A/N: well this will be my absolutely first try with this chategory

A/N: well this will be my absolutely first try with this category. So as a little explaining if the first chapter or some parts confuse you don't freak or get angry at me I like to explain certain things in later chapters. If I should manage to get this right then maybe after translating it to Hungarian I could get my father to actually read one of my fics…he got somewhat addicted to the books after getting bored and borrowing them from me…

Disclaimer: I will probably not follow the actual line of the books so gomen and something other I don't make any money with this all right belong to J. K. Rowling…

I. Prologue/A prank gone wrong


Hogwarts 1979

An other long school day had finally ended in the famous school of Hogwarts. A young boy around twelve years walked hurriedly through the long corridors of the ancient castle, one pale hand holding the books he was carrying to his chest while the other was wrapped around an object around his neck. The boy was about to turn around the corner as suddenly…

"Hello Snivellus where are you heading so quickly?" asked a voice from behind him. The boy froze and turned around to look at the two dark haired boys who stepped forth out of the shadow of a big statue.

"That isn't your business Black…" he hissed, the addressed boy only grinned.

"Aww…Jamesy please save me mate the little reptile will hurt me…" said Sirius in a mocking tone while his friend started laughing.

"I need to go." Was the only thing the boy said as he started walking again, but he was suddenly grabbed roughly at the arm.

"Not so fast Snape yo…." James suddenly stopped in his sentence as a girl with red hair and beautiful green eyes stopped beside them, glaring at the two boys.

"James Potter what do you think you are doing…" she hissed angrily at the smiling boy.

"We are only talking Lily my dear." He said.

"I'm not your "dear" and I know that you are laying." She hissed as she grabbed a hold on Snape's arm. "And now if you two idiots would excuse us Severus and I need to finish our project for Arithmancy." She said as she walked away with the blackhead.

"Man James mate I seriously don't know just what the heck you dig on Evans. For Merlin's shake she thinks you are an idiot and she befriends that git!" yelled Sirius while gesturing with his arms in the direction they 'victim' went.

"She is hot." Was the only response and Sirius sighed while putting his hands on his hips.

"You are hopeless…" he said.


Meanwhile farther away

The duo suddenly stopped in they tracks and Lily stepped in front of the pale boy.

"Are you ok Sev?" she asked worriedly. Beside her were only Narcissa Black and secretly also Remus Lupin the only friends the loner boy had. James and Sirius would probably skin poor Lupin alive if they would ever find out that he and Severus spent some of they time together chatting in the library.

To his luck were both James and Sirius allergic about libraries so they would never go even near it.

"Yes I'm fine Lily, thanks." He said timidly while giving her one of his rare smiles.

"Your welcome." She said, but then she suddenly noticed something around his neck. "Isn't that a Time-Turner, wow I have never seen one in real." She said wide eyed.

"Uhm…yes it is a Time-Turner." He said.

"Wow, where did you get it?" she asked, curiosity was always Lily Evan's greatest weakness. Severus let out a little chuckle about this. Yes so was Lily, pretty, helpful, friendly, intelligent and curious. One day she would be a great witch about this had Severus no doubt.

"Uhm…Professor McGonagall borrowed it to me so that I can be on her Transfigurations classes and the Ancient Runes class." He said sounding nervous.

"Wow I want to take that class next year and…wait Professor McGonagall gave that to you?" Severus only nodded. "I think she really appreciates your intelligence." She said smiling at her friend who started blushing.

"Uhm…I don't know, but now I need to get the books in my trunk and then go out side to the forest." He said to the girl.

"I have always wondered why you always go outside there; I mean you even got an allowance for that." She said.

"Well uhm… I'm helping our Care of Magical Creatures Professor out with the Thestrals." He said again blushing; Lily was probably the first person to know about this.

"You mean those strange horses only the ones can see who had already seen someone die?" she asked in disbelief.

"Uhm…yes they seem to like me and so the Professor asked me if I would like taking care of them."

"Wow well then have fun, we will see each other at lunch." She said smiling and waved her friend good bye.


In the Forbidden Forest

Severus Snape was on his way back to the castle when a spell thrown at him sent the boy against a tree. Groaning in pain he carefully opened his eyes only to spot Sirius and James nearing him.

"Sorry Snivellus, but Evans isn't here to protect you this time." Sirius said grinning, but then he noticed something. "Hey are you even paying attention?" he asked angrily, but then he looked confused at his side when James put a hand on his shoulder.

"Uhm…Sirius I think we are in trouble…" James said.

"What do you mean mate?" he asked his friend confused who only pointed at the ground. Following his friends finger he saw that the Time-Turner Snape wore around his neck had fallen to the ground and activated itself. "Shit…" was the only thing he could say before all three boys screamed and disappeared…

To be continued…

A/N: wow this is the longest prologue I have ever written. Yep young Snape is totally OOC, but cute and yep I like to imagine him with Thestrals…