Chapter 20: Rise of a Villain






How did everything come to this?…



Where did I go wrong?




I never wanted things to end like this!






Why had thing to be like this?

It is not fair!

I wanted him to be our hero

Not this… this… thing

Sarutobi Hiruzen mused as he clashed weapons with his onetime adoptive grandson, where once lied cerulean blue eyes filled with innocence now laid red ruby pools of hatred.

Hiruzen felt his heart ache after each blow they exchanged, how did they end like this?


"Shut it"

"Please, it's not too late to stop this madness, I beg you, don't make me kill you" Sarutobi said putting all his desperation in his words, he knew the boy since the moment he came to the world, he was the first to ever invite him ice cream, to tell him stories.

"Please Naruto, I love you, don't do this my boy"

The struggle stopped completely and the blonde's eyes went wide at his words, for a brief moment Sarutobi had hope, hope that was crushed as a wave of pure contempt came from the boy.

"Love, hah, you know no love old man, you barely care anything except your village, you would send you own son to his death for this village, oh but wait" Naruto's harsh voice gained a hint of mock… a sick and psychotic mock…

"You already have" The words struck home in a way Naruto did not expect. If his words were meant to cause pain, he did, but if he wanted to crush his onetime grandfatherly figure. He was genuinely surprise when Sarutobi's killing intent and chakra spiked.

If he were a lower mortal he would have run, but he was not going to give the old bat a moment of hesitation.

"Oh, did I hit a nerve?" the Jinchuuriki's sick grin was received by the hit of the diamond staff in the face. 'Damn, I didn't see that coming'


"NARUTO! IF YOU WON'T STOP THEN AS THE SANDAIME HOKAGE I WILL PUT AN END TO YOUR ILL INTENTS!" The now enraged leader yelled from the other room

Naruto just raised an eyebrow at the 'energetic' elder.

"Oh, no more ojii-san eh!" Naruto's mocking tone came from the hole his body made once his 'Grandpa' decided to stop playing, well he would stop playing around too.

"Well, I got to say… fine by me" Naruto's demonic enhanced voice came just as he walked out of the hole, his red slitted eyes glowing with mirth.

"Let's do this quick, by now half Konoha should know about our… party"


"I will stop you Naruto"

"Oh, you WILL try"



Tich sighed happily as the last Hyuuga was boarded, they were able to complete the mission with little to no problems, except. Tich didn't know what to think as he looked at the girl who sat in his LAAT, for some reason something in her story didn't clicked.

'The way she speak about her sister's death, is off somehow, specially about the killing blow… it almost… too convenient' he wondered as he walked to his data pad remembering his chat with the now only heiress of the clan.


Hanabi was sitting in a corner of the ship with a hollow look; the last hour was spent in silence as she waited for the troopers to end loading her clan members. She was genuinely tired from the events that night and truthfully desired to rest.

However, she knew that would not be for a while.

"Lady Hanabi" the lieutenant said walking towards here, his demeanor showed nothing but professionalism.

"Yes?" she said in the most depressed voice she could muster, which was actually the same as a tired one

"Milady, I am sorry to bother you now, but is of upmost importance that we know what happened to your sister" Tich asked as he took his data pad and pressed the record glitch.

"She…" Hanabi started unsure of what to say, however her darkest side had already planned a simple version. "After Neji-niisan left, Hinata decided to go after him trying to keep him from alerting the ANBU and to convince him to come with us, as you know if left after her worried" Tich nodded at this, looking he wasn't talking Hanabi proceed to explain the events.

"It took us five minutes to get to Nej to stop, however, no amount of begging or talks worked on convince him to stay, so we had to resort of fight.

"Truth be told he proved hard to beat, but between the two of us we did" Hanabi sighed

"However, our fight brought the attention of the squadron you met. We were too tired and they were out of our league so we tried to run"

"I moved in for the kill the moment I got a window, and took care from one of them, however this proved to be a bad idea as the ANBU decided to go for the kill too. Next thing I know my sister thrust me to a side when a kunai hit her in the back" by now she was in tears.

"It was supposed to be me, not her, I was the one supposed to die" Tich just sighed and patted her shoulder trying to reassure the girl, clicking stop in the record he decided to muse in what he heard. I sounded plausible but something was off with the girl.

End Flashback

"Those tears… felt fake" Thirty-Two mused slowly to himself as he waited for the last two persons to be evacuated.

His blaster was pointed to the two to his left. A tanned skinned man with a scar in his face over his nose and a scantily clad woman with purple hair looked at him amused.

