Okay! Here is the next story,(that I hope is just as amazing as my first, maybe even more). Updates ay be slow at first, consider this your warning! I am working on finishing Once Upon A Hunt, but I am waiting for some feed back on ideas and a word from my friend first. FYI don't ask me again, this is an ALL human story which includes Edward.

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Chapter 1: My Life Story


I strolled through the dark streets, holding onto the giant black lab and the little toy poodle I was walking. Most girls would freak out walking alone in the dark, but hey, I had two dogs with me.

Because of all the walking I am super skinny, but what I look like doesn't even really matter all that much anymore, no guy would ever take interest in me. That was the problem with this job, the hours weren't consistent. It depended on how many dogs they had, and what level of agility the dog measured. Sometimes they had about twenty-five dogs; other times they'd have less than six. Some of the dogs are overweight, and can barely make it out of the parking lot, others, however, can go for miles and still not be tired.

I might as well tell you how I got into dog walking, well, at the age of sixteen, my mother had already died and my father walked out on me, talk about growing up fast.

I never graduated high school. When my father walked out I had to immediately get a job and even know with the job it was a struggle to pay the bills. I usually went without lights, unless it was absolutely necessary. I had no TV, and I barely ate anything. I haven't had new clothes in forever and I take really short showers to limit the bills even more.

I was now seventeen and I got a job that only a parentless sixteen year old could get in the small town of Forks. The only plausible job prospect here was at the dog boarding/training program. Everyday, rain or shine, I would walk each and every dog even though it didn't pay that much, about eight fifty an hour, but thankfully it paid the mortgage on the small house my father had left in my care.

People always say to enter the lottery, but I don't want to throw away my money like that. I barely have any as it is.

I've never had a boyfriend, further proof of my obvious plainness. Sometimes I read romance stories, and imagine myself as the main female character. I wish someone would come sweep me off my feet, but it's probably never going to happen due to the fact that the only times that I'm out and around people is when I'm walking the dogs, and most people seem to be a little intimidated when I walk by with my pack of dogs circling me.

Today I had come into work to find I had to walk nineteen dogs, eighteen of them scoring a ten in agility. That's a lot of walking.

So it is now ten at night and I am finishing up my last dogs.

Some nights when I end up being late, like tonight, I see a man sitting in the park, his head in his hands. I see him a lot, but I never say anything and neither does he. This man is possibly the most handsome man in the world; well he is certainly the most handsome man I've ever seen.

But that little fact is trivial in my life's story, or so I thought.

Little did I know that it could change in a single conversation…


It was ten o'clock and here I was, sitting in the dark park, with my head in my hands.

My family is so huge, it's not fair. My family, we're billionaires, but money has no value when you never get any attention.

I have three siblings, Alice, Emmett, and Kiara. All adopted, I am actually the only biological child in my family. But wait there's more.

Alice has a fiancée, Jasper, and they are planning on getting married in four months. Emmett is married to Rosalie, and have a two year old daughter and have another one on the way. And then there's Kiara, who married to Joshua and have twin four-year-old boys. Then there are my parents, Carlisle and Esme, and me. Even more amazingly, we all live in a six bedroom house, but it's a tight squeeze.

No one wants to move out, I mean why get a paying job when you can just live with a couple of billionaires and bum off their generosity? Well unlike everyone else, I couldn't leave; Esme won't let me because I am her only biological son.

Sometimes I wish I could run away, but I guess I should get my siblings more credit, even though they all live with me, I still love them all the same.

College isn't all it's cracked up to be, I am a nineteen-year-old sophomore and I am majoring in medicine. I've always wanted to be a doctor, so now I was going to achieve my dreams.

I come to the park every night, just to escape for a little while, and some nights I see a girl with a dog or two walk by. I've never talked to her, because I would probably get really nervous and say something stupid. She is the most gorgeous girl on the planet.

She has the figure of a model, an extremely flat stomach, with a moderate bust line, Long legs that really stand out if she wears shorts. Her mahogany hair falls below her shoulder blades, and her eyes, a brown, seemingly so deep; I just wanted to find out what she was thinking about.

But alas I told myself I was never going to marry, girls fall all over me, I know that no girl could ever see me for me, all she would see is my looks. Sure, I've dated some girls, but they were high school relationships, and now if I were to ask a girl on a date it would be for a serious relationship.

Well there is my boring life in a nutshell.

Little did I know everything can change in just one hour…