carried her towards me, though his eyes were still trained on her face, his lips shifting into a crooked smile. Whether he had heard my mind or not that entire time, I was not about to make my presence obvious.

In vampire speed I flashed into the living room behind them, waiting for them to journey to the kitchen. I could still hear their playful bickering as I silently picked up my medical bag and flew to the front door. Before I had a chance to open it, Edward appeared before me. "You forgot this." He handed me my stethoscope, with a knowing smile on his lips.

"Thank you, Edward," I replied back, carefully wrapping the stethoscope around my neck.

"Edward?" I heard Bella call out uneasily.

Edward grinned and his eyes suddenly bore into mine. "Thank you, Carlisle."

"For what?" I asked confused.

"For her." And with that he disappeared back into the kitchen. I could hear Bella's heart slow as he appeared back into the kitchen, and then pick up again as he pulled up a chair beside her.

Quickly I descended down the front steps and into the protection of my Mercedes. Edward was wrong. Of course I was the one to change him and request his loyalty to not hunt the humans, and bring him to Forks. But his love for Bella was none of my doing. He knew all the reasons why not to get close to her, yet he fell in love. I knew he doubted himself, doubted Bella's feelings towards him. When he established these doubts, I wondered if he could hear the same beating heart the rest of us heard.

I could still here the feverish heart beat as I raced down the driveway. The heart beat that was keeping two bodies alive. The heart beat that had soon become an anthem of our household. My son, and his fiancé.