"You are late" Tich said lowering his weapon.

"Well yeah, and you are a tin can head" the woman said with a pout that looked more macabre that cute.

"Anko, come on, we have to go, while the village is in chaos" the man said

"Umm, 'kay Iruka-kun" with that the two of them walked to him. For some reason Tich felt they were a problem, but decided to keep his distance, he had a mission to finish.





Naruto jumped and gave a lower slash trying to get down a leg or two while avoiding a hit from that damnable staff Enma.

Naruto gritted his teeth in anger, that stupid monkey summon dared to hit him in the face.

While he tried to device a new strategy, Naruto had come to realize that in anger he had forgotten about his father completely, in fact.

'Fucking old man, when did we got to the roof' Naruto raged that had never happened before, he completely blacked out, no memory of ever moving there in the first place, he took a moment to look upon his clothes and his eyes widened.

Naruto was now shirtless, marks of blood, kunai slashes as well and bruising healing, a relatively slow pace, his vibroblade was cracked, and his headband was nowhere to be seen.

His eyed darted to the old man who also was wearing signs of being soreness as well as wounds that he didn't remembering doing, yet there were proves he did them. A five-hand claw slash on the old man chest and his now missing eye were enough to say.

'Just what the hell happened there?' he asked himself actually confused.

"Naruto" Sarutobi said warily. He was still shocked at the brutality of their fight so far, it was roughly five minutes ago when he could say Naruto lost control. He never heard of that happening but looking at the wild gaze the blond had when attack, the complete disregard for his life and that of the others made him think of a rabid dog.

One that needed to be put down.

'But how' so far Naruto chose a good battlefield, the hospital now shaken as it was, was a place where he wouldn't be able to use his strongest techniques without the fear of destroying the place and the patients, that right now were being evacuated as they fought.

But then again, that put Naruto in a situation, while he could, easily, use destructive techniques, it will force the ANBU and Jounin that didn't knew about the fight to rain upon him. After all, Naruto wasn't really after him, but after the man he was protecting.

"Sarutobi!" Enma's shout pulled the elder Kage from his musings as he parried another slash from the once again wild Jinchuuriki.

"AHHRGH!" he could hear Enma hiss, as the blade clashed with him. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes, he had never heard of a sword capable of hurt Enma, well except Kusangi, but that was Orochimaru's, and He wouldn't give it to Naruto, not even to kill him.

"DIE ALREADY!" Sarutobi was again pulled from his musings by a powerful clawed hook to the face, however, this time he could feel different, it was less powerful, but then…

Enraged by the fact that he barely could remember his fight, the fact that right now he could feel several powerful chakra signatures coming closer and that his target was still alive, Naruto lost his last bit of self-control.

Using the momentum of the hook Naruto grabbed the elder Hokage and pulled him for a knee in the face forcing the elder man to unhand Enma, it was then when the blond started to beat the life out of the man. All his suffering and anger toward the elder Sarutobi came just as he pummeled him, no holding back at all.

Finally when the blood splashed his face he calmed down a bit.

"You know" Naruto said with a hint of his former mockery tone

"This kind of reunions are quite therapeutic" the blond said posing his blade to end the Kage, Sarutobi just stared at him with a blank face, no fear, anger or sadness, and frankly it infuriated the blond.

"Sayonara, Hiruzen-ojiisan" Naruto's last words before a punch sent him flying, it wasn't a simple punch, no, it was a land breaking one.


Naruto could say honestly that few times had he ever felt that bad, once during his years training with his former master, when he accidentally ran a light saber through his gut.

Now however, once his eyes focused in the woman next to Sarutobi, he could say truthfully.

"Fuck you Tsunade"

Tsunade of the Sannin have joined the fight.


-Several miles from Konoha's Hospital-

"Fuck you Tsunade" a mini version of Uzumaki Naruto said aloud.

"Quite disappointing don't you think" the form of Edan Sadow said as he looked at the holographic image of the battle currently happening.

"Yeah, me too, I was expecting something more climatic, more destructive and more, what is the word?" he wondered aloud

"That is, grandiose, but alas, it was not meant to be, so care if we join them?" Edan said with a smile as he dusted off his clothes

"Great, I am sure your father wants to see you" Edan smirked as he grabbed what looked like a human torso, lacking one arm and with wicked expression of pain and terror.

