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Josei Shonan Gakuen

It was a bright summer's day. The wind blew softly against the tree and made the leaves rustle. A girl stood in front of the school's gate with a motionless look on her face. Her greenish grey eyes looked solemn but they were big, wonderful eyes with long black lashes. Her hair was black, quite heavy and short, and only curl at the tips. The school was quiet since it was summer's break. She slowly walked into the school and saw a guard heading her way. She stopped at her track and so did the guard.

"Yes, miss. May I help you?" the guard asked her politely,

She nodded, "May I know where's the school's office?"

"You walked up the first stairs from this block and go up at the second floor. Walk straight up through the hallway and then turn to the right. You'll see a big brown door. That's the office." The guard said.

"Thank you." She nodded a thanks.

"Sure, miss." The guard gave a smile. The guard looked at her retreating figure and thought that she was cute but a little weird. As soon as he turned, he gasped in shock when he saw two figures behind him. He sighed, "It's you two. What are you doing here in school in during the summer break?"

The two boys exchanged glances with each and looked at the guard. The boy with pink hair put up an annoyed face at the guard. "This is our school. We can come anytime we want."

The guard sweat dropped. Another boy with blue hair who stood beside the pink hair boy cocked an eyebrow. "Youhei is right. Anyway, who was that girl just now? She's not our student is she?"

"I don't think so, Kouhei. I've never seen that girl before." The boy with pink hair spoke.

The guard shook his head, "I think she'll be transferring here since she asked the whereabouts of the school's office. That is what I think though..."

"Ah, I see..." Both boys said unison.

Meanwhile, she followed the direction that the guard had told earlier. Finally, she reached the big brown door. She knocked on the door and turned the doorknob to enter. She saw a clerk at the counter and approached the clerk. The clerk looked up at her with a welcoming smile.

"Aaah, Oumi-sama. We've been waiting for you," she stood up from her chair and walked outside the counter. The young girl just kept her emotionless mask.

"This way please, Oumi-sama." The clerk escorted the young girl. The clerk led the way and they reached a white door. The clerk knocked on the door and heard a voice from inside. The clerk opened the door and led the girl inside until the reached the headmaster's desk. The man stood up and bowed to the young girl with respect.

"Welcome to our humble school, Oumi Kokoro-sama." The man said with his deep voice.

She nodded once with her motionless face, "Thank you for inviting me, Takumichi-sensei."

The headmaster looked up at her with a gentle smile, "Please, have a sit, Oumi-sama."

Kokoro sat down quietly. The headmaster had ordered the clerk to bring them tea and the clerk nodded as she understood and left. The headmaster sat down on his chair and took out some papers from a file. The atmosphere was silence but it was not awkward. There were a lot of books and the room was spacious. The clerk came in and served them tea and she left.

The headmaster cleared his throat, "How did your find your stay over here in Japan, Oumi Kokoro-sama?"

She sipped her tea, "It has been very good. I've missed Japan very much."

The man smiled, "Of course you have. You must be. Japan is unforgettable place and this is where you were born..."

Kokoro didn't say a word but her eyes softened. The man turned his chair around to the large window pane behind him. "Your father, had placed you under my care."

"Yeah, I know..." her voice were really soft that it was almost like a whisper.

He turned his chair to face the girl and he smiled as he stared at her pretty face. "Though I had told your father that I wouldn't always be around you since I too, have business trip for the school. So, I told your father that, Hanamura Aoi would be your guardian and, he agreed. You still remember her, don't you?"

Kokoro gave a small smile, "Yes, very much."

He chuckled, "I remember the look on her face when I told her that you'd be coming back to Japan and that she would be your guardian and, also to be staying with her."

Kokoro smiled even more, "I can imagine. I guess, she hasn't changed, has she?"

The man chuckled and shook his head, "Nope. Not at all. She is the only Hanamura Aoi we all know."

"True to be said." Kokoro joked.

"Your father worries about you, you know..." The headmaster said before he sipped his tea.

Kokoro slowly nodded but frowned nonetheless, "I know that too. Father worries about me too much that he forgot to worry about himself. After all, he is a klutz no matter how smart he is."

The man gave a small laugh, "Yeah, even when our university days, he was like that. Before and after he met your mother, he hasn't changed one bit."

Kokoro silently sipped her tea but her eyes returned solemn again. The man gave a gentle smile, "You look a lot like your mother especially with that wonderful eyes. They're a charm. You're a good child, I'm sure she's proud of you."

"I hope so. After mom's death, father, he takes all the responsibilities on his own," Kokoro sighed. "I couldn't do anything for him. He wants me to live my life to the fullest."

The man laughed, "Just like your father. You should Kokoro. He had told me to let you out on dates and go out with friends. He wouldn't forgive me if I just let you 'gobble' on books."

Kokoro chuckled but controlled it, "I'll try..."

"Good. Anyway, you've passed the entrance exam excellently. Your application has been approved and here, something that might help you know about this school a little better." He handed the papers to Kokoro and she reached for it.

She thoroughly looked through the papers and gave a nod, "Thank you, Takumichi-sensei."

"Your very welcome!" He grinned. "Uhm.."

Kokoro looked up at him with a blank face, "Yes, Takumichi-sensei?"

"Do you mind me calling you by your first name?" He asked politely.

