Troublesome Children

Laying on the couch halfway asleep, the black haired lazy ninja was left at home…he wouldn't mind being home if it weren't for the two 7 year olds running around the should. Okay, so maybe only one of them was running around the house, while the other was also laying on the couch, her feet in her fathers face as she finally feel asleep.

The two 7 year olds are, are you suspected, twins. Their names are Emiko and Suki Nara, their parents, as you predicted, are Temari and Shikamaru Nara. Even though the girls are twins, they are NOTHING alike. Emiko, is like her mother, active, mouthy, and most of all…very troublesome, as her father called her many times. As for Suki, she is a typical lazy Nara…doesn't like to do much, except for play Shogi, but rarely win, she also loves to just lay back, like her father, and complain about how troublesome everyone else is.

The one thing the young Nara girls, and their father like to do together is lay outside and watch the clouds pass by when there mother isn't around.

Suki and Emiko have long black hair like Shikamaru, and green eyes like Temari. Emiko wears her hair up like her mother, in 4 small spiky ponytails, while Suki wears hers like her father, in a single spiky ponytail on top of her head.

But enough with the descriptions, its time for the story to begin….

"DAD!" Emiko shouts standing right in front of the-formally-sleeping male, whom just kept his eyes closed, and hoped the young girl would fix, or forget whatever she wanted. When Emiko didn't get the response she wanted from her father, she place her-freezing cold-fingers on her fathers are, which wasn't covered by his normal navy blue long sleeve shirt, and began to shake him, "Dad…wake up!" She shouted again

Shikamaru removed Suki's feet from his face, and Emiko's-ice cold-hands off his arm, "What's wrong Emiko? And why are your hands so cold?" He asked, then yawned. He soon noticed the chocolate stain around Emiko's mouth, "You got into the ice cream again…didn't you"

Emiko shook her head, and quickly placer her cold, chocolate covered hands behind her back, "nooo" She lied rocking back and forth, avoiding eye contact with Shikamaru. " I wanted to ask…since Suki wont play, will you play Hide-n-Seek with me?" she asked, now with a big chocolaty smile on her face.

Shikamaru sighed, then placed his finger across Emiko's lips, wiping the chocolate evidence from them, "Emiko…if you didn't eat the ice cream, then how's this end up all around your lips?" he asked, showing the young Nara child the melting chocolate on his finger.

"Well…duh, you put it there" She replied, this time rolling her eyes.

The tired father shook his head, "Troublesome child of mine, your not a very good liar…like your mother, you avoid eye contact when you are lying" he answered now sitting up.

Shikamaru sitting up, caused the lazy Nara child to wake up slightly and sit up herself, glaring at her twin sister, "Cant you see I was trying to sleep" She yawned, a very lazy look in her green eyes. "What a drag" she sighed, standing from the couch, and walking over to the kitchen, where she saw the tub of chocolate swirl ice cream half empty on the floor, "Dad…Emiko ate half the ice cream…again"

"Yes Suki, I already know, thank you" Shikamaru answered, then looked at Emiko with an eyebrow raised at her, "well, how do you explain the ice cream on the floor?" He asked, wondering what his daughters answer would be.

She let out a loud annoyed sigh, "if you already know I did it…then why are you asking so many questions to which you already know the answer to?" She shook her head, "and you guys say I'm the troublesome one"

Shikamaru couldn't help but laugh a little, she was defiantly Temari's child….attitude and everything.

"What's so funny?" Suki asked walking out of the kitchen with a rice cake in her tiny digits.

Emiko shrugged, "you think dad lost it?" She asked, still standing in front of her father, now licking the chocolate off her fingers.

Suki sat back down on the couch looking at Shikamaru while taking a tiny bite of her rice cake, "Troublesome Father"

-End of Chapter, I don't really know where I'm going with this story…I guess I'm taking a break from my depressing stories…anyways, yes I am using the names that Hissori and I used in out RP that we are currently working on. Anyways, If you want to know what the names mean…I'll tell you, Emiko means: Blessed and Beautiful child, while Suki means: Beloved. I like the names, so that's why I used them…anyways, Temari isn't in this chapter…and I'm not sure when she will be in the story…if I even continue it…This could just be one of those retarded stories…that only needs one chapter, or I could make it to where this is just a bunch of random chapters with the twins…yea, that's what I'll do…well anyways, I'll end this chapter here, and make more later…-