"Yeah Asuma-kun, I do think you need to change your fashion sense, I mean you are going around pants-less" Edan said looking at his 'trophy' with a mocking smile. He then pushed a button in his wrist and a small beep signaled a LAAT for a request of extraction.

Therefore, Edan just waited humming a weird tune as he sat among the scattered rest of Asuma's strike team.


-In the roof-

Naruto has always prided himself of controlling things, he controlled his master, his tenant, Iruka and his whore, his 'students' and even his sex toy Miko. However, tonight, nothing seemed to go his way.

While he was healing a broken jaw, he could not help but glare and the curvaceous and voluptuous figure of Senju Tsunade, the woman was what any man could desire and kill for, however; she could just as much kill you too. Ignoring his inner male he decided to inspect his surroundings, not only Tsunade was there, but Hatake Kakashi, Maito Gai, few of the remaining ANBU and Tsunade's pet girl Shizune who was currently healing the old carcass.

"Well, well, well, but is Konoha's finest" Naruto said once he stood up, his jaw felling like a broken china bowl, Tsunade was going to pay.

"Uzumaki Naruto, you are under arrest for attempting murder of the Sandaime Hokage" one of the ANBU said with his sword at hand. The others have already taken their stances and Naruto had to scowl.

"How fitting" Naruto growled, "I was always treated like a criminal, at the end I had to become one"

"Shut up brat, stay down if you want to live" Tsunade snapped, the boy mannerism screamed at her senses, he was too calm. 'Better taking him under custody now while we can' she mused, however a voice she knew cut her out of her thoughts.

"I beg to defer my sweet Tsunade" the group turned their sights from the fallen Jinchuuriki to the intruder.

Tsunade's eyes narrowed at the Jackal masked ANBU standing next to a water tower, his casual stance, his mocking tone and his silver white hair meant only one thing.

"Edan" the fifty something woman said with narrowed eyes.

"Tsu-chan, long time without seeing you, you left me all alone in that tiny room, bad bad Tsunade" the Jackal sing sang as he sat in the edge looking at the ten or so ninja squads.

"Edan Sadow, principal suspect in the attack to ANBU" one of the jounin said, Edan just shrugged.

"Meh, I was bored, you need to put more entertainment or people will always try to run" the group tensed at the casual way the teen spoke

"What do you want?" Kakashi said looking at the boy with narrowed eyes, his Sharingan already out...

"Mmm, that is difficult, you mean what I want to do with my life or what I want here?" the collective growl was enough answer

"Geez, people this days, where are the manners, guess I will humor you" Edan said while jumping to the roof floor fifteen meters from the professional killers. "My mission is to retrieve and extract one Uzumaki Naruto; anything else is only collateral damage"

"COLLATERAL DAMAGE YOU SAY! BASTARD YOU KILLED OUR FRIENDS!" one of the ANBU yelled angrily, his comrades pulling him back before he tried to jump Edan.

"And your point is?" Edan said with a voice that meant 'Do I look like I care?'

"I am sorry Edan-san, but I can't just allow you to leave" the Sandaime said with tired voice.

"Really?" Edan said looking at the exhausted leader, bruises were barely healed, his eyes had a scar already forming and his completion showed internal damage, his pale color indicated internal hemorrhage barely controlled.

"Well, let's negotiate" the teen said pulling a control from his pant and showing it in the air… "I can leave with the boy, or I blow up this hospital and several building around" his voice tone changed leaving no space for game.

"So?" the Sandaime Hokage gave him the biggest glare he could muster with his broken body.

"Don't listen him Hokage-sama, it's a lie" one of the ANBU said aloud

"I say we take them down now while we can" his partner said, the group seemed to ponder that thought, however, it was not meant to be.

"Fine, try it, I will blow everything I can, kill everything I can and die, but…" he said showing one finger… "Think in your last son Sarutobi-san, we met coming here and he is in need of your attention" this time the Sandaime moved.

Noticing the intentions of the old Kage Edan pulled his wrist and pressed a button, in was matter of seconds when a LAAT appeared from behind the Sith Lord the Konoha group cursed as the doors opened showing two clones with gatling guns aimed at the group.

"Come on Sandaime, you once said you had my life in your hands, now I made so that you have all of ours, you can try and kill me, but I will be sure to bring down as many as possible, old, young, women and children, innocents or not, your choice?"

The old kage gritted his teeth in anger, on one side Edan die, Naruto was captured and all the area was leveled up.

Second case, all of them leave, but then Konoha would have two terrible enemies.

