FanFic 100 Challenge #: 35 – Sixth Sense

More than 19 years later

She would never have imagined how her life would change after her best friend's death. First, she had become Headmistress, then Severus Snape had become Headmaster, and after his death, she had again become Headmistress.

But after 15 years, she had decided that she should retire from her position at Hogwarts. Not because she was too old – she was only in her eighties and Albus had been much older when he had led the school (think about it, JKR!), but she had felt like she had needed a change.

For 16 years, no day had gone by without her visiting Albus' grave, without thinking about joining him, bringing her life to an end. But, although she was a Gryffindor, she hadn't been brave enough to take the final step.

Finally, she had decided that death had been her companion for too long now.

No matter how much she'd missed her best friend – and the man she had loved for as long as she could remember – life had to go on.

Albus wouldn't have wanted her to slowly die because she saw no sense in life without him.

So she had packed her things and gone on a trip around the world.

She had visited every continent and had even settled down at some places for some time.

One day – she had just turned 169 a few weeks ago – she felt that something was different.

Wondering if it was her sixth sense (cats do have a sixth sense and she's an Animagus) that told her to do so, she packed her bags and returned to Hogwarts.

The new Headmaster, Albus Severus Potter, was surprised to see her, but had welcomed her "at home".

He didn't question why she was there.

Friendly, he had offered her one of the guest rooms to which she retired after talking to him and some of his colleagues for some hours.

Settling down in her bed, she – for the first time in ages – felt at home.

When she didn't join the Hogwarts staff for breakfast, the Headmaster became worried and went to her quarters. He knocked on her door a few times, then called her name. But she didn't answer, so he opened the door to find her fast asleep on her bed.

She looked as if she had the most wonderful dreams. Only that she would never again wake up.


P.S. I hope you don't kill me for letting her die. But I felt that JKR's comments weren't enough. She just said that – 19 years later – Minerva was no longer Headmistress because she was too old (WTF?!). So, being a shipper, I thought that Albus would want her to see the world and become old …

And I'm pretty sure that you know that she had the most wonderful dreams before she passed away … ;-)