Chapter 1:

The New Beginning

"Mom's gonna kill you, Suki" The 21 year old Konoha Kunoichi said, as she walked in her twin sisters house, and turned to look at her sister, "then she's going to kill Aiko."

"You're over reacting Emi….besides, we're not completely sure if that's what is really wrong."

Emiko rolled her emerald eyes, "Yeah…that's defiantly not it, because its completely normal for someone to be hanging out in their bathroom for 3 weeks straight." she stated, in a very sarcastic tone, "Who knows, maybe your husband poisoned you! Or maybe you've finally eaten some of your own cooking" she grinned a sly grin after she said the last part.

Suki sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose, "It could be the flu…"

"Now your just putting shame to the Nara name, Suki." She walked over to her sister, a serious look on her young-adult face, "If it were the flu, then you'd have a fever, you wouldn't have any type of appeitie, and you'd be in bed all day. Right now, all you're doing is throwing up all day." she crossed her arms, "I'm not stupid, Suki, and neither is mom-she has been through this 3 times. If she takes one look at you, she'll figure it out. So just take the test and pray Mom and Dad don't kill you or your husband."

Suki groaned, then walked over to her couch, sat down and held her head in her hands, "this is…such a damn drag!" she groaned again, and placed a hand on her stomach, "This…really sucks…"

The house went silent, for a good 10 minutes, until a light knock was heard at the door. Sukis' head shot up, looking at the door, then her sister, whom scratched the back of her head. "I didn't have any money, plus everyone at the store knows who we are, and who are parents are, and would suspect something if I went in and bought one." she explained.

"So you told her?" she whispered in a harsh tone, "She gossips more then anyone in the entire village." Emiko rolled her eyes again, "She's a Medical Ninja, and she happens to be our friend. Besides, she promised she wouldn't say anything. Just let her do her thing."

Suki crossed her arms, groaned again, and looked away from her sister. "fine…"

With that, Emiko walked to the front door, opened it and smiled. Staring back at her was a smiling female with long blonde hair, and bright green eyes.

"Thanks for coming on such a short notice" Emiko moved to the side, allowing Kimiko to enter the house.

"Its fine." She said, then looked at Suki, "You guys are my friends, and I don't mind helping." she took a step towards the pained dark haired female, "you need to lay down on your back, if you want me to check."

Suki nodded, and moved to lay on her back, letting out a small wince. Once on her back, she looked at Kimiko with a serious look on her face, "If you say anything, to anyone, even if I'm not, I'll make you regret it." She gave the female a look, almost as though to threat her with a silent threat that only the two would get.

Kimiko nodded, "O…Of course, I…I wont say anything, I promise." She then kneeled down, and placed a glowing hand on the Naras flat stomach…..

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