"I'm sorry but I will have to decline… don't you think so… Enma?" Hiruzen said giving his first smirk from the night.

"Wha-urghhh!" Edan words died as a sword protruded from his stomach, he turned his face to look at the one who dared, his stance gave nothing but his eyes narrowed as he looked at an old monkey gorilla size.

"Not so cocky now eh, Kozo?" the monkey smirked only for his face to turn into a mask of shock before fall to the ground dead, a kunai imbedded in his head.

"Took you long" Edan wised as he looked at Naruto who grinned evilly… "Was enjoying the talk" both jumped backwards to avoid a titanic powered fist from the blonde Sannin…

Moments later hell broke loose…



Tich cursed aloud as he started to shoot at everything that moved the plan was simple, enter and extract a blond idiot who was in the middle of the city; sure, it looked simple, except that everyone wanted to kill them.

"Damn shinobi!, stand still" he growled seeing as the blaster didn't seem to help much, sighing harshly he pressed a button in his wrist, once the light was one he pulled a case and took a rocket launcher… "Pilot, plan b" with it he shot.



Tsunade had to pull her arms in front of her face in defense as rubble and debris flew around, her ears were ringing and smoke covered all, the last thing she saw were Edan and Naruto being pulled up by some rope, then all went black.


-Unknown amount of time later-

News spread like fire in the village hidden in the leaves, gossip about a massive outbreak and a war declaration ringed hard in the minds of the usually happy population.

As the ninja in service as well as the retired that took back position started working in keep order, the tension could be felt from miles away. Distrust as well as fear mixing and breeding among the citizens of Konoha, were fed by the new security measures used by the regent Hokage.

It was forbidden from leaving house after sundown, new merchants without history in Konoha were forbidden, and any refuge from Suna would have no entry pass into the village, under any circumstance.

Public was not happy, but had to relent if not for respect to their leader, for respect for the dead.

Almost 200 dead.


-Konohagakure- burial grounds

Have you ever wondered how, whenever there is plenty of death, rain follows? It was a particular dark day in Konoha's history, one that no matter what you do involved betrayal…

Madara betrayed Hashirama

Orochimaru betrayed Sarutobi

Itachi betrayed his clan

Naruto betrayed Konoha as a whole


But those are only effect from past mistakes…

Madara was forced into an alliance he spat over…

Orochimaru, was pampered by his teachers and that led to a path of arrogance that later turned obsession and finally madness

Itachi was a sacrifice to quell a revolution

And Naruto…

Sarutobi admitted he did nothing about Naruto…

And for that, the clouds were crying for the hundreds of dead.

'As a Shinobi I was a God, but as a person I was fool' Sarutobi mused just feeling the heavy water drops washing his face, it may be foolish but he wished rain could clean his sins, he wished he could be the one being mourned and not the mourning.

"Child you may want to pay attention to us, your fate is in our hands," Sarutobi said frowning. His mind took a step back when the teen started laughing.

"You are fun old man, my fate… in your hands…. Jajajajaja… I just wait for the day you are shown that you are only one little stain in this world… Sith has no fear, try all you want, it does not matter; it will not change your position. You are nothing" Edan

"Any word so far?" the old leader asked in a croaking voice, the depression he was victim of marking each word.

"No" was the simple raspy response of the newcomer.

"I see" the crushed leader mused aloud.

"I… can't believe… it's so…" the newcomer mumbled.

"Hard" the elder shinobi completed, he did not need to turn to know the figure nodded.

"It is my entire fault, I did this, had I done better" he got no answer; it is not as if he expected one. "Come with me" the elder said softly as he walked away the figure following close.

"This is the burden of a weak leader," Sarutobi said while walking waving at the lines of new tombs recently marked, each wearing a new carved name. "In my years as Hokage I had to do many things I will regret,"

"However," the old Kage stopped suddenly in front a small parcel… "I always had the strength to continue my fight, my duty" with that the elder man fell to his knees tears falling from his remnant eye. "I can't do it, I can't do this anymore" the figure just stared at the tombs with an impassive face…



The figure mumbled looking at the broken elder, once God now a shell of a human being, talking about falling low.

"P-please, just take it all" Sarutobi begged on his knees, his forehead touching the mud…

"You look pathetic, I was clearly mistaken when I trusted you," the figure said coldly, "I will take the position, and you will stay out of my way," the man said with a sneer that could be felt.

