A/N: ok now I will give a little explaining Harry knows in this fic that Sirius is his godfather and he is in his fifth year, I'm delaying Umbridge here a bit in other words these three days will be AU…

IV. Old friends Part I.

The three teenagers looked at the door silently when Dumbledore entered followed by the School Matron and the Heads of Slytherin and Ravenclaw. The old Headmaster cleared his throat then looked with twinkling blue eyes at the three children.

"As professor Snape and McGonagall informed me will the Time-Turner be working again in three days so in the remaining time I have decided that you shall continue your studies." At this both James and Sirius moaned making both Snapes role they eyes. "Mr. Black and Mr. Potter will be with the other second year Gryffindors while Mr. Snape with the Slytherin, I hope that you three will enjoy your time here.

"Uhm…Professor Dumbledore?"

"Yes Mr. Potter?" asked the old man smiling.

"That boy a few minutes ago was me mine and Lily's son?" James asked just to be sure, the adults nodded, but a strange grief flew over they faces before disappearing.


"Yes Severus?" Dumbledore asked as he turned to his young college.

"May we leave, knowing Mr. Malfoy he has probably already written to his father about the latest events and kno…" but suddenly the door bust open and there stood a heavily panting Lucius Malfoy "…hello Lucius." Severus greeted his still panting friend who only managed a nod.

"Great the last person I would have wanted to see beside Snape, now we only needed my mom and cousin Bella here." Sirius muttered, but Lucius heard him.

"Uh…It is also ni…nice to see yo…you Si…Sirius…" Lucius panted as Severus dragged him to one of the beds and made him sit down, his younger self watching relieved that his friendship with the older Slytherin still stands.

"Later Lucius first calm down take deep breath and then tell me why was it necessary to run from my private chambers down in the dungeons like a mad man up to the Hospital Wing." Severus said in a scolding tone to the blond while most of the others stared, not many people were allowed to talk in such a way with the man so were mostly James and Sirius shocked when Lucius laughed.

"Well what did you expect me to do? My son just writes me that Potters supposedly death father "at that the three teens paled" just appeared with his godfather, my wife's cousin " Sirius muttered after hearing the an "I knew it", but was ignored this time by Lucius who continued explaining " and his own godfather."

"And because of this you flooed out of the Ministry right in my private chambers and dashed up here." Severus said.

"Yes, thought someone might get the youngest Weasley boy because I think he fainted." Lucius answered.

"I will get him." Minerva said sighing.

"Weary well, Sev we are going." Lucius said grinning as he grabbed the two blackheads and dragged them out of the door.

"Lucius Malfoy in the Ministry?" Sirius asked after a few minutes he and James needed getting over the painful shock of James's death.

"Yes, he is also one of the school's governors." Dumbledore answered smiling and both boy groaned.

Meanwhile in the dungeons were the three Slytherins well actually two sitting in two armchairs in Snape's private chambers, said chambers owner's younger self meanwhile was looking around in amazement.

"You know that you were rather cute back then when you found something which perked your curiosity." Lucius said smiling as he sipped from his tea.

"I remember also that there was always a certain blond running after me." Severus answered.

"I was worried about you." The blond said while watching the younger boy as he looked over the books on one of the selves.

"You didn't need to be…" he let the end of the sentence hang they both knew the second part.

"…I was always grateful to have you."

"By the way Severus till we can sent them back I have decided to stay here."

"You really don't need to Lucius."

"I will stay, Sev it is already enough for you to have Potter's brat here now him and Black also here and don't forget Black's older self and Lupin will probably get here tomorrow, you will need a friend." Lucius said as he leaned forth and placed a pale hand on his friends.

"Thank you Lucius." Severus answered feeling grateful for the other.

All three occupations of the room looked up suddenly when they heard a knock on the door.

"I will get it." Young Severus said smiling as he went to the door and opened it.

To be continued…

A/N: know that it was sort, but I'm still trying to figure out a Non-Magic HP Drarry fic…