She blinked twice but smiled, "Please do. It always send me shivers down my spine when somebody calls me 'Oumi-sama or "Kokoro-sama'. Even when I say it myself, I feel so cold." She mocked.

Takumichi laughed. "Kokoro-chan, you'll be staying with Hanamura-sensei starting tomorrow. She'll be picking you up at your hotel. I'll call you tonight to inform you any changes, okay?"

She nodded, "Okay."

The headmaster stood up and so did Kokoro. He walked her to the door and opened it for her. He bowed a little, "I really hope that you will feel better here. If you need or want anything, please inform me."

She nodded, "It'll probably be more books. Goodbye." She joked and left. The man gave a small chuckle and closed the door. "Nadeshiko-senpai, Kokoro-chan seems a lot like you. I wonder how Takeru-senpai is doing? I'm sure you're always watching over the two of them, right, Nadeshiko-senpai?" He said it to himself as he stared out at the blue sky.



"Sensei! Why are we moving a lot of stuff?" A small male had said while carrying a pillow.

A large guy came beside Outa Shou, the small male and glanced over at teacher, "Where should I put this heavy box?" he asked.

Hanamura gave a thought but shrugged her shoulders, "Anywhere."

Daichi placed the box in front of him and sighed. Outa was already sitting on the box and fanning himself, which made Daichi twitched, "You, you did nothing but carry pillows and you're acting like you're doing the work, Shou."

"It's very hot since it's summer. Hanamura-sensei made us do this work in the summer, Daichi! Aren't you feeling bothered by the weather. I mean, this is our break. We should be out and enjoying ourselves.." Outa replied.

Daichi couldn't answer his partner back but Daichi felt a little strange about their teacher since this morning. She had been grinning to herself. Outa gave him a weird look.

Daichi sighed in defeat, "Whatever..."

The lady with brown hair was in the kitchen, making coffee, while grinning to herself too. A guy with orange hair came inside the room carrying a large box and behind him was a brunette hair guy. "Outa-san is right. Why are we moving in so many stuff? I'm sure you're not married yet-"

"Ow! You don't have to kick me, Captain..."

The brunette male passed him and put down another box, "You're being rude and clearly, it's none of our business, Wakato."

"Che.. Still, don't you want to know, Shinjo?" Wakato asked a tall guy with cool blue hair. He was a quiet man who always stood by Hanamura.

Shinjo Renji didn't utter a word, which made Wakato twitched in annoyance. Hanamura laughed, "She's special to me. And she'll be staying with me."

"She?" Everybody said in unison except for Renji. The twins, Kouhei and Youhei exchanged glances and smirked. They could think of a girl but kept it quiet.

Hanamura nodded, "Yes. She's a precious girl," Hanamura grinned. "You'll soon see. We better hurry up." Hanamura said. The students looked at each other but shrugged it off.

"Well... If Hanamura-sensei said it will be a she, I'm sure our captain here can fall for her, right, sensei?!" Wakato patted Kajimoto's shoulder while grinning. "Our captain needs a girlfriend, at least before he graduates." Wakato winked playfully at their teacher.

"Shut up or I'll make you do of the freshman's job." Kajimoto warned and Wakato backed off.

Hanamura chuckled, "Better watch your words. You just might." Renji heard what Hanamura said and looked at the bickering Kajimoto and Wakato. Renji silently approached the teacher.

"How is she like?" Renji asked.

Hanamura's eyes soften, which surprised Renji. "She's a beautiful girl with charming eyes. Very clever and silently observing. But, she's very quiet and mature even when she was a little girl. She loves to read, but," Hanamura chuckled. "She's very bad drawing."

Renji just stared at his teacher that he admired for so long. "Sensei, what do you think of her?"

Hanamura looked at Renji and gave a gentle smile, "She is like my little sister, Renji."

Renji smiled back, "Then, I shall protect her as well."

Hanamura nodded, "Do your best!"

The twins heard Hanamura's conversation and confirmed it to themselves that it was the girl from before. They don't know anything yet for sure, but they have taken interest in this 'little sister' of their teacher.



"Yes father. I'll be sure of it."

"Good. I'm worried leaving you alone. But, you're not exactly alone. Hanamura will be there. Ugh... I'll come and visit you as soon as I can, okay sugar pumpkin?"

"It's okay, father. Don't distract yourself from your work because of me. Then again, don't push yourself too hard. You are a klutz."

"Don't be so mean, Koko-chan!"

"Father, stop pouting. It's ashame for a man at your age to be pouting."

"(chuckles) Okay, if you say so. Koko-chan, take very good care of yourself and please, try to make some friends."

"Yes, father. I will do my best."

"I can now sigh in relief. Oh, Koko-chan, I've to go now. Take care and I'll call you tomorrow. I promise! Good night, Koko-chan."

"Good night, father. Sweet dreams."

She closed her cell phone and sighed. She was looking through the booklet about the school. "I see. So Josei Shonan was a middle school but changed into a gakuen about a year ago. So, they're still new at this combination."

Kokoro walked outside to her balcony and stared up to the night sky with stars. She smiled as she thought her memories when she was smaller. "I bet on anything that Aoi-nee calls her student 'masterpiece' and also, she must be teaching them tennis." She chuckled and went back inside.





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