"Thanks, thanks… Minato" Sarutobi said locking his gaze with the ice-cold blue eyes of his predecessor/successor

"It is Yondaime Hokage to you, now out of my sight," the blond Kage said with a poisonous voice as he walked away leaving the broken man.

If Minato thought his legacy would be forever remembered by heroism, when he woke up, from some miracle, he had open eyes to a new world, a horrible bizarre world, where everyone hated his village, and his son the Hero, was his spawn the Betrayer.

"Don't you think you were too hard" Minato's steel gaze fell upon the new arrivals. He had to make an inhuman amount of self control not to lash at the newcomers, not for them, no, for his own weak health.

"Don't speak to me unless to answer to me Kakashi, just because if HAD you in great esteem doesn't mean I WILL" Kakashi nodded painfully as he returned to his designed task, he was ANBU a tool for the Hokage, nothing else, he lost that privilege without right to get it back.

"Minato, I know you are angry, but right now hating us will do nothing to change the situation" the dry croaking voice the belonged to his sensei sporting a wheelchair was the only thing that kept him from beating both men for their betrayal. A personal vendetta it was, but he could still think straight, a Sannin and a Jounin were really needed.

"You heal and find my son, your once godson if you ever cared about it, I don't care about anything else, find him and a way to bring him back" Minato said walking pass them, both nin knew that what was asked was impossible, at least in what Minato wanted.

"Jiraiya-sama, do you think?"

"No, Kakashi, Naruto is most likely lost to us, he has been for a long time, we only had to see closer," the weakened Sannin said thinking back in what Tsunade told him.

Flashback- two days after The Betrayer's escape

"So, no sexy nurse outfit, not even for me?" Jiraiya said with a lecherous smirk as Tsunade glowered at him, she knew that he was only being his healthy (if possible) self, it was better that the alternative, not that she would ever admit it.

"Be thankful I am so shocked with your apparently miraculous resurrection to crush your family jewels for that remark," she said not looking from her desk. His whimper was clue enough.

"Ok, ok, sorry… for now" Jiraiya said moving his arms in a placating manner, although the last part was barely a whisper. "But now seriously, how would you define miraculous, as heavenly miracle or suspicious miracle?" the white haired sannin said with a stoned face, Tsunade turned with a similar face.

"The kind of miracle that scream at you 'suspicious'" the only female sannin said with a stone cold tone.

"Explain" after years of working together the Sannin had to create a strong bond which not only allowed them to understand each other in the battlefield but help predict most of the each other doubts and ideas.


"From your party only Sabaku no Kankurou is still in coma, Gaara is awake again, healed completed and is right now waiting for his brother to awake. Sabaku no Temari is also awake, although in observation. You are also awake and ready to start therapy, tell me what does it tell you?" Tsunade asked with a weary look.

"All I see is a set up," the master spy said looking really concerned.

"Care to explain?" the buxom woman asked her friend

"It is completely unheard of, I mean, how is possible that four people in coma for a month start waking up suddenly after what Naruto did. Then, when teams are sent to retrieve the only person that could help, the one who put us in this situation is captured then brought here, then escaped with the help of the one that supposedly defeat him"

"Add to the mix, what the reports said about Edan Sadow, Uzuki-san said he told her about a mission, this fits perfectly" Jiraiya said looking both amazed and disturbed.

"There were too many if in that train of thought Jiraiya, if true and this was then planned with inside help"

"And you think it couldn't, Hime please we are old but not that old, Sadow knew how to blow the HQ, then what about the wall sensor detectors, if I am remember well the report said all of them were killed, then false information was given and orders were mustered."

"Tsunade, maybe it was the idea from the beginning, to hit us where it hurts" the man said with a tired voice

"And where is that?" the blonde asked

"In our home, with the world to watch"

End Flashback

After that chat, Tsunade dedicated herself into help the wounded in an emergency facility now that the hospital was blown up. The third day Minato awoke in shock and barely remembering anything, heck, if it weren't because of Tsunade giving muscular therapy before that, the blonde Kage would be in bed from all the damaged muscles he would have got that day.


Then Hiashi and the elder council of the 'noble' Hyuuga came to Sarutobi bearing the bad news, all the members of the branch family vanished, witnesses, being Hyuuga Neji, says they left with both Hinata and Hanabi.

Day later Hinata's body was found with that of several ANBU.

Umino Iruka and Mitarashi Anko vanished.

The Ichiraku Ramen stand has not opened yet after the family took a vacation, one day before the incident.

At the end, everything pointed at the Jinchuuriki vessel.


