I guess there's not a lot of point to this, but it just came to me, and it's one of those things you've got to write or it won't leave you alone.

Death Takes This Halliwell

She pushed her hair off her face, tears rolling down her face. She didn't understand. Mommy said she'd be back tonight, that she'd only be gone for a few hours.

But now Grams said mommy was never coming home, that she'd had to go to another place. Grams said mommy would be looking out for her, watching over her, and that if she talked to her, mommy would hear, but not be able to talk back.

But it didn't make sense! Mommy said she'd be home!

Prue was really mad. Piper didn't understand why at first, but then Prue started screaming that mommy was dead, and Piper started crying then. Mommy was dead. Dead dead dead and she wasn't ever coming home, and she'd never see her again, and it just wasn't fair!

"I want my mommy." Piper whispered, but mommy didn't come.


She was shaking. God, she couldn't stop shaking. Grams was...But Grams couldn't be...Grams was so strong, so dependable...but the doctors, the doctors said she was gone, and Phoebe was crying and Prue was sat with her head in her hands and...and...

Piper closed her eyes, and tried to pretend she wasn't here. She was still in bed, hadn't even gotten up yet, and this day just hadn't happened.

Then she opened them, and she was still shaking, still in the neat, impersonal waiting room, with her grieving sisters and her Grams' dead body in some other room in the building.

That's the trouble with pretending. Reality always waits.


She couldn't stop crying. She couldn't think straight. And nothing was working! All the spells, all the magic, even yelling at the fricking elders wasn't bringing her back.

Losing her mother had been hard. Losing Grams had been hard. But Prue...Prue was always supposed to be there. Prue always had been there. What was she supposed to do without her?

"Why?" Piper murmured aloud. "Why did you take her away?"

It just...It was so hard, it hurt so much, and nothing, nothing would ever be right again.


Phoebe was so still. So, so still. She was her baby sister, and Piper was supposed to protect her, and she hadn't, and...and...

Rocking. Rock, rock, rock, because somehow she had to comfort Phoebe...only Phoebe's dead and nothing can comfort her...

And even as the Angel appeared and Leo was back, she knew she had to fix this, had to change this.


She'd thought, for a minute, that Paige was OK. That Paige was alive. But she wasn't, she was dead too, somewhere in that wreckage, and Piper was all alone, without any sisters. And how was she supposed to fix this on her own? How...

Leo squeezed her arm, and she knew she wasn't completely alone. And she'd fix it, because she had to.

But Paige...she closed her eyes for a moment, because what if she couldn't fix it? She'd only known her four years, and it wasn't fair that she'd been stolen so soon. Paige had saved her after Prue's death. Without Paige to focus on, she'd have just lost herself in her own emotions. And now Paige was...

It wasn't fair that she'd died, or that Phoebe had. It wasn't fair, either, that Grams or mom had.

"I'll fix it." She muttered to Leo. "I'll fix it. I can't lose them too."

...What this family does best is get killed.