-Throne Room- Sith Capitol

"ARRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hanabi' screams resounded in the hollowness of the circular room as she fell into Naruto's rage…

"Do I have to spell it for you… who do you think you are to defy my orders?" Naruto's anger was palpable, his eye blood red and gold hidden behind his mask and cloak, the blond let the lightning dissipate as he tried to regain his control… a thud and a groan indicated that Hanabi was still alive, even if she wished she wasn't…

"M-m-master!" she groaned pitifully… which only enraged him more…

"Look at you, so full of yourself, thinking you could play your little games of power with me. Be glad I have still uses for you; now that your sister is dead I will have to give you her place. Not as a prize, no, any possible prize you could have earned is lost" Naruto moved towards the small hyuuga with a firm step, his back rigid and his aura barely controlled… Hanabi whimpered at him, her body shaking in fear…

He kneeled next to her, a hand coping her face, he stared at her saying nothing..

"You are mine, you no longer have rights, and my word is your law…" he said sinisterly, she simply nodded. "You betray me or even disobey me once, I will kill you no matter what excuse you may have" at her nod he smirked…

"Very well, now pull yourself together and help your people with their moving, after that you will wait for me in my quarters; I will have to teach you like I taught your sister… I am you master" Hanabi blushed fiercely at those words but nodded none the less…

"Good, now be gone…" with a hand wave he dismissed her and returned to his throne, Hanabi not wanting to tempt fate left the chamber without spiting one word…

Silence overcame the place as the Dark Lord sat in his throne…


"I left a while and you turn quite the megalomaniac" Revan turned his mask to the shadow… the blonde form of Uzumaki Naruto walked into the dim light a smirk on his whiskered face…

"Hinata's death was not part of the plan"

"Neither was Sarutobi's survival, we can't have everything we want" Naruto spoke to his alter ego…

"Technically Sarutobi is dead, Asuma that is" Revan mocked his blonde counterpart…

"Ha, ha, ha. We have plenty time for jokes later, the change is coming" Naruto said walking to his other self

"Agree, we must be careful, Hinata's dead although not terrible have placed us with a dilemma. If Hanabi, whose attitude show a more ambitious persona that Hinata ever was, gain power, she could turn against us"

"No happening" Naruto said with certain

"Oh, why so sure?" Revan mocked…

"I dominated her sister, I can do the same to her" Naruto grinned darkly while Revan chuckled…

"A bit young, don't you think…"

"Better fresh than moldy, like our dear apprentice" Revan laughed at that…

"Yeah, only Edan would do a fifty year old woman, even if that woman is Tsunade" Naruto agreed, the woman was a looker, shame it was just an illusion…

"Now, if you do that, turn Hanabi into your little slave, what about Miko, she won't stand there and watch, knowing her she will kill Hanabi without wait or remorse" Ah, Naruto nodded, his other self had a point, Miko and Hinata together were predictable and controllable, Miko and Hanabi, 'Not so much'

"Mmm, may I suggest, giving her a job" Naruto said smirking… "Miko, could very well help control Edan a bit, her infatuation with me will keep her out of his grasp and that will annoy Edan, that way both will be busy to really pay attention to Lord Revan training Uzumaki Naruto and turning Hanabi into a little slave" Naruto's plan sounded fair however…

"You sure, Edan always know how to get into a woman's heart and pants, Look at Yugao, she fell so fast she never noticed how he took the memories of the ANBU complex schematics"

"Oh, he won't care much, after all I have a better target for him, he will be Miko's distraction" Naruto's grin was now diabolic…

"Very well, if I am not needed any more" Revan said with a wave before exploding in a cloud of smoke… Naruto winced bit as the memories of his clone came back, for a moment he stood silent, then suddenly

"Ah, now this is life, my enemies are licking their wounds while I stand back and bask in my glory… this is my righteous place… I am the Dark Lord of the Sith and soon the world will bow at my feet… that is a promise of a life time" Naruto's laugh would make echo in the palace…

The Lord has arrived…

With this, I finish Born of a Sith Lord… And I am sorry but will not continue with this storyline, you see I have lost the will to finish this saga, mostly because time and money, you see I am finishing college, looking for a new job and I simply don't have the time to look for information about the extended universe of star wars, so this is it.

Now, if I were to write, I would make a new crossover, a Code Geass x Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, In which Lelouch Lamperouge takes the place of Sawada Tsunayoshi as the next in line for the title of Vongola Decimo.

Anyway it is just an idea, so far thanks for reading.